PS5 Won’t Connect to the Internet: How to Fix it in Seconds

Gaming alone can be enjoyable, but the social aspect of gaming is a core part of what keeps many players coming back again and again. Even if you don’t like playing with other people, an Internet connection on your PS5 opens up a world of new games and media that most of us don’t have in our personal digital libraries.

When the Internet connection on your PS5 is having issues, those features disappear. The troubleshooting steps below cover a variety of common Internet issues for the PS5.

Accessing the Wi-Fi Router’s Configuration Menu

Several troubleshooting steps either require you to go into the router’s configuration menu, or they’re much easier if you do so. First, you’ll need to find the router’s IP address, a series of numbers like You’ll need to use a device that’s actively connected to the router.

To find the address on a PC, open up the command prompt, which you can find by searching for “cmd”. Enter “ipconfig”, and look for the default gateway. On a macOS device, open up the Apple icon menu, then go into System Preferences. Find the Network menu, and look for the default gateway in the router information.

Mobile devices have more variation in the exact method, but you should be able to find it in the Wi-Fi settings of most models. In some cases, you may need to go into the specific network with a long press or navigate to the Advanced Wi-Fi settings menu.

Once you have the default gateway, enter it like you would enter a website address into a browser’s navigation bar. After navigating to the router’s configuration interface, you will be prompted for the admin account name and password. Some routers will have a default of “admin” and “password”, while routers supplied by an ISP are likely to have a default name and password stuck onto the router.

If the account and password have been changed and you don’t have them, you can factory reset both personal and rented routers physically. You’ll need a small, non-conductive poker to stick in the small reset port that’s likely near the other ports on the router. Hold it for 15 to 30 seconds, depending on the model, and the factory reset will start.

In any case, you should change the name and password after logging into the interface. Try to practice good password security, since control of your router gives a knowledgeable hacker an immense amount of power.

PS5 Can’t See a Wi-Fi Network

Follow these steps if the PS5 doesn’t list the Wi-Fi network when you try to set up the wireless connection.

Check the Wi-Fi Router’s Power

If the router doesn’t have power, you won’t be able to connect to it. It can feel like a silly task when you’re absolutely sure that you plugged in the router, but it’s worth double-checking in case a cable came loose while your attention was elsewhere.

Check that the Router’s Wi-Fi Service Is On

If no devices can see the Wi-Fi network, the Wi-Fi service may be disabled. Wi-Fi routers with wired ports will have the option to turn off the Wi-Fi service, effectively turning the router into a basic wired router.

This is a handy feature when you want to improve your network security and aren’t using Wi-Fi, but it can also cause hiccups when you want to make use of the service. The Wi-Fi will be on by default on most routers, but it can be turned off by accident.

You won’t find one on every router, but some models will have a physical Wi-Fi switch that lets you quickly enable or disable the wireless connectivity. A quick toggle can also be an accidental one. An errant finger can swipe or push the button while moving the router or plugging in cables, so check to see if it’s turned off.

The Wi-Fi service can also be disabled through the router’s configuration menu. This is harder to do by accident, but checking whether it has been changed is a fast process that won’t interrupt other services.

Check the Router’s SSID Discoverability

The Service Set Identifier (SSID) is the fancy acronym for the Wi-Fi network’s name. The router can choose not to broadcast the SSID, giving a thin layer of protection against unwanted connections while still providing Wi-Fi service. SSID discoverability is on by default for most routers, and it’s not easy to turn it off by accident.

To change the SSID discoverability or broadcasting setting, you’ll need to go into the router’s configuration menu as mentioned earlier. There is no standard menu layout, but the option should be fairly prominent in most web interfaces.

Make sure to save the changes before exiting, if necessary. You shouldn’t need to restart to see the effects on most routers.

Improve the Wireless Signal Strength

A weak signal may stop the PS5 from recognizing that the wireless network exists. In ideal circumstances, a typical Wi-Fi router can connect to devices up to 100 yards away. In most real-world cases, the maximum range will be closer to 20 yards. Thick walls and other wireless signals reduce the range through interference. Extreme interference may limit the signal range to just a few feet.

Moving the PS5 closer to the router is the simplest way to boost the signal strength. Turn off or relocate as many nearby wireless devices as possible, especially other Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices.

The PS5’s controllers use Bluetooth to wirelessly connect, so using them in wired mode will cut down on potential interference, too.

Restart the PS5

The PS5’s wireless adapter may occasionally encounter errors or setting configuration issues that can be cleared up with a simple restart.

Fully power down the PS5 by hitting the PS button and selecting the complete turn off option. Then, unplug the PS5’s power and let it sit for at least 30 seconds.

This will power cycle the PS5 by dissipating the stored electricity in its capacitors. Bits of leftover settings and information in the cache will be fully cleared, giving the best possible chance for the restart to help solve the connection problem.

Once the PS5 has rebooted, try to connect to the Wi-Fi network again.

Restart the Wi-Fi Router and PS5 (Again)

Routers need a reboot every so often for optimal performance, and they can encounter errors in their configuration that will clear up when cycling the power. Like the PS5, unplug the router for 30 seconds, then turn it back on.

Restarting the Wi-Fi router will interrupt service for everyone on the network, especially if it’s a modem and router combination, so it’s best to try restarting the PS5 first. It doesn’t hurt to give the PS5 another full restart after rebooting the router, either.

Try a Wired Connection

If the Wi-Fi and PS5 continue to have problems working together, avoiding the problem altogether might be the easiest solution. Use an Ethernet cable to link your PS5 to the Internet.

