What Channel is the Music Channel on Directv?

If you have Directv as your satellite television provider, you may be unaware of just how many features come with a Directv subscription service. Did you know that Directv has an entire catalog of music channels with music-streaming that is available 24 hours a day? Most all Directv subscribers have access to the range of Directv music channels that are available today.

What Channel is the Music Channel on Directv?

There are currently many different music channels available on Directv. The primary music channels offered by Directv can be found between channels 801 and 884. This provides all users of Directv with more than 80+ music-streaming channels to choose from with a variety of music to play and enjoy.

How Can I Locate the Music Channels on Directv? 

You can find all of the music channels that are available to you by browsing the interactive virtual guide using your Directv remote. You can also access the music channel(s) of your choice by entering the appropriate channel that matches the genre of music you are interested in listening to at the time.

Does it Cost Extra to Enjoy Music Channels From Directv?

Not for most music channels available via Directv. As long as you are a current subscriber of a Directv cable or satellite television package, you will have access to all of the music channels that come alongside any Directv service. You will not be required to pay an additional fee in order to access the readily available music channels with a valid and active Directv subscription plan in place. 

However, it is important to note that depending on the current level of service you are receiving from Directv, you may be asked to pay additional fees for premium music channels or for featured music channels.

How Can I Find a Specific Genre of Music via Directv Music Channels?

The best way to find a specific genre of music that you’re interested in on Directv is to browse the channels yourself. Browsing the music channels (channel 801-884) will help you to become more familiar with the genres and styles of music that are available. The more you access your Directv guide and menu, the quicker you will memorize which music channels you prefer the most.

Keep in mind that there are two music channel providers via Directv; XM and SonicTap. Each of these providers offers unique names for the channels available. You can also use a chart similar to the one below to keep track of which music channels are currently available with Directv:

ChannelGenre/Type (XM)SonicTap
801The 40’sJazz: Big Band/Swing
802The 50’sOldies: Malt Shop Oldies
803The 60’sOldies: 60’s Revolution
804The 70’sOldies: 70’s Hits
805The 80’sOldies: 80’s Hits
806The 90’sPop/Adult Contemporary: 90’s Hits
807 Rat Pack
808RoadhouseCountry: Traditional Country
809Prime CountryCountry: Hit Country
810Outlaw CountryCountry: Red, Rock, and Blues
811Willie’s PlaceCountry: Honky Tonk Tavern
812Bluegrass JunctionBluegrass: Bluegrass
813The VillageFolk: Folk Rock
814The HighwayCountry: Modern Country
815 Holiday & Happenings
816Top 20 on 20Pop/Adult: Today’s Hits
817Pop2KPop/Adult Contemporary: Y2K Hits
818The PulsePop/Adult Contemporary: Hottest Hits
819LovePop/Adult Contemporary: Love Songs
820EscapeInstrumental: Contemporary Instrumentals
821The BlendPop/Adult Contemporary: Adult Contemporary
822CinemagicStandards: Silver Screen
823On BroadwayStandards: Showtunes
824Groove LoungeGroove Lounge
825The HeatUrban: Hot Jamz (Hip Hop)
826The MessageReligious: The Spirit
827PraiseReligious: Gospel Glory
828EnlightenReligious: Hallelujah
829Hair NationRock: Hair Guitar
830Bone Yard – XLRock: Full Metal Jacket
831Sirius XM URock: College Rock
832The SpectrumRock: Adult Alternative
833Classic VinylRock: Classic Rock
834Alt. NationRock: Alternative
835OctaneRock: Ink’d
836The LoftStandards: Singers-Songwriters
837Classic RewindClassic Rock: Classic Hits Blend
838LithiumRock: Reality Bites
8391st WaveAlternative: Flashback/New Wave
840Deep TracksSpecialty: 8-Tracks
841Liquid Metal: XLRock: Spike (Explicit Lyrics)
842Soul TownUrban: Classic R&B
843Heart & SoulUrban: Silky Soul
844The GrooveUrban: Old School Funk
845StrobeDance: Retro Disco
846BackspinUrban: The Boombox (Explicit Lyrics)
847Hip Hop NationUrban: Hype (Explicit Lyrics)
848CoffeehouseAlternative: Coffeehouse Rock
849The BridgeRock: Soft Hits
850Real JazzJazz: Classic Jazz Vocal Band
851WatercolorsJazz: Smooth Jazz
853Metro BlendMetro Blend
854BluesvilleSpecialty: Blues
855Great StandardsGreat Standards
856SpaHealth & Fitness: New Age
857ChillHealth & Fitness: Zen
858AreaDance: SubTerranean
859BPMDance: Dance
860 Modern Workout
861 PUMP!
862 Classic Rock Workout
863The JointInternational: Reggae
864Symphony HallClassical: Symphonic
865 Piano
866PopsClassical: Light Classical
867Radio DisneySpecialty: Be-Tween
868Kids Place LiveSpecialty: The Playground
869CalienteLatin: Bailamos!
870Fiesta Tropical Fiesta Tropical
871Latin ContemporaryLatin Hits
872Music of the AmericasMusic of the Americas
873Regional MexicanRegional Mexican
877Carnaval BrasileiroCarnaval Brasileiro
878Rock en EspanolRock en Espanol
879Latin JazzLatin Jazz
880 Familiar Favorites
881 Italian Bistro Blend
882 Italian Contemporary
883 Irish
884 Tranquility

How Can I Find a Directv Package That is Right for Me?

Finding the right Directv package for you is possible by first considering what type of content you prefer to watch and how important music streaming is for you and your household. If you are interested solely in the music and entertainment features that Directv has to offer, seek out a Directv package that does not include additional frills or premium add-ons for the best subscription price possible. 

Take the time to research, compare, and review individual packages and subscriptions available from Directv to find a subscription price range that is ideal for you and one that also ensures access to all of the music channels you would like to enjoy. 

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