How to Connect MacBook to Alexa 

There are many reasons why you would want to connect a device to Alexa , ranging from simple convenience to a desire to turn your house into a smart home. Many devices are capable of connecting to and being controlled by your Alexa device, and the MacBook is just one of those devices. But how do you connect your MacBook to Alexa?

To connect via Bluetooth, open the Alexa app and click “More”. Select Settings, then Device Settings. Select the Echo device, and then choose Bluetooth Devices . Tap “Pair a New Device,” and select Bluetooth on your MacBook in System Preferences. Right-click on the Echo, and select Connect, and then the next Connect option.

Are there other ways to connect the two devices besides through Bluetooth? And what do you do if it’s having trouble connecting?

How to Connect MacBook to Alexa

To actually get your MacBook set up with your Alexa device, you may first have to download the Alexa app. You can download the Alexa app on your phone or tablet from the device’s respective app store.

Different phones may have different stores – for example, Android devices typically use the Google Play Store, and iPhones use the App Store. You then have to sign in to the Alexa app with your Amazon.com account.

Connect Alexa to MacBook via Bluetooth

If you want to connect your Alexa device via Bluetooth functionality, the first thing you need to do is open the Alexa app on your device, and navigate to the More option (located at the bottom of the screen).

Next, select the Settings option, and then select Device settings. On this menu, select the Echo device you are trying to connect to your MacBook (it may have a given nickname, such as Kitchen or Living room). Select Bluetooth devices, and then Pair a New Device.

Once you have done this, the next thing you need to do is open your MacBook and navigate to System Preferences. In this section, select Bluetooth, and you will see whatever devices are in pairing mode and which devices you are already paired with.

Right-click on the Echo device you selected on the Alexa app, and select Connect. When the connection changes, click on the second Connect option that appears next to the Echo device name. Once you’ve done this, the two devices should now be tethered.

Open the Alexa app on your MacBook

If you do not own an Echo device but still want to use Alexa on your MacBook, there is a way to use the Alexa app there. All you need to do to access the app is to go to the Alexa app on the browser.

Unfortunately, however, the MacBook does not actually have Alexa voice control functionality, which means that you cannot use the MacBook in the same way as you would an Amazon Echo.

Is connecting the Echo Show to MacBook easier than with a regular Echo?

Some people are not fans of needing to use the Alexa app as an in-between for two other devices, and it makes sense why.

After all, if you love your Echo due to how convenient it is, it is perfectly understandable that you may just want to use your Echo device to connect directly.

One thing people may consider possible is to use the Echo Show, which allows you to more easily manage Bluetooth settings.

Unfortunately, putting the Echo Show in pairing mode without the app is not possible, and the MacBook cannot be set to be discovered by other devices.

The convenience of the Bluetooth functionality is that you can more easily allow devices like Bluetooth speakers to connect to your Echo Show.

To enable the Echo Show for pairing with your MacBook, you can still use the Alexa app if you so choose, so the device can still be used to play sound from your MacBook.

Why isn’t my MacBook connecting to Alexa?

If your MacBook is not connecting to your Alexa device, this may be due to one or both devices not having power.

Make sure that both devices are powered on and adequately charged (in the MacBook’s case). Also, open the MacBook so that it is not in sleep mode. If that still does not cause the MacBook to connect, the next step would be to double-check that the devices are connected.

You also need to make sure that another device is not already connected to your Alexa device .

The Alexa device can only support one Bluetooth device at any one time, so before you attempt to have your Echo connected to your MacBook, first disconnect the other device, and then attempt to connect to the MacBook again via Bluetooth.

Can all MacBooks connect to Alexa?

All MacBook devices, including the original, the MacBook Air, and the MacBook Pro, have Bluetooth built into them. Thus, you can connect an Alexa device to any one of these MacBook types, and should have no problems getting set up.

What do I do if my MacBook isn’t working

If you’ve done everything to connect it to Alexa and it still is not working, there may be something going wrong with either your MacBook or your Alexa device. You may need to get one or both devices repaired or replaced in order to resolve this issue.

Thankfully, both devices, when purchased new, come with a limited warranty that may cover certain damages that prevent the devices from connecting through Bluetooth.

However, it should be noted that in virtually all cases of a limited warranty, the warranty only lasts so long, and only for certain devices.

For example, if you damaged your MacBook, and it lost Bluetooth functionality as a result, that would not be covered by warranty. However, if the damage was due to a defect, you would be able to get it covered. So long as it was reported during the warranty period, at least. You can get extended warranties that cover accidental damage, and also may last longer than the original warranty.

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