How to use Cronus Zen (Detailed Guide)

There are a lot of reasons why people enjoy playing video games. A lot of people just play video games because they’re fun to play, win or lose. However, there are just as many people who put winning above everything else, and will do anything they can to win. There are many things they do to improve their win rates, which vary from “gitting gud” to looking for ways to have advantages. One of these tools they can use is the Cronus Zen. But what is it, and how does it work?

How to use Cronus Zen

The Cronus Zen is a device that you can plug various controllers into it, and then plug the Cronus Zen into whichever console you want to use it with. The controller you connect to the Cronus Zen does not even have to be the same controller as the console uses! This means that you can use an Xbox controller with PS5, a PS5 controller with Switch, and a Switch controller with Xbox. You can also connect a keyboard and mouse to your console, and to connect a controller to your PC. However, that is not its main feature, not even close. But first, let’s figure out how to get it set up.

To get it set up, you need to first download the latest version of Zen Studio, which you can find here. Do note that, for PC users, the latest version cannot be used on Windows 7 or 8.1. Next, to connect the controllers, you can either use USB or Bluetooth. With Bluetooth, you need to hold the sync button on your respective controller, and then press the pairing button on the Cronus Zen itself. This should allow you to use the controller with the device. Once connected, you can test it by pushing buttons on the Device Monitor option.

What does Cronus Zen do?

There are much cheaper and easier ways to connect a controller to a computer, or even another console. So why get a Cronus Zen? Well, the main appeal of the device is the ability to load certain ‘scripts’ onto it. These scripts provide the user with benefits that give them an advantage over their opponents.

To download GamePacks – packs of scripts for specific games – you can go to the Programmer section of Zen Studio to find them. You can choose different features to enable for these games.

How much of an advantage does Cronus Zen give?

The scripts loaded through Cronus Zen can really hurt the fun factor for people who have to compete with a user of the device. It can be used to allow you to hit your targets more easily, have less recoil when you fire a gun, and shoot your gun more rapidly than you normally could.

When it comes to cheating, some of the most pernicious cheats are those that are more subtle. Sure, you may be able to make yourself invincible, but if people are unable to kill you, that will get you caught real quick. People often report cheating when they even have an inkling of a red flag. When it comes to successful cheating, the more subtle you are, the better.

One example of this is what happened with the YouTuber Dream. Dream stated that he did not intend to cheat, but it has been established that his game was modified, giving him an advantage in speedruns. These modifications made enemies in the game slightly more likely to drop resources necessary to beat the final boss, the Ender Dragon.

The increase is not significant, but even a single percentage point increase in likelihood can make a big difference. Speedrunners try a speedrun over and over again, so if you increase the drop rate by 1 percent and attempt it 300 times, you will have better luck than someone normally would. To be clear, this itself is not relevant to the Cronus Zen beyond demonstrating how a small change can confer a large benefit without being easily detected.

What are some common games the Cronus Zen is used in?

Pretty much, whichever online video games are moderately popular are going to be magnets for any way to cheat your way to a victory, and Cronus Zen is just one method that can be used for that. Cheaters using the Cronus Zen can be found in many of the most popular games, including Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone. In fact, there was actually a controversy surrounding a popular pro Fortnite player who was accused of using the device.

This streamer is called Reet, who experienced a sudden increase in success in Fortnite tournaments. The competition wasn’t even close, and the fact that he did so well despite people saying he lacked game sense caused some people to become suspicious.

Is Cronus Zen okay to use?

Due to the advantages conferred by using a Cronus Zen, there have been plenty of complaints about it. Thus, it’s a fair concern for someone to have. People want to know that, if they lose a game, it is either because they either lacked skill or their opponent had an abundance of it. Finding out that you lost because of a cheater is just a bad time. It’s especially frustrating to know that the only way you can compete with someone like that is to get a Cronus Zen yourself, which only makes the gameplay even worse for everyone.

These devices are not illegal, so in that sense, you do not have to worry about them biting you in the butt. However, there are more potential consequences in life than just “will it get me a fine/land me in jail or not.” They are heavily frowned upon by many, including other players and publishers of online games.

The Cronus Zen can be somewhat difficult to detect, at least by comparison to an aimbot or wallhack. One of the reasons for this is because there is a wide array of scripts people can use to gain an advantage. The number of scripts numbers into the thousands, even!

However, while it may be more complex than a simple aimbot hack, it appears that game developers are not only taking notice of the Cronus Zen, but also making efforts to ban people who use it. Thus, you should avoid using it online, as this could see you no longer able to play the game you put money into.

When used in offline gameplay, there is not much concern. After all, while you gain an advantage, you are not gaining an advantage over someone else. It may make it easier to get achievements and trophies using it, but in our opinion, it’s your game, you can get these achievements however you like.

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