When Does Instacart Pay Me?

Ever since Instacart launched, many independent contractors have taken the opportunity to work as an Instacart shopper. When customers in the area place an order with the local grocery store, the shoppers will essentially do the shopping for them and deliver it to their home. While this is a great way to earn money, many Instacart shoppers wonder when they can expect their payments to come in. 

Instacart shoppers get paid on a weekly basis. After their first week of work, a shopper’s payment will be sent out on Wednesdays.  

However, when you will receive this money all depends on what type of payment method you are receiving. Keep reading to find out more information on how and when Instacart shoppers can expect their payments. 

 When Will Instacart Shoppers Get Paid? 

While Instacart releases shoppers’ payments on Wednesdays, when you will see your money depends on how you have arranged to be paid. If you have arranged to be paid by direct deposit, the funds will usually be in your account early Wednesday morning. However, depending on your region, you may not receive the money until Thursday or Friday. 

If you are being paid by cheque, they will be mailed out on Wednesdays. This method is a lot slower because shoppers have to wait on it to be delivered by the mail service. When the postal service is backed up, especially during peak seasons, your payment may be delayed arriving.  

To avoid longer wait times for the money you’ve earned you should sign up for direct deposit. In case there’s an unexpected financial emergency, you’ll know exactly when you can expect your funds. Signing up for direct deposit is a few extra steps, but the peace of mind is worth it. You won’t have to wait nearly as long to top up your bank account this way. 

Can Instacart Shoppers Get Paid Earlier? 

Sometimes you get in a jam and need your money before Wednesday. With Instacart, shoppers who are signed up for direct deposit can have access to their payments early. Using the app, shoppers can access their funds in the Instant Cashout section. This should be set up to your debit card so the funds will be available almost instantly. Many people see their funds in a matter of minutes.  

There is one catch though. You won’t be able to have access to your money whenever you want for free. Instacart charges shoppers 50 cents for each transaction . Shoppers can take money from their Instant Cashout as often as they want, as there is no limit to how many transactions they’re allowed. The only downfall to doing this too frequently is that the transaction fees add up. 

What Payment Schedule Is Instacart On? 

The Instacart payment schedule goes on a weekly basis, paying shoppers for the work they have done the previous week between Monday and Sunday. That means you won’t be getting paid for any of the work you have done after Sunday until the following week.   

If shoppers are in a situation where they want to access the money from those days before the next pay period, they will be able to do that through the Instant Cashout. With so many options, these hardworking shoppers will always have money they need to get by. 

One of the many perks of being an Instacart shopper is knowing you don’t have to wait when you need the money you’ve earned. This is one of the many reasons independent contractors prefer doing work for Instacart. Unlike many 9 to 5 establishments, shoppers have more freedom with their Instacart payments. 

When Will Instacart Shoppers’ Tips Be Available? 

Many shoppers love that they can access their pay anytime they want to. However, tips aren’t available all the time. Shoppers will only be able to get their tip money with their payments on Wednesdays. The good news is that all Instacart shoppers get to keep 100 % of the tips that they earn. The service and the grocery store don’t take a percentage. 

When it comes to tips, Instacart encourages their customers to leave at least 5 %. This is a great way to help give their independent contractors a boost. Instacart shoppers usually make money through commission, and in most cases they earn a percentage of the delivery fee.  

Will Payments Ever Be Later Than Wednesday? 

All payments are processed on Wednesday, but depending on which region you are in, you may not see the funds in your account until Friday. Most full-service Instashoppers receive their payments automatically on Wednesday morning, but many in-store shoppers receive theirs later. 

If your region allows Instant Cashout, then you won’t have to wait very long. Most users see their funds within half an hour of requesting them. This could be really good to look into if you need funds fast.  

Can You Get Paid On The Same Day You Worked With Instacart? 

The team at Instacart is always keeping an eye open for what they can do to improve the experience for both their shoppers and their customers. Many people who work 9 to 5 jobs have the security of knowing they can ask for a pay advance if they run into a financial emergency. Unfortunately, a lot of independent contractors don’t have that option. 