To activate the wired network, you’ll need to go into PS5’s settings and navigate through the Network and its Settings menu. Select “Set Up Internet Connection”, then pick the wired LAN option. Anyone who is reading this guide should stick with the standard settings without further research into network configuration.

On the plus side, a wired connection will have lower latency than a wireless signal in nearly every case. A Wi-Fi connection is just fine for downloading games or watching videos, but a few extra milliseconds of ping time can make a drastic difference in more fast-paced games.

There are some limitations to keep in mind when using exceptionally long Ethernet cables, though. Aside from the issue of running the cable over a longer distance, lengthy cables can suffer signal loss in the same way that wireless signals do. Longer cables are also more likely to be damaged, although proper installation can minimize the risk.

PS5 Can’t Join a Wi-Fi Network

If the Wi-Fi network is visible to the PS5 but not cooperating with a connection , then the troubleshooting is similar to a missing Wi-Fi network, but with fewer steps.

Double-Check the Wi-Fi Credentials or Use WPS to Connect

There is a chance that the Wi-Fi password has been changed or that you made errors while inputting the password. Try the password again, just to be sure. If it still doesn’t work, you can check or reset the password from the router’s configuration menu.

Alternatively, you can try to connect using Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS). While not every router has WPS , it’s a common enough feature in modern models that yours is likely to have one.

First, go into the PS5’s home menu , and navigate through Settings, Network, Network Set up, and Wireless LAN or Wi-Fi. Follow the steps to start the WPS (Push Button) connection from the PS5’s end, then press the physical WPS key on the router. Some models will have circling arrows as a symbol instead of the letters. The two should link shortly thereafter.

Restart the PS5

Power cycle the PS5 to refresh it. Turn it off completely, unplug it from the power, and wait 30 seconds. Turn the PS5 back on, then attempt to setup the wireless network again.

Restart the Wi-Fi Router

The next step if problems persist is to power cycle the Wi-Fi router. Remove its power for 30 seconds, then turn it back on. The Wi-Fi network shouldn’t take long to restore, but Internet service may take a few minutes if it’s a modem and router combination.

Switch to a Wired Connection

Once again, avoiding fussy technology is frequently the best way of dealing with it. A number of issues may be causing the PS5 and the Wi-Fi network to disagree, but an Ethernet connection might work without a problem.

Plug the Ethernet cable into the PS5 and one of the router’s output ports. Follow the PS5 menus through to the Set Up Network options, and select the Wired LAN wizard this time.

PS5 Connected to Network but Not Getting Internet

Try these steps if the PS5 has no Internet connection despite being wired into the router or connected via Wi-Fi. 

Check the Internet Connection

Double-check that the modem is supplying an Internet connection to the network. Internet service can randomly shut off from the provider’s end, and cables can come loose by accident.

Restart the PS5

Give the PS5 a full power cycle. Turn it off completely, then remove the power. Wait 30 seconds, then give it power. Check the PS5’s Internet connection before moving to the next step.

Restart Your Router and Internet Modem

Both wired and wireless routers can experience problems with managing connected devices, although wired connections are somewhat more reliable. Power cycling them may improve their performance.

Because restarting the modem will interrupt the Internet service for everyone in the home, it’s best to try it after exhausting the other reasonable troubleshooting steps.

Unplug the router and modem, or a combined device, for 30 seconds. When you give them power again, the modem will take at least a minute to re-establish an Internet connection.

PS5 Connected to Network but Internet Is Slow

A slow Internet connection is, unfortunately, more difficult to solve as a troubleshooting problem. The potential cause could be in the PS5, the router, the modem, or somewhere far beyond your reach. There are a few steps to try and mitigate the problem.

Restart the PS5

Like the earlier troubleshooting guidelines, it’s best to start with a restart of the PS5. Make sure to turn off the PS5 completely through the Power menu after pressing the PS button, then unplug the PS5 from its power. Wait 30 seconds, then plug the power back into the PS5.

You can test the latency at this point, but the next step will likely improve the results.

Restart the Modem and the Router

Next, you’ll want to power cycle the modem and the router in a similar way. Unplug them from their power, wait 30 seconds, then plug them back into the power. The startup time will take considerably longer for the modem, so be sure that no one is actively using the Internet for anything important before unplugging it.

Once the Internet is back online, play for a few minutes to test the speed.

Change to 5 GHz Wi-Fi

The 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands perform better at short ranges than 2.4 GHz, and it suffers from less interference from other devices. Dual-band routers give you the option to broadcast both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, while others will require you to pick one or the other.

Once you’ve enabled the 5 GHz signal from your router, set up the wireless connection on your PS5. The PS5 will need to sit closer to the router, and the signal will be hard to use from other rooms. 

Use a Wired Connection

User reports have suggested that the PS5 may suffer from lag issues when using a Wi-Fi connection. Connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the PS5, then navigate through Settings -> Network -> Set Up Internet Connection to find the Set Up Wired LAN wizard.

Cut Down the Number of Active Devices on the Network

More devices on the network will take up more of the bandwidth. How much drain will vary depending on usage, but even a device that you think is idle is likely to be sending and receiving packets enough to cause an impact.

How much control you will have over connected devices will depend on whether you have physical access to the router and control over its configuration. If someone else is in control of the router, you’re out of luck.

Disconnecting wired devices is straightforward: just unplug the Ethernet cable from the router. To disconnect a wireless device, you’ll either need to directly disconnect each device or go into the router’s configuration menu and change the Wi-Fi password. The former takes more time, while the latter can be more inconvenient.

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