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What Does the Mode Button do on Turtle Beach? 

Turtle Beach makes high-quality, affordable gaming headsets that offer an immersive audio experience. Their products are versatile enough to offer great sound quality for all kinds of media, from movies, to music, to TV shows. That’s where the Mode button on Turtle beach headphones comes in—it lets you change the EQ settings on the device to customize your audio experience. 

For the Stealth 600 Turtle Beach gaming headset, the Mode button cycles between four different EQ settings: Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost. On the newer Stealth 700 headset, the Mode button engages Superhuman hearing, an ultra-clear and sharp audio setting that helps PvP players.

The four EQ settings available on the Stealth 600 work best for the needs of different gamers, listeners, and viewers. They’re independent from the EQ settings that are built into the software of the game you’re playing, the media player you’re watching video on, or the audio player you’re watching media on.

There’s one other audio setting—Superhuman hearing—that isn’t activated through the Mode button on all turtle beach headsets but is worth knowing about because of the competitive edge they can give you in PvP or other forms of gaming. Virtual Surround Sound is also available on Turtle Beach Headsets, but it’s never activated through the Mode button.

What Does the Mode Button on Turtle Beach Do?

The answer depends on which Turtle Beach headset you’re asking about. The Mode button on a Turtle Beach Stealth 600 gaming headset allows you to switch between four different pre-loaded EQ settings that change the frequency profile of the audio sent through the headphones. On the Stealth 700, the Mode button activates the Superhuman Hearing setting. You can still have access to the four EQ settings mentioned above on the Stealth 700, but you have to activate them through the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 headset EQ settings cycle is in the following order: Signature Sound, Bass Boost, Bass and Treble Boost, and Vocal Boost. Pressing the button once will cycle to the next EQ setting, and the headphones will beep up to four times to indicate which setting you’ve activated. One beep indicates you’ve activated the Signature Sound EQ setting, two beeps indicates Bass Boost, three beeps for Bass and Treble Boost, and four beeps played means Vocal Boost.

You’ll find a button that reads “MODE” on the bottom of the left ear cup of a Turtle Beach headset just beneath the master volume control and the vocal monitoring control on both the Stealth 600 and Stealth 700 wireless gaming headsets.

What are the EQ Modes on a Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset for?

The Signature Sound mode doesn’t change the EQ settings from the audio being sent to the headphones by your PC. It’s best if you want to experience a game’s audio exactly as its developers intended it to be heard. 

The Bass Boost EQ setting simply punches up the low end of the audio, giving some extra oomph to your overall experience. It’s great for video game or movie soundtracks, adding some extra drama and intensity and increasing immersion. It does sound slightly unbalanced because it leaves the rest of the audio range untouched, however.

The Bass and Treble Boost EQ setting is also great for increasing immersion in video games or other media because it boosts both ends of the audio range, creating a sense of depth. It doesn’t add as much sharpness and clarity as Virtual Surround Sound or Superhuman Hearing, though. It also excludes the middle range of the audio frequency spectrum and can sound unbalanced because of it.

The Vocal Boost EQ setting is great for PvP games because it makes voice frequencies louder in the mix, so you can hear your teammates better. It can also improve gaming experiences in dialogue-heavy RPGs. Turtle Beach headsets also have a dedicated vocal monitoring dial that increases voice volume.

How do I Change Audio Settings Through the Turtle Beach Audio Hub App?

The Turtle Beach Audio Hub app, available on the Apple and Android stores, lets you customize your vocal settings to a tee. The app is also downloadable on Xbox One. It communicates with your headset through Bluetooth and lets you set up specific audio profiles and preferences. 

If you’re using the Turtle Beach Stealth 700 headphones, you’ll need to download this app in order to activate the four EQ settings—the Mode button on this Turtle beach model only activates Superhuman Hearing.

How do I Enable Superhuman Hearing on my Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset?

This depends on whether you’re using the Stealth 600 or Stealth 700 wireless gaming headset. Remember, you can always consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to activate a particular feature if you’re not sure how to do it. This applies to all Turtle Beach headsets, whose instruction manuals can be accessed online.

The Stealth 600 is equipped with Superhuman Hearing, and you can activate it by quickly pressing the power button on the bottom of the left-side ear cup. You won’t turn off the headset unless you hold down the power button for several seconds. 

Activating Superhuman hearing on the Stealth 700 is dead simple—just press the Mode button. 

Superhuman hearing has been proven to offer an advantage during PvP play in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Cold War, and Apex Legends. A study was conducted where players scored a higher kill-to-death ratio when using Superhuman Hearing than when they were not. 

How do I Enable Virtual Surround Sound on my Turtle Beach Wireless Gaming Headset?

Virtual Surround isn’t activated through the Mode button on any headset. Here are instructions on how to activate it on Xbox One, and here are instructions for activation on a PC.

Virtual Surround Sound is similar to Superhuman Hearing in that it’s an ultra-immersive audio experience that makes you feel like you’re physically inside the media you’re playing or watching. However, it’s not as much geared towards gamers specifically, and it complements any media you enjoy through Turtle Beach headsets.

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