Instacart wanted to make their app as convenient and easy as possible for their shoppers to use. They also want to make sure all their shoppers are taken care of to the best of their abilities. One thing they’ve realized is that sometimes people need access to their money fast, and allowing them to access their Instant Cashout app early has helped a lot of shoppers. 

There’s nothing worse than running out of gas money when you need gas to make more money. Many workers are too embarrassed to speak up when they are in a financial rut. With the Instant Cashout feature, they can skip the middleman and simply get the money that they’ve earned. This takes a huge weight off of their shoulders. 

This feature alone has saved many of the Instacart shoppers from getting caught in those payday loan cycles. Since it allows them to grab their money when they need it, they don’t get stuck in the trap of owing out all their money once it comes in. Instead, they can take what they want as they need it. 

Instant Cashout vs Direct Deposit: Which Is Better? 

The better option between instant cash and direct deposit depends on the shopper. Many shoppers prefer to wait for direct deposit because it’s easier and they prefer to get their entire week’s worth of work in one sum. However, when they stick to this option they are often waiting on their payments. 

People who don’t want to wait for their money prefer to use Instant Cashout because they can have the money anywhere from 5 minutes to half an hour. Another perk to this is that they don’t have to wait until business hours either. If a shopper wants their payment before or after business hours, they have the freedom to do that with Instant Cashout. 

However, many full-service shoppers have noticed that if they use the Instant Cashout feature too frequently they end up spending too much money on impulse purchases. When they receive money once a week in a lump sum, it’s easier to budget out how much you need throughout the week. 

Another disadvantage to using Instant Cashout instead of direct deposit is that you are charged fifty cents every time. While it may come in handy if anything comes up before pays are supposed to be released, it does add up if you use it too frequently.  

How Does Instant Cashout Work? 

In order to develop the Instant Cashout feature, Instacart partnered up with Stripe. They are a team of technology specialists based in San Fransisco CA. Instant Cashout is hosted on Stripe’s instant payout platform to make it easier for shoppers to get paid exactly when they need it. 

This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Instacart shoppers can get their money even on days when the banks are closed. A holiday won’t stop a shopper’s Instant Cashout from working.  

Are Instacart Shoppers Satisfied With The Payment Methods? 

One of the biggest complaints that many 9 to 5 workers have about their jobs is that they are unsatisfied with their compensation as well as poor working conditions. Instacart is able to offer a solution to both of those problems. They can help independent contractors eliminate poor working conditions, by tailoring the work to their schedule. 

They also prefer the options for frequent payments. Many employees have trouble making their bill payments on time when they work for companies who only hand out payments on biweekly or twice a month schedules. Financial emergencies don’t wait until you get paid. Instacart shoppers love the security of knowing they can access their money the moment they need it.  

Many shoppers who used to work in an environment that gave out biweekly paychecks have noticed that even getting paid on a weekly schedule through direct deposit made it easier to catch up on their bills. They noticed after a few weeks that they were no longer falling behind when it came to making payments.  

The most important thing to Instacart is making sure their shoppers are taken care of. This is why they were happy to add the Instant Cashout feature to their app. When Instacart’s shoppers are satisfied, they know their customers will be too. Since allowing shoppers to access their pay whenever they need it improves their experience, Instacart was happy to make the change. 

Final Thoughts: When Does Instacart Pay Me? 

Instacart is scheduled to release payments for shoppers every week on Wednesdays. These payments are released in the morning, and shoppers with direct deposit usually see it the same day. However, depending on your region, you may not see it for 48 hours. Those who receive their payments by cheque will have to wait for it to be delivered in the mail. 

While many shoppers like getting paid weekly, some run into situations where they need their money sooner than later. In these cases, shoppers can now access their money anytime they want to have it in their account instantly. This feature isn’t free though, shoppers will be charged 50 cents every time they choose to use it. Although it may be extra is has helped many shoppers out of a jam.  

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