Do Wireless Chargers Work with Popsockets?

Popsockets and wireless chargers are both pretty cool pieces of tech that you can use with your phone. However, a lot of people note that a wireless charger may not work with a Popsocket attached. Is this the case? We have the answer for you. 

So, do wireless chargers work with Popsockets?

Most users find that their wireless charger never works while they have a Popsocket attached. Unless you are using the specific wireless charger made by Popsocket, there are no guarantees.

We are not saying that a wireless charger will never work with a Popsocket. We are also not saying that it will always work. We want to go into a little bit of depth on some things that you can do to increase the likelihood that the two will work together. 

Do wireless chargers work with Popsockets? 

It depends, while we would love to sit here and tell you that a Popsocket will work with a wireless charger, we can’t. 

Some people have claimed that it works, and other people have said that they cannot get the wireless charger to work with a Popsocket at all. Whether the two can work together seems to be based on a variety of different factors. 

The Wireless Charger 

Most wireless chargers designed for phones have a limited range. In fact, the power can extend about 1.5″ from the wireless charger, at the most. However, this doesn’t mean that you can hover your phone just over the charger and it will charge. At the maximum range, the wireless charger pumps out so little power that it won’t have an impact on your phone. 

In 95% of cases, if your phone is not sitting directly on that wireless charger, it isn’t going to charge. The problem is that the Popsocket will prevent the phone from sitting directly on the wireless charger. 

Some people have managed to get around this by purchasing a more powerful wireless charger. You may be surprised to know this, but there are wireless chargers on the market that can reach over 30-meters in range. 

The problem is that wireless chargers with a large range are expensive. Your normal wireless charger for a phone is going to be expensive enough. Powerful ones? They are really going to be breaking the bank. As a result, most people probably don’t want to spend a couple of hundred extra dollars for the sake of being able to use a Popsocket. 

If you really do want to guarantee that a wireless charger is going to work with a Popsocket, then you may be interested to know that Popsocket actually makes a wireless charger that has a little groove on it. This ensures that the phone can charge, even when there is a Popsocket attached. However, do bear in mind that this is going to be a lot more expensive than your typical wireless charger.  

The Positioning of the phone on the charger 

Some people have managed to keep their Popsocket on and still managed to benefit from a limited-range wireless charger. 

Some people find that by moving their phone around at different angles, eventually, it is going to be able to pick up a charge. 

Once you have discovered a charging position that works for you, then you should always use that position.  

Do bear in mind that if your phone is not making full contact with the wireless charger, it may charge a little bit slower. This is because it is not receiving the full power from the charger.  

The type of Popsocket used 

It seems that the type of Popsocket has an impact on whether you may be able to charge using it. 

A lot of people have found that by using official Popsockets, they have much more success than by using one of the cheaper brands on the market. 

Although, it is still going to be a gamble about which Popsocket will work. Even within the official Popsocket range, there are a few different models, and slight variance in the manufacturing process means that the Popsocket may work or may not. 

The position of the Popsocket

The position of the Popsocket does seem to have an impact on whether the wireless charger will work. 

This will be dependent on the phone. You may want to Google the battery position on your phone. Try to ensure that the battery is not covered up by the Popsocket to give you the greatest chance of charging success.  

The phone 

It seems that the phone also has a massive impact on whether you can use a Popsocket and a wireless charger. 

For example, we have seen a lot of people complain that they have never been able to have any success using an iPhone with a wireless charger. However, people with Samsung phones say that they are able to use a wireless charger and a Popsocket without any issues. 

It does seem to differ from model to model. So, if you really do want to use a Popsocket and a wireless charger, then we suggest that you do a search for your phone online. You may find a ton of hints on tips on how to get it working properly.  

Does removing the Popsocket help with wireless charging? 

There are two components to a Popsocket: 

  • The base 
  • The PopTop 

You won’t be able to remove the base. If you do, then you will need to purchase a new Popsocket. However, you will be able to remove the Poptop. This just clicks out of place. 

If you do this, then you will probably be able to charge your phone with any wireless charger. Although, in some cases, you may find that the base of the Popsocket still prevents the phone from getting close enough to charge properly.  

Final Thoughts

Whether a wireless charger works with a Popsocket is going to be somewhat of a gamble. We cannot say for 100% sure that it will work. As a result, a lot of people will have to choose whether a Popsocket or wireless charger will be more useful to them. 

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