How much does NFL Network cost?

Sometimes you just want to be surrounded by the thing you love. The National Football League knows exactly how you feel. The idea behind the NFL Network was to be an immersive experience of all things football, all the time. So, how much does the NFL Network actually cost?

If you are a cable subscriber, the NFL Network should be included in your available channels. If you’re a streamer, it depends on which service you’re using. The network comes with a base YouTube TV subscription of $64.99 a month. With Hulu + Live TV, it’s a $10 add-on. Other providers offering the NFL Network are Spectrum, which requires Spectrum select plan, then you can add the NFL network as an add-on for $5 a month with Spectrum Sports Pack or $30 a month if you opt for the TV silver plan. 

Another provider is Fios by Verizon, which offers the NFL network for $14 a month. The NFL Network is also available on On Dish Network’s Multisports package, which costs $5.99 a month or 49.99 a year. NFL network can also be viewed on COX’s Sports Pak 2 for $10 a month. With Optimum, the NFL Network costs $10. a month for Select, Preferred, and Silver TV customers. And $5 a month for Premier TV customers.

If you go to the NFL website to look up information on their network, it can be confusing because they leave it up to your provider to give a price on the network. You can’t even get an estimate of what it might cost to add without a login. Essentially, you can’t watch without being part of some service. Unlike other networks such as Peacock, where you can pay a monthly fee to watch, the NFL is part of a package.

So, where can I watch the NFL Network?

The 24/7, 365 football obsession is on standard cable packages. If you don’t see it as a channel in your programming lineup, call your cable provider and ask for it to be added on. You may be able to add it to your account online or change your channel package to one that comes with all the channels you want, including the NFL. There may be fees.

Once you have the channel as part of your service, you’re able to take it on the go at no extra charge. When you want to watch the NFL network from your smart device, you can live stream it by authenticating your service provider. After the two have synced, you’re free to watch whenever and wherever you want.

But If like so many others you’ve cut the cord, you can still get all access through a streaming service. Before we jump into streaming services, there are services like YouTube TV and Hulu that can be watched online as well as through a device similar to cable. To get the NFL Network using either of those services, you’d just have to pay the monthly subscription fee.

The network comes with a base YouTube TV subscription of $64.99 a month. With Hulu + Live TV, it’s a $10 add-on. Other providers offering the NFL Network are Spectrum, Fios by Verizon, Dish Network, Cox, Optimum, and Sling. If you’re considering changing up your provider, you can get a free trial for the service that will include the NFL from Fubo TV, Sling, YouTube TV, and Hulu + Live TV. The others mentioned will let you create a TV plan that will include the NFL Network.

Just to be clear, once you’ve signed up for an account on the NFL Network with a streaming service, as with the normal cable companies, you can watch it from any smart device using the NFL Network app.

What if I don’t have cable or pay for one of those TV services?

Unable to watch the NFL Network traditionally or one through one of the other options? There are other devices that are able to access the network. We’ll be going over each of these options and how to get the NFL Network connected to that device. Before we begin, it should be noted that each of these uses the NFL app to stream the NFL network as well as the NFL RedZone. In order to have full access to all things NFL, you might have to purchase an NFL Game Pass at $9.99 a month or have a service provider. 

  • Amazon Fire TV. If you already have a Fire TV or stick, you know that it connects physically to your television and brings you content by connecting to the internet. To get the NFL onto your Fire TV, you have a couple of ways to go about it. The easiest way would be to go into the menu from the TV and search for then add. Another way is to go to NFL.com and click the tab for the network. There it will give you selections on how you want to watch, without cable, and tap the button under Amazon Fire TV. That will take you to a link on Amazon where you can add it to your Fire TV account. 
  • XBOX. If you want to watch football content from your XBOX, make sure the NFL app is loaded and synced to your login. Unfortunately, once you’re logged in, you will need to select your provider before you can officially stream the NFL Network onto your console. 
  • Roku. When you turn on your Roku-enabled television, scroll down past the favored channels and click on the search button. From there you can look for the NFL app and add it to your channels. From there you can stream NFL Network live.
  • Android TV. Once you have the NFL app synced to your TV, you will need to open the app and look for the NFL Network. You should be able to stream the network directly from the TV, as well as NFL RedZone.
  • Apple TV. For convenience, you can use an iPad or iPhone to add channels to your Apple TV by finding them in the App Store. From your Apple TV, you can go into the menu and search for the NFL and have it selected as the channel to watch so you can see NFL Network live.  

How can I watch an NFL game without paying for a cable subscription?

With the way many networks are offering their content entirely independent of paying for cable, it seems inevitable that the NFL Network will follow suit, at some point in the future. Until then, there are places you can watch the game without incurring hefty subscriptions. To view the regular season through stream alone, check the following services:

  • Paramount Plus
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Peacock Premium
  • NFL Sunday Ticket

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