How to Pair Hisense Remote to a TV

A remote is essential to operating today’s TVs, including the Hisense TV. If you’re currently having trouble pairing your Hisense remote to the television, you can take a few steps to complete the process. Keep reading to learn how to complete this process to have control over your television via your Hisense remote control. 

How to Pair Your Hisense Remote 

There are two different methods to pair the remote control with a smart TV. To attempt the first method right after purchasing it, follow the steps.

1. If you recently purchased your new television, the setup wizard will appear when you turn on your TV for the first time. Press and hold down the icon on the chatbox, which has two horizontal lines inside and the rectangular button with a square in the center at the same time. Continue to hold them down until a red LED light appears and flashes.

2. When the red light finally appears, you’ll need to release the buttons, and the TV will begin the process of pairing with the remote.

3. Once the pairing process is successful, watch for the blue LED light to flash three times.

Additional Method to Pair Your Hisense Remote

If you already own a Hisense smart TV and have a replacement remote and need to pair it with your unit, you can use these steps to pair them together. If it doesn’t pair immediately, try the process again. 

Second Method for Pairing Your Remote

The second way to accomplish the setup and pairing procedure are as follows.

1. Turn on your TV and go to the settings menu. Select the Bluetooth option from the menu and turn on the BlueTooth. You may also be able to accomplish this process using your remote settings.

2. To connect the remote to the smart TV, find the button with the chatbox with two horizontal lines and the rectangular button with a square in the center and hold them down simultaneously. Continue to hold for 3 seconds. Your remote will now be in pairing mode.

3. From the menu, select the option “find nearby devices.” When the smart TV discovers the remote control, its name will appear as an available device option.

4. Use either the up or down button to highlight and select the remote control option.

5. Finally, press the okay button to finish completing the process of pairing your Hisense TV to your remote.

About Hisense Televisions and Remotes

Hisense is one of the prominent smart TV brand names available in many countries. This brand is considered a budget brand, and it is ideal for those who want to get plenty of features without a high price tag. One of the many issues smart TV owners have from time to time when setting them up is the remote connection. If you have a Hisense remote, you’re probably wondering how to pair it without a complicated solution successfully. The above two methods should adequately solve those issues. However, there is still another way to ensure you can change your television channels and perform other functions without the remote. 

Additional Pairing Options

If using the remote isn’t an option at the time, or you want to have an alternate method for the ease of use factor, then there is another easy option. There is an app available for Android that allows the user to perform all the functions of the remote right on their electronic device. The process of installing an app that functions like a remote is straightforward. 

Simply go to the Play Store, where apps are available for download. Please search for the Hisense remote app and download it to the device. Once the app finishes downloading, you can open the app and agree to the terms and conditions. You’ll need to make an account and provide all the necessary information. Once that process is finished, you can then follow the prompts given in the app to complete the pairing process. This route is very similar to using the physical remote that comes with the TV or if you get a replacement remote. 

What if The Remote Doesn’t Work? 

If you try to pair the Hisense remote that came with your smart TV, there can be a couple of reasons it’s not working. The first troubleshooting tip will be to check if batteries are in the remote. Ensure you have the correct type of battery in the remote and ensure they face the proper direction by checking the print on the inside of the battery compartment. It may be challenging to see, so be sure to read the print in good light or use a magnifying glass. 

If there are already batteries in the remote, then you might want to check that they are in the correct position. If the remote still won’t work, you might need to replace the old batteries with fresh ones. The remote may be defective or sustain damage during shipment in some rare instances. 

Can You Use the Hisense TV without a Remote? 

Yes, you can turn on the TV without the remote by long-pressing the center button on the front of the unit. There may be several other buttons surrounding the on/off button that you can use to toggle up and down through menus. However, you can only use the manual buttons found on the unit. To have full abilities and access to all the settings, you will need to download the Hisense remote app for Android, or you need to get a replacement remote. You may even choose to get a universal remote if you don’t get a Hisense remote. Remember that the process for pairing the universal remote is different than the Hisense remote. You’ll need to follow the directions with the universal remote to operate the television successfully. There may also be a special code you need to enter to successfully operate the remote. If you have a used universal remote, you can find directions for the specific type you have by checking online. 

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