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How to Fish in Super Mario Odyssey?

Fishing is a fun and engaging mini-game within Super Mario Odyssey. This activity not only adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the game, but it also offers various rewards and benefits.

In this article, we will explore how to fish in Super Mario Odyssey, providing a comprehensive guide to help you master this entertaining activity.

The Importance of Fishing

Fishing in Super Mario Odyssey is not only a relaxing pastime but also an essential part of your adventure. Throughout the game, you will encounter various fishing spots where you can collect power moons, coins, and other valuable items. Fishing can also provide helpful hints and tips for progressing in the game.

Finding Fishing Spots

In order to start fishing, you’ll first need to locate suitable fishing spots. There are two key elements to consider when searching for the perfect location.

1. Locating the Fishing Ponds

Fishing ponds are scattered throughout the various kingdoms in Super Mario Odyssey. They are usually small bodies of water, sometimes hidden away in less conspicuous areas. Keep an eye out for these ponds as you explore the game’s beautiful landscapes.

2. Recognizing Fishing Shadows

Once you’ve found a fishing pond, look for fish shadows swimming beneath the water’s surface. These shadows indicate the presence of fish, signaling that you’ve found a promising spot to cast your line.

The Fishing Process

Now that you’ve located a prime fishing spot, it’s time to begin the actual fishing process. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to catch fish in Super Mario Odyssey.

Capturing a Lakitu

To start fishing, you’ll need to capture a Lakitu, the cloud-riding Koopa that holds a fishing rod. Locate a Lakitu near a fishing pond and capture it by throwing your cap, Cappy, at it. Once captured, you can take control of the Lakitu and start fishing.

Identifying Fish Types

There are various types of fish in the game, each with its own unique characteristics. Pay attention to the size and movement of the fish shadows to help you identify which species you’re attempting to catch.

Mastering the Vibration Technique

Fishing in Super Mario Odyssey relies heavily on your controller’s vibration feedback. This is the key to determining when you should reel in your catch.

Differentiating Vibration Types

When the fish nibbles on your hook, you will feel two types of vibrations: a soft one and a hard one. It’s crucial to distinguish between these vibration types in order to successfully catch the fish.

Timing Your Reel-In

Once you feel the hard vibration, press the ‘Y’ button to reel in the fish. It might take a few attempts to get the timing right, but with practice, you’ll become a master angler in no time.

Catching Rare and Unique Fish

Throughout your fishing adventures, you may encounter rare and unique fish that offer greater rewards. These fish are often more challenging to catch, requiring quick reflexes and a keen eye. Keep practicing your fishing skills to increase your chances of reeling in these special catches.

Bonus Tip

For players using a Nintendo Switch Lite, you can rely on sound cues instead of vibrations to help you catch fish in Super Mario Odyssey.

Turn up your volume and pay attention to the sounds when the fish bites the line. If you hear no sound when the fish bites, don’t reel in.

If you hear a sound, it’s time to reel! Coin fish typically require just one press of the ‘Y’ button, while Power Moon fish may require you to rapidly tap ‘Y’ to reel them in. By following this tip, you can save time and quickly become a successful angler in the game. Enjoy your fishing adventure!

Fishing Rewards and Benefits

Successfully catching fish in Super Mario Odyssey can yield various rewards and benefits that will aid you in your adventure.

Power Moons

One of the primary rewards for fishing is the Power Moons, which are essential for progressing through the game. Some fishing spots hide Power Moons that can only be obtained by catching specific fish.

Coins and Collectibles

Fishing can also provide you with coins and other collectibles, allowing you to purchase new outfits, souvenirs, and other useful items throughout your journey.

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