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Does The Nintendo Switch Have a Mic?

Communicating with other players or friends & family allows you to be fully immersed in the gaming experience making your gaming sessions that much more enjoyable. This brings us to the question does the Nintendo switch have a built-in microphone?

The Nintendo Switch does not have a microphone, nor does it have voice chat functionality. In order to communicate to players on your Nintendo switch, you will either need to opt for a game that features built-in voice chat & use your headphone’s built-in microphone or opt for the Nintendo switch app and communicate to players in your lobby through your phone.

Let’s now take a quick look at the different options available on how you can communicate with friends & family or other players in your lobby in the Nintendo switch.

Does The Nintendo Switch Have a Mic?

The Nintendo Switch doesn’t have a microphone nor built-in voice chat features in its operating system. However, you will still be able to voice chat through the Nintendo Switch Online App, in-game voice chat features, or the easiest method of all Discord.

The Nintendo Switch Online App requires a subscription & comes with various benefits, voice chat being one of them. With this method, you will not be able to communicate through the Nintendo switch; instead, you will need to install the app on to your phone and communicate through your phone. This means that the in-game sound and the voice chat will be coming from two separate devices

The next method in which you can communicate on the Nintendo switch is through built-in voice chat for specific games. Some games (not Nintendo-specific games) have built-in voice chat functionality, which allows you to communicate through your headphones if it’s equipped with a microphone. A few games with this feature include overwatch, Fortnite, Smite, Paladins, DC universe online.

Lastly, another easy and popular option most Nintendo switch gamers opt for is third-party apps such as discord. This is only a viable option if you decide to communicate with friends & family since it doesn’t feature integration with your games, meaning you will not be able to communicate with players in your lobby, such as the other two options.

How To Use Nintendo Switch App For Voice Chat

  1. Download the Nintendo Switch App on to your phone
  2. tap on the Nintendo Switch app and login
  3. Ensure you are using the same account on your App and Nintendo Switch device
  4. start a multiplayer game that supports voice chat
  5. On your mobile device, you will receive a notification stating “Start Voice Chat?” simply select start
  6. Other players in your chosen game will be able to join the voice chat lobby and communicate with you and other players.

And it’s that easy you will be able to communicate with other players in your desired game just like that.

How To Use Your Headphones, earbuds, or Wireless Headset To Communicate on The Nintendo Switch

As we mentioned earlier, some games feature built-in voice chat functionality and will allow you to communicate through the switch itself. However, you will still need a mic in order to communicate; the good news is almost any pair of headphones nowadays features a built-in microphone; using your headphones with a wired connection through the 3.5mm jack is incredibly simple. You just plug it in, and your good to go. However, if you want to opt for the wireless route, you will need a USB Bluetooth receiver, plug in the USB to the dock, and you will be able to pair your device to the dongle.

If you decide to go with a headset as opposed to traditional headphones, it’s important to note not all headsets are compatible with the Nintendo switch, so be sure to check whether or not you’re chosen headset is indeed compatible.

Related Questions:

Does the Nintendo switch have a camera?

There isn’t a camera-equipped on the switch itself. However, there are two cameras located on both joy-con controllers. The right Joycon is equipped with an infrared camera located on the bottom. The camera can be used to portrays video to your screen as well as to detect heat sources.

Can you use AirPods on the Nintendo Switch?

Yes, however, you will need a Bluetooth USB receiver in order to do so. Plug the USB into the USB port on the dock, then simply pair your Airpods to the USB dongle, and you should be connected.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, the Nintendo Switch doesn’t feature a microphone, nor does it feature built-in voice chat functionality. If you want to communicate through the Nintendo Switch itself, you will need a game that features voice chat functionality such as Overwatch, Fortnite, Paladins & a pair of headphones with a built-in microphone. You can use your headphones undocked with a wired connection and docked through a Bluetooth connection by pairing your device with a Bluetooth USB receiver. Additionally, if your game doesn’t feature built-in voice chat that you will need to opt for the Nintendo switch App, which allows you to chat with players in your game lobby but does require a subscription, and you will only be able to communicate through your phone and not the switch itself. Another option is to simply opt for a third-party app such a discord. This method is ideal if you’re playing with friends or family since it doesn’t feature game integration, so communicating with other players will be quite difficult.

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