How to Reset a HyperX Headset 

HyperX is an extremely popular gaming electronic and accessory brand that is extremely well-known for its high-quality and affordable gaming headsets. HyperX sells many different models of wired and wireless headphones, each with unique functions and features. Read through this guide to learn how to reset your HyperX headset.

HyperX headset models that can reset should have power and volume buttons attached directly to the headset and a LED status light (typically on the left side). Press and hold the power and volume up buttons for seven seconds; both buttons should be on the headset, not the mic.

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How to Factory Reset Bluetooth HyperX Headsets 

Currently, the only Bluetooth-only HyperX headset on the market is the HyperX Cloud Mix. The Cloud Mix is unique because it has many more face buttons than other HyperX headsets and is compatible with wired and wireless connections. While the HyperX Cloud Mix supports both kinds of connections and can be set up through wired and wireless connections, it can only be factory reset wirelessly. 

To start a factory reset of the HyperX Cloud Mix, locate the power and volume up buttons. Both buttons should be on the front side of the left headphone. Do not confuse the volume up button on the in-line microphone controller, which is attached to an option headphone wire. 

Once you have found the power and volume up buttons, press both buttons simultaneously and hold for seven seconds. If this is done correctly, the LED status indicator light will flash a blue LED five times in a row and turn red for one second. The LED status indicator is sandwiched between the volume and power buttons. 

How do you know that your HyperX headset reset?

After you hold the power and volume up buttons for seven seconds, the LED status indicator light should flash blue five times, then red for one second, and then the headset will turn off. Many of the models of HyperX headsets that connect directly to your devices through an audio jack or USB dongle cannot be factory reset. For different Bluetooth and unreleased models, you may need to hold the power and volume up button for longer, and the status indicator light may flash different color configurations. 

How to Reset Wireless USB HyperX Headsets 

Unlike other significant personal and gaming audio brands, most top-tier HyperX wireless headsets come with a Bluetooth USB dongle instead of emitting a Bluetooth signal from the headset. The HyperX Cloud Flight S, Cloud II Wireless, and the Cloud Stinger Core are a few of the more popular wireless models that come with a USB dongle that attaches to PC and gaming consoles.

There is no direct way to factory reset these models of HyperX headsets. Although, there is a way to reset the Bluetooth connection between the headset and dongle.

To do this, ensure your headset is powered on, and the USB dongle is in the device you want to connect to wirelessly. Press and hold the power button on your headset until the LED status indicator flashes at high speed. 

There should be a tiny hole with a button on your USB dongle where you can fit a paperclip or other tiny tool. Press and hold the button on the dongle using a paperclip until a similar colored LED light starts flashing. At this point, you must wait for both devices to get out of pairing mode to find each other.

Note that directly connecting any of these headsets to a device through an attachable wired connection may temporarily allow you to use your headset with a new device. However, that does not affect, or factory reset the Bluetooth connection.

If you are currently having issues finding an already established Bluetooth connection between your dongle and headset, try uninstalling the dongle’s software from your computer. 

This can be done on a PC by going into your Device Manager and searching for HyperX. Once you find the correct plugin/application, click uninstall. If you keep the dongle plugged in and reset your PC, the software will re-install, and you can connect the devices as if they were new.

Depending on how the headphone software installs, you have a few options on Mac. The first is to go to the top taskbar and hover over the Bluetooth icon. If HyperX is listed under the drop-down box, hover your cursor over it and click “Disconnect” on the left-hand side. 

To access a more expansive menu, you need to go to your system settings in the Apple Menu and click “System Preferences.” From there, find Bluetooth on the left hand side. If your headset is listed, click the “X” symbol next to them to disconnect it. 

If neither of those two options works, try looking for the driver through the Finder app. Once you find the driver, drag it to the trash bin and empty your trash bin. If you restart your computer with the dongle plugged in, the HyperX driver will re-install.

What HyperX Headset Models Cannot Be Factory Reset

Any HyperX headset that is not Bluetooth compatible cannot be factory reset. This means that it does not need to be reset if you can only use an audio jack with your headphones. If you have an issue with your wired headset, it may have to do with your computer, console, or game settings. 

The Hyper X Cloud Alpha S, Cloud Orbit S, Cloud Stinger S, Cloud Core, CloudX, Cloud Revolver, Cloud Alpha, and Cloud Stinger have no way to be factory reset.

How do I update my HyperX headset?

If you are having issues connecting your HyperX headset, you may want to update it before attempting to factory reset it. If you factory reset your headset, you will need to re-install any updates to your driver.

To update your HyperX headset, search online through the HyperX Support website until you find your headset model. On this website, a bunch of questions will be listed about each of the products. Under your headset page, find a firmware or driver updates section. From there, click on the download link and follow through with the prompts on the installer. 

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