How to Make PS5 Primary Console

While the PlayStation 5 is not the easiest console to find, that does not mean that Sony did not account for the possibility of someone owning multiple consoles or sharing an account with another user. Thus, like the PS3 and PS4, if you own multiple PS5s, one of these consoles will be identified as the primary console. This is also true if you only own one PS5, as it defaults to the primary console. But if your PS5 is not set as the primary console, how do you make it so?

How to Make PS5 Primary Console

Quick Answer: Turn on your PS5, and navigate to the Settings option from the main menu. Here you will find the Users and Accounts option, and then the Other option. Select Console Sharing and Offline Play, and, when prompted, select Enable. This has the effect of making your PS5 your primary console.

How to Make PS5 Primary Console if Signing in to your PSN account for the first time

The basic setup for your PS5, including signing in to your PlayStation Network account, will be enough to make your first PlayStation 5 console into your primary console, at least in terms of your digital games. If you are playing physical copies of games, the primary console will not be an issue, since physical games are not tied to a console.

First, you need to set up your PS5 with your Internet connection. Navigate to the Settings menu, and then select Network from that menu. Next, select Settings in the Network menu, and then select Set Up Internet Connection. Choose the connection type, and then enter your network’s security information. Perform an Internet connection test, and your PS5 should now be connected to the Internet .

Once your PS5 is online, you may need to perform a system update. If you do not update your PS5, you may be unable to use any of the console’s online functions. To see if an update is required, go to Settings and then System. Select System Software, and then select System Software Update and Settings. If there is an update to download, you will see an Update Available option. Select this, and then wait for the update to finish downloading.

How to Make PS5 Primary Console on a different PS5 to make it the primary controller

To do this, you need to first have your account connected to this other PS5. Once it is set up, you need to enable certain features on the PS5, which are normally enabled by default on your first PS5 console.

  1. Open Settings, and navigate to Users and Accounts.

2. Select the Other option, and then select Console Sharing and Offline Play.

When you are prompted, select Enable, which causes this console to be your primary console instead.

What does making your PS5 your primary console do?

It may be nice to have your PS5 console be your primary PS5, but you may be wondering, what is the point of making it so? If you have multiple PS5s and you want to change one of your PS5s to be your primary console, this carries a lot of significant benefits. For one, if a PS5 is not the primary console, other users will not be able to share the games you play. Additionally, if that user does not register your PS5 as their primary console, you will not be able to play their games either.

The PS4 was less restrictive about this, with it previously allowing multiple users’ games to be played on any PS4 they’re connected to, regardless of whether it is the user’s primary PS4. However, this was commonly used by people to share many game libraries, allowing players to essentially play many PS4 video games for free. Thus, Sony restricted this feature on the PS4, and kept this restriction when the PS5 was released.

Why does my PS5 keep being changed from my primary console?

One of the simplest explanations for why your PS5 keeps changing from being your primary console is because someone is changing this. If another person has access to your PlayStation Network account credentials, as well as permission to sign into it, they could change their status on their own. This may be someone who you have given explicit permission to access your account, such as a family member, but it could also mean that your account has been compromised.

If the latter is the case, you should consider changing your password and enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). Choosing a strong password is a good idea in general, even if you are not compromised, and 2FA makes certain compromises impossible on their own.

There are two ways to enable 2FA for your PS5 owners. The first is through your PS5. Go to Settings, then open Users and Accounts. Select Security, then 2-Step Verification, and finally, select Activate and choose whether you want to use the Authenticator App or Text Message. You can download the Authenticator App on an iOS or Android device, and once downloaded, you must sign in using your PlayStation account to use it with your PS5.

To set up 2FA on a web browser, go to Account Management, and select Security. Select Edit next to 2-step Verification Status, select Activate, and choose Continue. Once again, choose either Authenticator App or Text Message.

How often can you change which PS5 is your primary console?

If you have multiple PS5s that you switch between, or if you want to share your PS5 with a friend or loved one, you may be wondering just how many times you can switch which PS5 operates as the primary console. Well, the good news is that the PS5 does not have a limit that only allows you to switch to your primary console only so many times in a period of time. The only thing to note, however, is that when you try to switch primary consoles, there may be a delay with the primary console status being updated.

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