How to Fix Acer Laptop not Turning On 

Laptops are useful pieces of technology, allowing you to do everything a computer can, but portably. You gotta love the convenience, right? Except, well, sometimes these devices can get downright inconvenient. Whether it be the built-in keyboard not working, the monitor failing, or the battery dying, your laptop can break in a lot of ways, and it’s a lot more expensive than fixing a standalone keyboard or monitor. But what do you do to fix an Acer laptop that is not turning on?

One of the most common reasons why your Acer laptop is not turning on is to do with the battery. Plug the battery in, and let it charge. Once decently charged, power it on again and check the battery level. If it shows no charge, this means there’s something wrong with the battery.

But what do you do if it still does not power on? What measures can be taken to fix this?

How to Fix Acer Laptop not Turning On

There are various steps that can and should be taken to test your laptop for any issues before you take any more drastic steps. Thankfully, many of these steps are fairly simple, so anyone should be able to do them.

Test how much battery charge your laptop has

This is one of those simple steps, as you should quickly be able to verify whether the battery is or is not the problem. Every device has only so long before it begins to degrade, and even to the point that it ceases to work altogether. To see if your battery has begun to lose its charge partially or entirely, simply plug your laptop into its charging cable. It may take a bit of time to charge if the battery is completely depleted, so give it 5 minutes and try powering it on.

If the laptop powers on, wait until it gets to the desktop and check how much battery the indicator says it has left. This indicator is typically visible on the taskbar, represented by a sideways rectangle. When plugged in, it will also show a cord next to the rectangle. If the icon is not visible, it may be set to not be visible at all times. To see it, click on the arrow on the system tray, which will show various programs and functions running in the background.

Once you’ve found the battery icon, hover over it with your mouse cursor, and a card will appear over it to show various details. Percentage of battery remaining, how long it will take to charge, when the battery is expected to run out, etc. It may also note the mode you are currently in. If the laptop’s battery is functioning properly, you should see one of these indicators. If there is something amiss with the battery, however, the icon may have an ‘X’ through it, meaning that there is no battery detected.

Make sure the battery is properly connected to the laptop

Now, despite the fact that the battery X icon is often indicative of the battery being dead, that is not necessarily the case. It can also mean that the battery is either absent or not fully inserted into your laptop. An Acer laptop battery is a large device, so its absence would be noticeable. If the battery is still connected to the laptop partially, make sure the laptop is unplugged and powered down. Flip the laptop over, and use your finger to pull the battery release switch. Remove the battery, and then reinsert it into the laptop. This may help if the laptop’s battery was loose.

Replace the battery with a working one

If the battery is not working at all, the likely issue with it is that it does not have any charge. In this case, your best method would be to simply purchase a replacement battery. When shopping for a replacement battery, make sure that you check that the battery is compatible with your specific laptop. To find this out, you can look up the System Information of your Acer laptop to see the type of laptop you are using, as well as the components of the laptop.

Regardless, if your laptop is plugged in, even without your battery, the laptop will still function normally. However, the moment that you unplug the laptop from the power source, the laptop will immediately die, so be careful that you don’t accidentally pull the plug.

The cord is not working

If the battery is fine, it may be that the cord is not able to charge the battery properly. It could be an issue of the power supply of the charging cable being broken, or the cord being frayed. In this case, you would likely have to have the cord replaced or repaired.

There is something wrong with the boot sequence

When your Acer laptop powers on, but it cannot properly start up, this may indicate that the boot sequence is experiencing difficulties. In this case, you may see indications that the Acer laptop is powering on, but it just as quickly powers off. It may also show some text on the screen indicating that an error has occurred.

One of the reasons why it may be failing to boot is if it is attempting to boot from an external drive erroneously. This can be fixed by removing the external drive. However, if possible, try to access the laptop’s BIOS by, after powering on, pushing the F2 key multiple times. If this works, it tells you that Windows is the problem and not the laptop.

Connect the laptop to an external monitor

If your Acer laptop is powering on, but you are not seeing anything, this may indicate that the laptop’s monitor has failed. If possible, plug into an external monitor to see if this is indeed a problem.

Check if it is a hardware issue

The worst-case scenario is that the Acer laptop’s hardware is broken in some way, preventing it from powering on at all. In theory, you could repair this itself, but that is not advisable. The best idea would be to contact Acer support to try to get a repair or replacement, which will be easier or harder depending on whether it is under warranty, and whether the damage was due to a defect or not.

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