How to Know What Size Screws You Need for a TCL TV Mount

Weighing in at just over one hundred pounds, the 75 inch TCL 8-Series Roku TV is the heaviest of all the TCL TVs currently available. The VESA pattern of the Roku 8 Series TV is VESA 300, and it requires 15 M6 screws. 

Your TV’s weight and VESA pattern will help you determine what size screws you need for a TCL TV mount.

If you wonder what a VESA pattern is or what it has to do with screw sizes for your TCL (or any other) TV, read on. By the time you finish reading this short article, you’ll be ready to select the proper mount and the correct screws to install your TCL TV. 

How to Know What Size Screws You Need for a TCL TV Mount

Nearly all TV mounts come with screws included. However, your TCL warranty doesn’t cover damage from using the wrong size screws, so you must verify that the screws you receive with the mount you purchase are, in fact, the correct size for your TCL TV. 

Still, if you happen to be installing a TCL TV, you are in luck. TCL makes finding the information easy by listing the correct screw sizes for each TV model they carry, along with the number of screws required, the weight of each TV, and the VESA pattern – all listed by the TV’s model numbers. All you need to do is consult the chart TCL provides on their website. 

If you are preparing to mount any TV, check that TV brand manufacturer’s website as a first step. They may have already figured out what screw sizes you need to attach your TV to a wall mount and posted the information on their website. 

ModelVESA PatternScrew SizeWeight
(Without Stand)
28S305100mm  x 100mmM4 x 127.3 lbs
32D100100mm  x 100mmM4 x 129.7 lbs
32S301100mm x 100mmM4 x 1213.2 lbs
32S305100mm  x 100mmM4 x 129.7 lbs
32S331100mm  x 100mmM4 x 108.0 lbs
32S335100mm x 100mmM4 x 108.0 lbs
40D100100mm x 100mmM4 x 1213.7 lbs
40S303100mm x 100mmM4 x 2514.6 lbs
40S305100mm  x 100mmM4 x 1214.4 lbs
43S303100mm  x 100mmM4 x 2516.8 lbs
43S305100mm  x 100mmM4 x 1216.6 lbs
43S403100mm  x 100mmM4 x 1216.6 lbs
43S405100mm  x 100mmM4 x 1216.8 lbs
43S425100mm  x 100mmM6 x 1216.3 lbs
43S515200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1218.5 lbs
43S517200mm  x 200mm M6 x 1218.5 lbs
43S525100mm x 100mmM6 x 1217.6 lbs
49D100200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1624.9 lbs
49S303200mm x 200mmM6 x 1625.4 lbs
49S305200mm  x 200mm M6 x 1625.4 lbs
49S403200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1624.9 lbs
49S405200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1625.4 lbs
49S425200mm  x 200mm M6 x 1221.6 lbs
49S515200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1225.8 lbs
49S517200mm x 200mmM6 x 1225.8 lbs
50S425200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1223.1 lbs
50S525300mm  x 200mm M6 x 1223.1 lbs
55C803200mm  x 200mmM6 x 2540.0 lbs
55C807200mm  x 200mmM6 x 2540.0 lbs
55P605200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1832.6 lbs
55P607200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1833.1 lbs
55R613200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1637.1 lbs
55R615200mm x 200mmM6 x 1637.1 lbs
55R617200mm x 200mmM6 x 1637.1 lbs
55R625200mm  x 200mmM6 x 2537.2 lbs
55S401200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1630.0 lbs
55S403200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1629.5 lbs
55S405200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1630.0 lbs
55S421200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1226.7 lbs
55S425200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1226.7 lbs
55S515200mm  x 200mmM6 x 1232.0 lbs
55S517200mm x 200mmM6 x 1232.0 lbs
55S525400mm  x 200mm M5 x 3028.6 lbs
65C807400mm  x 300mmM6 x 2552.0 lbs
65Q825300mm  x 300mm M6 x 1569.9 lbs
65R613300mm  x 300mmM6 x 1651.2 lbs
65R615300mm x 300mmM6 x 1651.2 lbs
65R617300mm  x 300mmM6 x 1651.2 lbs
65R625300mm  x 300mmM6 x 1252.9 lbs
65S401300mm  x 300mmM6 x 1645.4 lbs
65S403300mm  x 300mmM6 x 1644.8 lbs
65S405300mm x 300mmM6 x 1645.4 lbs
65S425400mm  x 200mm M6 x 1238.8 lbs
65S515400mm  x 200mm M6 x 1248.3 lbs
65S525600mm x 200mm M6 x 12 43.6 lbs
65S517400mm  x 200mmM6 x 1248.3 lbs
65S421400mm x 200mmM6 x 1259.5 lbs
75C807600mm  x 300mmM6 x 3071.2 lbs
75Q825300mm  x 300mmM6 x 15100.3 lbs
75R613300mm  x 300mmM6 x 2078.3 lbs
75R615300mm  x 300mmM6 x 2078.3 lbs
75R617300mm  x 300mmM6 x 2078.3 lbs
75S423300mm x 300mmM6 x 2073.9 lbs
75S425300mm x 300mm M6 x 2573.9 lbs

