How to Hide Your Wyze Camera

The Wyze camera is a security camera that can help people surveil their homes and businesses and to protect these places from theft or from being adversely affected by other harmful behaviors. Being able to secure the security camera in a way that is undetectable is a crucial step in its effectiveness.

How to Hide Your Wyze Camera

The Wyze security camera should be secured in a place that enables it to blend seamlessly into its immediate environment so that it will not be noticed. Many factors should be taken into consideration when hiding the device. These include, but are not limited to the color and location of the background where the camera will be placed, the camera’s shape and size, any lights that appear on the exterior of the camera, and its exact measurements.

In some instances, the camera can sit on a shelf or behind a plant, but in other cases, it is more prudent to implement the assistance of specific accessories that will make it less likely to be discovered. A great example is CAMASKER, this is an artificial grass housing cover designed specifically to camouflage your Wyze camera. CAMASKER features several different designs to fit different security cameras so make sure you select a design made specifically for Wyze cameras.

Security cameras have a limited range, so it is prudent to set up more than one Wyze camera in many instances. In some cases, the security camera should be mounted or eliminate any danger of its taking an unexpected tumble. Alternatively, a camera can be positioned among plants or children’s toys to provide a clear, undetected view.

Other Accessories

When there is not a place to sufficiently conceal a Wyze camera, accessories are available that can easily solve the problem. For instance, there are clamps and mounts that make it easier to secure the camera to wall railings, window ledges, beneath a porch overhang facing toward or away from the door, and in similar places. If a camera needs to be mounted on a wall, specially-designed mounts can assure they will remain at the best angle for proper surveillance.

There are silicone skins available that can change the color of the outside of a Wyze camera. If a camera is white and needs to rest on a dark-colored surface, changing the skin can cause the camera to blend in better. Winding cords are available that enable a Wyze camera to be mounted on round pipes or storm drains. There are also specially made mounting brackets that can be adjusted for an even firmer hold.

Other types of accessories are available that look like pencil holders, objects such as clocks, stereo speakers or books. These types of accessories are unassuming and are not likely to attract much attention. For example, a desktop pencil holder is designed to accommodate a Wyze camera. An imitation clock exists that enables a camera to be placed inside.

Working with what you have

Wyze cameras can be hidden using everyday objects that are easily available in homes, offices and other buildings. For instance, plants that overhang their containers can accommodate a Wyze camera, which can be nestled between two planters. The same is true of children’s toys or bookshelves. There are ways in which objects can be arranged, preferably on higher shelves and out of reach, that can hide a security camera. They can also be inserted into plush toys.

If a camera is to help surveil a home’s interest, a small, wooden birdhouse can be placed as though a decorative piece and can hold a security camera.

One thing to keep in mind when hiding a security camera is the lighting. It should always be placed in an area that has sufficient lighting for the images to be captured. On the other hand, the light on the outside of the Wyze camera should also be considered. If used after dark, someone might notice the red light that is prominently visible on the outside of the camera. This light is not related to the lens in any way. It merely indicates whether the power is on or off. It can be covered with Velcro patches or even electrical tape to make it less obvious that a camera is operating.


Many states have specific laws that pertain to video surveillance, so it is a good idea to find out what limitations may exist prior to placing a camera undetected on a person who has not given his or her permission to be taped. Local law enforcement may also be able to offer advice on the proper placement and most effective operation methods for using a Wyze security camera. 

Final Thoughts

It is easy to understand why people tend to behave one way when they know that they are on camera and another when they are unaware that a camera is nearby. Wyze cameras are the perfect security tool to enable employers to keep an eye on their employees, for parents to determine whether their children’s caretakers are caring for them properly when the parents are away, for ranchers to determine whether their horses and cattle are being cared for as they should be, and for countless other purposes.

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