Does GTA 5 Run at 60 FPS on PS5?

Grand Theft Auto V has sold over 140 million times since its launch in 2013. It is one of the most popular single and multiplayer games ever created. If you want to join your friends in GTA 5 using your brand-new Playstation 5, you might wonder if GTA 5 runs at 60 FPS on the PS5. 

The current version of GTA 5 that is available on the Playstation 5 does not run at 60 FPS. This is because the game is playable thanks to backward compatibility, which means that it is the Playstation 4 version of the game. Thankfully, Rockstar Games will release an enhanced version of GTA V for the next-generation consoles, which should have run at 60 FPS. 

The details have not been revealed yet, but most people suspect that the game will have a performance mode with 60 FPS at 1080p and a 4K at 30 FPS mode. So, what is the advantage of playing GTA 5 on the Playstation 5 over the older Playstation 4? Is GTA 5 still worth buying and playing, especially if there is an enhanced version coming soon? Let’s answer these questions! 

Does GTA 5 Run at 60 FPS on PS5? 

We now know that GTA 5 will only run at 30 FPS because it is the same version as on the Playstation 4. The game has not been updated for the newer and much faster hardware. But when we say “only” 30 FPS, we are assuming that GTA 5 runs at 30 FPS on the Playstation 4 in the first place. But does it really? 

Truth be told, GTA 5 is not the best-optimized game and each update has slightly brought the performance down. So, it is common to see the FPS dip on the Playstation 4, often hovering in the 20 FPS range. This makes the game very stuttery. Also, frametime, which is also very important for your experience, is significantly better on the Playstation 5. 

Frametime tells you how long it takes one frame to render. Even if GTA 5 ran at 30 FPS on the Playstation 4 and the Playstation 5, the much-improved frametime on the Playstation 5 would yield a significantly more enjoyable and smoother experience. 

So, if you pop into a lobby full of players on GTA Online, you will have a much nicer experience when playing on the Playstation 5 than on the Playstation 4. This is especially true when there are a lot of things going on at the same time. And since GTA 5 is a game filled with entities and action, that means most of the time. 

The last thing you want is your game to lag in the middle of an intense shootout during a heist or in the middle of a race, where every frame matters. On the topic of that, GTA 5 is limited to 30 FPS on the Playstation 5 because Rockstar Games does not want PS5 players to have an unfair advantage in GTA Online over those stuck on the older generation. 

This is a possible explanation, but not an excuse. GTA Online is only one aspect of GTA 5. They should have enabled 60 FPS in single-player in that case. However, another argument would be that the game is not designed to run at 60 FPS on consoles and Rockstar Games does not want to do a bad port or a simple patch. 

Instead, they want to make GTA 5 feel and play like a brand-new game that has just been released with improved textures and overall graphics too. This is great for those who have not had the chance to play the game yet or want to play it again. After all, it has been eight years since the initial release of Grand Theft Auto V. 

But what if you don’t want to wait and want to play the game right now on the Playstation 5? Is it worth buying if the new release is coming soon? If you want to join your friends in GTA Online as soon as possible, the game is pretty cheap already, so it may be worth it. 

Also, PS+ members will get the enhanced version for free for three months after the game has launched, but this is only the standalone GTA Online. To play the single-player, you will most likely have to buy the game again, which is a huge bummer. 

The game has been released for three generations of consoles now, which means that it is quite old. Nonetheless, it is still one of the most played games up to this day. With that in mind, one can’t help but wonder when GTA 6 will be coming out. So, do we know anything about that? 

When Is GTA 6 Coming Out for the Playstation 5? 

If the enhanced version of GTA 5 is coming out in 2021, when is GTA 6 coming out then? Rockstar Games have not revealed anything yet, but all rumors point to it being a 2023 release. If you have an itch that only a Grand Theft Auto game can scratch, then you will have to resolve to GTA 5 for the time being. 

Remember that 2023 is only a prediction and it is not set in stone. The game could release earlier or, much more likely, later down the line. Rockstar likes to create games that can be replayed multiple times and still be enjoyable, so playing the GTA 5 single-player story could be a ton of fun if you liked it the first time. 

Final Thoughts

GTA 5 can’t run at 60 FPS on the Playstation 5. This does not mean that the console is not capable of doing so or that you will not see a significant improvement over the Playstation 4, though. The game has been updated many times over the years, which has made the game very laggy on the Playstation 4, resulting in very common FPS drops. 

The Playstation 5 will fix those FPS issues that you might have experienced. Also, frame time is much better on the Playstation 5, which makes the game look and feel much smoother and creates a more enjoyable experience overall. And with GTA 6 still to be announced, you will probably be playing GTA 5 for a long time from now anyway.

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