Selecting the Proper TV Mount for Your TCL TV

To select the proper wall mount for your TCL TV, you’ll need to consider these three things:

  1. TV weight 
  2. VESA pattern
  3. Screw size

What is a VESA Pattern? 

Almost all television manufacturers provide threaded holes for use with various mounting systems on the back of the screens. The horizontal and vertical measurement between the threaded holes results in the (VESA) standard. 

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI) is a standard for attaching flat panel displays such as computer monitors and televisions to mounting devices.

Many TVs are VESA compliant, and this compliance makes it easier for consumers to attach monitors and televisions to the appropriate mounting devices. 

By becoming familiar with the VESA standards, you’ll be able to select the most appropriate mounting system for your TV. With the mount chosen, you can determine the size and type of screws you’ll need to attach the mount to your TV.

TCL TVs are VESA compliant. If your TV isn’t VESA compliant, meaning that the horizontal and vertical measurements between the screw holes on the back of your TV don’t match the VESA standards, you can always use a VESA adapter.  

Three Ways to Determine Your TV’s VESA Pattern

Here are three ways to determine the VESA pattern for a TCL TV or any other type of TV:  

  1. Look at the back of your TV for threaded holes, and measure the horizontal and vertical distances (in millimeters) between the screw holes.
  2. If you have the documentation that came with your TV, check it for the VESA information. 
  3. You may be able to enter the model number of your TV on the manufacturer’s website to find the VESA information.

For square VESA measures, the distance between the holes is the same, horizontally and vertically, so only one number is used to describe the VESA standard. Like this: VESA 400, instead of VESA 400×400. 

For measures that are not the same horizontally and vertically, you’ll see the VESA standard as the horizontal distance x vertical distance. For example, VESA 600×400. Note that the distance is measured in millimeters to arrive at the correct figure.

Types of TV Wall Mounts 

Once you know the VESA pattern of your TCL TV, you can select the appropriate wall mount. You’ll want to consider your TV’s location and the TV’s weight as you make your selection. 

There are three types of wall mounts that you can choose from:

Fixed Wall Mount 

With a fixed wall mount, your TV will sit close to the wall it is mounted on and stay there. The fixed wall mounts stay in place with no tilt or swivel options. 

Tilt Wall Mount  

A tilt wall mount is mounted so that the TV will sit a few inches from the wall. Because there is some space between the TV and the wall, you’ll be able to tilt the TV, facing the screen up or down as needed. 

Tilt & Swivel Mount or Full-Motion Mount

A tilt and swivel mount or full-motion mount is the granddaddy of all TV mounts. This type of mount allows you to position the TV by tilting it up or down, and you’ll also be able to pull the TV away from the wall and swivel it to face the screen to the left or right. This flexibility allows for optimal viewing conditions from the maximum number of locations. 

Once you have selected a TV mount that suits your needs and matches the VESA pattern of your TCL TV, you’re almost ready to begin installing your TV.

Installing the TV Mount to a Wall

In this article, we’ve covered some important information so that you can determine the correct size screws needed to attach a mount to a TCL TV. However, this information refers to the screws you will use to affix the TV to the wall mount. To learn about installing the TV mount on the wall, consult the instructions provided with your TV mount. Especially if you have a heavy TV, it may be best to hire a professional to handle this part of the installation.

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