Elden Ring Summon Sign not Appearing? (Here’s Why)

In the dark and dangerous world of Elden Ring, it’s good to have a few friends around to make the journey a little easier. Luckily, the game allows you to summon other players into your world to help you defeat difficult challenges at the cost of a few common resources. Still, many players report difficulty getting summon signs to appear. Read on to figure out why a summon sign is not appearing and some tips to fix it.

To see a summon sign you need to use a Furcalling Finger Remedy. This will reveal the summon signs of other players on the ground. If you die, you will need to use another. If you have a password set for summons, only players using that password will show up.

For more tips and information about summoning other players in Elden Ring continue below.

Elden Ring Summon Sign not Appearing

Summoning works by using a Furcalling Finger Remedy to reveal summon signs in your world, placed by other players using the Tarnished’s Furled Finger item. The Furcalling Finger Remedy is a single-use item, meaning once you use it, it’s gone. Don’t fret, as the Remedy can be crafted or found while exploring the world. To craft a Furcalling Finger Remedy, you must have at least 2 Erdleaf Flowers in your inventory. These are very common gold flowers that you can find in most locations in Elden Ring, but are very common in Limgrave. If you are looking to play co-operatively, make sure you interact with gold summon signs. The color of the summon sign indicates the intentions of the player: gold means co-op, and red means they wish to duel with other players.

If you want to be summoned into the games of other players, you need to use the Tarnished’s Furled Finger to place your summoning sign. Wherever you place your sign in your world, it is the same place it will show up in the world of other players. To ensure players will see your summoning sign, place it in a place that is easy to see and near a difficult combat area or boss fight.

Most players will summon help when they are having difficulty with a boss, so outside of boss arenas there will be many summon signs from other players looking to help. It pays to help others in Elden Ring, as you will be rewarded with runes for helping to defeat enemies and bosses, just as if you were in your own world. If you die while in another player’s world, you will lose all runes accumulated there and be sent back to your own world. Some players will put down their own summon signs to assist players with a boss they are having trouble with, to learn the fight better in a more advantageous setting.

Why won’t my summon sign appear?

 The best way to get your summon sign to appear for a friend is to use the password system. If you set a multiplayer password, you will only see summon signs for players who are using the same password. If you use this method, make sure everyone you wish to summon or you wish to be summoned by knows the password and has it entered correctly. Up to four players can join up in a multiplayer group together using a set password.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you have online play turned on from the main menu. When you start up the game, you will be prompted whether or not you wish to play online. If you typically ignore the starting popups when turning on the game, make sure you pay attention to the tooltips and select online play in the settings. If you are not playing online, you will not be able to see summon signs, and your summon sign will not appear in the worlds of other players. You will not be able to see messages or bloodstains from other players either.

Players are grouped up into pools of players for multiplayer purposes. When you place a summon sign, players in this pool can see and interact with your sign. This is also what determines which summon signs you see. You can widen the pool of players to summon, as well as widen the number of players who see your summon sign, by using an item called a Small Golden Effigy. This is always an option if you find your summon sign is not being selected by other players.

Character levels can also restrict which summon signs you see. Typically, you will only see summon signs for players around ten levels above, or ten levels below your character. This is to ensure a fair game experience. However, using a password for summoning can circumvent these level restrictions.

If you’ve tried all these methods to get your summon sign to appear and are not having any luck, try quitting out of the game and restarting. Elden Ring is a very large game with many intersecting systems, and most players will encounter a few bugs during their time with the game. Multiplayer in particular can have issues, as it increases the chances of bugs appearing when more players are involved in the process. A restart will typically fix general connection issues if you are connected to the online servers but your summon sign still isn’t showing up.

If you continue to have connection issues despite a restart, you may be on the wrong NAT type. A NAT type governs the type of connection your PC or console has with the internet and thus, other players. On PlayStation, these types will be called 1, 2 or 3, with 1 being the most open and 3 being the most secure. On Xbox, the types will appear as Open, Moderate, or Strict. This is the same as on PC as well.

When on Strict or Type 3, the security settings are too strict for you to host multiplayer games. You will need to go into your router admin settings and enable Universal Plug and Play (UPnP). This should fix the problem on all devices. However, if you do this and the issue persists, you can try Port Forwarding. You can find this in your console’s network settings.

You will need to enter a new TCP code and UDP code. PlayStation port forwarding codes are: PS4 – TCP: 3478-3480 UDP: 3074, 3478-3479 PS5 – TCP: 3478-3480 UDP: 3074, 3478-3479. The Xbox port forwarding codes are: TCP: 3074 UDP: 88, 500, 3074, 3544, 4500. The PC port forwarding codes are: TCP: 27015, 27036 UDP: 27015, 27031-27036.

Some players have reported a bug when attempting to use their Furcalling Finger Remedy items. If you notice that using the item is not depleting the number in your inventory, the item may be bugged. This will prevent the item from functioning properly and revealing summon signs to you. If this happens, just delete all of the Furcalling Finger Remedy items in your inventory and craft some new ones. That should fix the issue and allow you to reveal summon signs again.

Make sure to place your summon sign in an area that is clearly visible to players. Since summon signs are small, glowing markers on the ground, they can be easily obscured by elements in the environment, light sources, or enemy placements. If your summon sign is placed in an open, clear, flat area, you have the best chance of being summoned.

Players will usually place summon signs outside of boss doors, because that is where most players will be looking to summon. If you are looking to summon help for a boss, or wish to help for a boss, the best area is in a visible location in front of the boss door, or by a site of grace near the boss arena.

What are duels and how do I summon for them in Elden Ring?

Duels are the other form of PVP in Elden Ring. Unlike invasions, which can happen at any time players are doing co-op against their wishes, duels must be consensual between both players. Players who wish to duel will leave a red summon sign using the Duelist’s Furled Finger item. If you wish to fight other players on a more even footing, duels are the best way to do so. When you interact with a red summon sign, a vision of the player will appear just like with gold summon signs.

This allows you to get an idea of what gear they are using and what type of playstyle they might employ against you. Unlike invasions, duels can be initiated by a player who has not summoned gold phantoms for co-op. This makes duels the primary method for having one on one fights with other players.

Most players looking to duel will face off with the host player before attacking, as they are primarily looking for fair tests of skill. One good strategy for duels is to begin applying buffs after initiating the summon for a red phantom. If you do this, it’s only fair to provide the summoned player with the same courtesy. However, most duelist players are seasoned fighters and ready for anything, so some may appreciate the additional challenge of starting on the back foot. You cannot summon Hunters for help in duels; they will only be summoned by the White Cipher Ring in the case of invasion, not a duel.

If you are trying to place or find a summon sign for the purposes of dueling, and not for cooperative play, make sure you place your sign in popular PVP locations. Some popular dueling locations include the Main Academy Gate site of grace outside of Raya Lucaria, or the First Steps site of grace in Limgrave. Most players are not looking for PVP outside of boss doors, so placing your red summon sign in these locations is unlikely to yield good results.

Dueling groups will often set their own multiplayer passwords and post them online. Gaming communities on Discord or Reddit are the best way to find dueling club multiplayer passwords, so that you can easily find red summon signs, or interested players can easily find your red summon sign. There is also a Small Red Effigy item that can be used to widen the pool of players who will see your red summon sign, as well as broaden the reach for wide summon signs that will appear in your world. If you are having trouble finding red summon signs in your game and wish to take part in duels, try using this item to find more random players who want to fight.

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