Rya not Appearing Elden Ring? Here’s Why 

Elden Ring is full of a variety of interesting and eccentric characters the player can interact with to complete questlines and receive unique rewards. Rya, scout of the Volcano Manor, is one of the fan favorites who harbors a mysterious secret of her own. Some players have had trouble getting Rya to show up in their game, so read on to find out why she isn’t showing up and how to make her appear.

There are three places you may find Rya in Elden Ring. First, she appears in Liurnia of the Lakes, and later in the Grand Lift of Dectus or the Lux Ruins. If not there, she would be at the Volcano Manor. However, she may also become permanently gone due to your actions.

But what causes her not to appear? And why does she appear in certain locations?

Rya not Appearing in Elden Ring

Here is a step-by-step guide to completing Rya’s quest, with more details below.

  • Rya first appears near the Birdseye Telescope northwest of the Laskyar Ruins.
  • If you have retrieved her necklace from Blackguard Big Boggart and received the Volcano Manor Invitation from her, she will appear in one of two locations on the Altus Plateau:
  • If you reach the Altus Plateau by going through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice dungeon, she will be at the Lux Ruins.
  • If you ride the Grand Lift of Dectus, she will be at the top of the lift waiting for you.
  • If she does not appear at the top of the lift, return to the bottom and ride it again to trigger her spawn.
  • If you reach Leyndell Capital by other means before these steps, she will be at Volcano Manor.
  • If you reach Volcano Manor by other means before these steps, she will be there.
  • Completing the first part of the Tanith quest line will see her move to another room in the manor and cause a change in her appearance.
  • If you kill Rykard before completing her questline, she will disappear permanently.

How to complete Rya’s questline in Elden Ring

The main way most players will encounter Rya and begin her questline is by finding her in Liurnia of the Lakes, northwest of the Laskyar Ruins. The ruins are in the central, swampy area of Liurnia, near the telescope marker visible on the player’s map. When you speak with her, she will tell you that she has been accosted by a bandit who made off with a necklace of great importance to her. She will request that you retrieve it for her.

Agree and she will thank you and tell you that he resides in an abandoned shack nearby. Head northwest from her location and you will find the Boilprawn Shack and its resident, Blackguard Big Boggart. You can either speak to him and purchase the necklace back from him for 1000 runes, or you can kill him and he will drop the necklace.

Boggart has a questline of his own that intersects with other quests later in the game, so it is recommended you keep him alive. Plus, you can purchase Boiled Prawns from him, which grants the player a 15% damage reduction for a short time. After purchasing the necklace, return to Rya and she will give you the Volcano Manor Invitation and guidance on how to get to the Altus Plateau, which is the next location for her questline.

The Altus Plateau can be reached via two main routes: taking the path through the Ruin-Strewn Precipice dungeon or getting both halves of the Dectus Medallion and taking the Lift of Dectus up to the plateau. Depending on which route you choose to get to the plateau, she will be in a different location. If you took the Ruin-Strewn Precipice route, you will find Rya at the Lux Ruins, right next to the site of grace.

If you took the Grand Lift of Dectus, you would find her to the left at the top of the stairs heading down from the lift. If she doesn’t appear at either location, you can fast-travel back to Liurnia and ride the lift again, which should spawn her at the correct location at the top of the lift. If you do not see her at either location, and you’ve already been to either Leyndell, the Royal Capital or Volcano Manor already, she will skip these locations and be at the Volcano Manor instead.

After speaking to her at one of these locations, we continue along the Altus Plateau, heading west. Eventually, the surroundings will grow blackened with ash and soot, which means you are nearing Volcano Manor. Follow the treacherous path up the mountain until you reach the peak, where you must fight the Falling Star Beast. Once the beast is killed, you can finally enter the Volcano Manor and progress through the quest.

At the Volcano Manor, you will need to speak to Tanith and join the manor. She will accept the invitation given to you by Rya and give you your first assignment: to kill Old Knight Istvan. You will need to travel to Stormhill in Limgrave and find his summon sign, which will summon him as a red invader NPC. Kill him, and return to the Volcano Manor to speak with Tanith. After doing this, Rya will move rooms in the manor, and she will look a bit different than before.

Surprise! Rya is actually a snake, much like the other, more hostile denizens of the Volcano Manor area. You must speak with her at this point, where she will express regret about her change of form, and tell you her true name: Zorayas. She shares with you that Tanith is her mother, and that her true form and true name are kept secret so that she can recruit more champions to join the Manor.

After this, speaking to Tanith again will give you another assassination target: Rileigh the Idle. You can find Rileigh’s invasion spot in the Altus Plateau area, in the valley to the west of the Second Church of Marika. After killing Rileigh, return to the Manor, speak to Tanith, then find Rya again. She will be in her human form, and if you talk to her she will tell you that there are strange sounds coming from the room next door. Go into the adjoining room to find an illusory wall in the corner, then follow the passageway all the way to the Prison Town Church and the site of grace. Rest at the grace, then return to Rya and tell her what you’ve found.

At this point, there are some optional steps you can take in Rya’s questline related to Tanith, her mother and the quest giver for the Volcano Manor quests. Speak to her about “Zorayas’ Troubles” and she will have some dialogue about Rya and her past. From here, you need to progress through the Prison Town Church area and defeat the Godskin Noble boss in the Temple of Eiglay. The Noble will drop an item called Serpent’s Amnion.

Return to Rya and give her this item, which will prompt her dialogue about her birth mother, who is not Tanith. After this dialogue, Rya will leave the manor. You can speak to Tanith again to get the Tonic of Forgetfulness to use later. However, these conversations with Tanith are optional. You can progress Rya’s quest without receiving the Tonic of Forgetfulness, but either way you will need to give her the Serpent’s Amnion to continue the questline.

Rya will move to the interior of the Volcano Manor dungeon. From the Temple of Eiglay, you can take a lift up to the balcony, then from there jump down to the lava pit with fire slugs, taking the path until you see a window to your left. Go through and then look for a door to your right, through which will be a bridge guarded by a man-serpent enemy. Pass him and down the hall, where you will see a window with a ladder to the left. Go down the ladder and you will find Rya again.

From here, you have three choices to progress the quest: you can kill her and receive the ring Daedicar’s Woe, you can leave her alive then return after killing Rykard, and in her place be the ring and a letter, or you can give her the Tonic of Forgetfulness if you received it from Tanith earlier. If you give her the Tonic, she will fall asleep. If you do this, once you return to the Manor after killing Rykard, it will be empty except for her in the usual spot. Exhaust her dialogue, and when you return to the Manor later, you can pick up Daedicar’s Woe in her place. Reminder: If you kill Rykard before reaching this part of the questline, Rya will disappear, and you will be unable to progress her questline!


The Daedicar’s Woe is the main reward for completing Rya’s quest line. The ring only has one effect: it doubles the amount of damage you take while wearing it! This is an item for challenge runs, or if you just want to make the game harder for yourself. The ring text references a woman named Daedicar, who took part in all manner of pleasure and debauchery, the result of which were deformed, cursed children. This could be a reference to Rya’s own origins, and her feelings about her true serpent form. Kind of an underwhelming reward for such an involved quest, but at least you were able to help Rya discover her origins.

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