Can You Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips?

Although customers are familiar with Apple’s wireless earbuds , some users have issues with the products staying in the ear. Hence, the brand produced AirPods Pro with extra tips in the package. The additional accessory may leave you wondering if you can put on the Pro without the tips.

You can wear AirPods Pro without the tips, but you can also expect some drop in sound quality. Generally, the tips improve user experience by helping with noise cancellation. They also boost the bass production, meaning your music will sound different without the tips.

Read on to know about the significance of the tips. You can also learn about the various situations when you can wear the earbuds without them. This piece also presents what you can expect when using the AirPods Pro without the tips.

Wearing AirPods Pro Without Tips

As stated earlier, you can put on the AirPods Pro without the tips. Their presence help in enhancing the Pro performance, meaning you lose some sound quality without them.

Even though you can wear AirPods Pro without the tips, the general recommendation is to use them. Unless you absolutely have to detach them, it is best to keep them to enjoy the AirPods Pro performance fully.

Why Do the AirPods Pro Come with Tips?

The tips come extra in the package but play an essential role in improving sound quality. They make your experience using AirPods Pro better via three aspects:

1. Proper Fitting

The tips facilitate a better fit when wearing the AirPods Pro. Consequently, the Pro, fits and feels better in your ear with the tips than without them.

They also make the earbuds feel more secure in your ear. This quality ensures you can exercise while minimizing the overall movement of the AirPods Pro in your ear.

Notably, the AirPods Pro provides several tips to expand your options during selection. You can pick a tip that better fits your ear if the first choice is uncomfortable. The variations also let you select a tip style that best matches your preferences.

2. Noise Reduction

The proper fitting provided by the tips gives you an added benefit in reducing noise. These tips aid in noise cancellation when they fit correctly in your ears. They fill up in your ear canal with a tighter fit, reducing room for noise infiltration.

Using the AirPods Pro without the tips means you have more space in your ear for surrounding noise to fill.

3. Boost Bass

Noise reduction can considerably improve your sound quality, boosting the bass. The tips help facilitate noise cancellation to prevent surrounding sounds from being more prevalent in your ear.

Wearing the AirPods Pro without the tips enables you to enjoy a good sound quality. You may not notice a considerable loss of sound quality when using the Pro tip-less. Nonetheless, the tips deliver an extra boost to improve the bass experience.

Can You Safely Wear AirPods Pro Without Tips?

You can safely wear AirPods Pro without the tips. Despite this, one of the benefits of using the tips is comfort from their silicone construction. The material offers soft contact with your skin, making them comfortable to use for long periods.

Wearing the AirPods Pro without the tips may feel uncomfortable in your ears. The discomfort can be inconvenient, especially if you typically use earbuds for long sessions.

Additionally, the tips assist in regulating the sound produced by your earbuds, protecting your hearing when listening to loud music. Whether or not you wear the tips, it is advisable to avoid too loud music to prevent ear damage.

Is Wearing AirPods Pro Without Tips Ideal for Smaller Ears?

It is easy to assume that wearing AirPods Pro without the tips is better for smaller ears. However, this thought may not necessarily be true. Removing the tips can make it difficult for the earbuds to remain in your ear, regardless of ear size.

Sometimes you may find that the tips you possess hinder the AirPods Pro from adequately fitting in your canal. In such a case, it is often better to look for a different style rather than eliminating the tips.  

Apple provides several tip styles for their earbuds to suit different customer needs. The brand also has a test program, letting you know whether you selected the right tips. It also tells you whether you placed your AirPods Pro adequately deep into your canals.

Can You Run With Your AirPods Pro Without Tips?

You can run wearing your AirPods Pro without the tips, although a satisfactory outcome depends on a couple of factors. First, your ear shape determines how you wear and fit the earbuds. Second, it depends on how the AirPods Pro fits and secures in your ear canal.

Typically, the tips deliver a better and tighter fit in your ear, making the earbuds steady even when you run. The Pro may move around and fall out of your ears if you run while wearing them without the tips.

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