Can You Use Wireless Earbuds For Phone Calls?

Wireless earbuds have quickly risen in popularity thanks to their high-quality features and convenient capabilities. However, how do wireless headphones fair when it comes to communication? This brings us to the question, can you use wireless earbuds for phone calls?

Yes, Wireless earbuds can be used for calls since they are equipped with high-quality microphones, hands-free controls, & voice assistants, which make it easy to make & receive calls. Additionally, high-quality wireless earbuds are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation, which enhances the quality of the microphone by filtering out background noise, thus picking up your voice clearly & accurately.

Let’s now take a look at what wireless earbuds are capable of when it comes to handling and making phone calls. Let’s dive in!

Can You Use Wireless Earbuds For Phone Calls?

Yes, you will be able to use wireless earbuds for phone calls since the majority of wireless earbuds do feature microphones; some feature additional microphones in order to pick up your voice more clearly. Additionally, wireless earbuds come with quick and easy controls allowing you to pick up calls without needing to pull out your phone. For example, the AirPods simply require you to tap your earbuds twice in order to pick up a call. This makes it easier to manage incoming calls. The majority of high-end earbuds also feature voice assistants allowing you to make calls hands-free by simply asking your voice assistant. Wireless earbuds voice assistants can do much more than just answer calls; they can read your messages for you, as well as any other notifications, it can play your favorite music, read your books to you, notify you of the weather, and much more!

Most high-end wireless earbuds feature Active Noise cancellation, another great feature if you will be using your earbuds to answer phone calls. Active noise cancellation was designed for two main reasons; firstly, it blocks out external noise from entering within the earbuds providing a greater listening experience. Secondly, it filters out background noise when using the microphone allowing the earbuds microphone to pick up your voice clearly even when in a busy area. So, if you will be answering calls outside in busy areas, it’s probably best that you pick earbuds that are equipped with Active Noise Cancellation for the best quality microphone.

Are wired or wireless earbuds better?

Wireless earbuds are generally equipped with more features such as voice assistant activation, hands-free capabilities & shortcuts; high-quality earbuds also come with active noise cancelation.

Wired earbuds will generally provide a more stable connection since Bluetooth connections tend to have occasional audio latency. However, they don’t provide quick shortcuts for answering calls, voice assistants for making hands-free calls, and Noise cancelation features.

How much should I spend on wireless earbuds?

If you’re looking for a budget option that offers a great selection of features with a great sound and a microphone, then we would usually recommend you go for earbuds that are priced at $50 to $100. However, there are exceptions to the rule. A perfect example of this is the Aukey EP-T21. The reviews speak for themselves; these earbuds are below our usual recommended price point but still offer great features & great quality sound. So it does truly depend on the brand.

If you are looking for a high-end wireless earbuds then these are typically priced around $200 to $250. These earbuds typically feature Active Noise Cancelation and a mix of other high-quality features.

Which wireless earbuds are best for calls?

Here’s a list of earbuds that offer great features for making phone calls; we’ve added both high-end and budget-friendly options to our list.

Airpods Pro

First on the list is a popular option nonother than the AirPods pro. The Airpods Pro features various high-quality features that are not found in the original AirPods. Such as Active Noise Cancelation, transparency mode, silicon tips for a more comfortable fit, as well as up to 24 hours of listening time with the case and up to 4 hours without the case. The Active Noise Cancelation feature on these earbuds enhances the microphones’ quality by filtering out unwanted background noise, thus picking up your voice clearly & accurately.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Next up, we have the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus, another popular choice & great earbuds for phone calls. The Galaxy Buds Plus offers 11 hours of battery life on a single charge and 22 hours with the charging case. Additionally, these earbuds offer selective hearing, which filters out unwanted external noise from entering from within your earbuds; it also filters off external noise when using the microphone, making these earbuds’ microphones great even in noisy areas.

Anker Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro

The Anker Soundcore Liberty is another great option for phone calls. It also features Active Noise Cancellation, is equipped with a high-quality microphone, & features a 7-hour battery life on a single charge and a 26-hour charge with the wireless charger.

Jabra Elite 85T

The Jabra Elite is another premium option that offers all the features you would want for answer calls. This includes active noise Cancellation, additional microphones to pick up your voice more accurately (6 total microphones), 12 mm speakers for high-quality sounds, as well as a 5.5-hour battery life in one charge and up to 25 hours with the wirelesses charging case.

TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79

The TaoTronics SoundLiberty 79 is a great budget option for making phone calls. It features Ai noise reduction capabilities that filter out unwanted background noise for better listening and allow the earbuds microphone to pick up your voice clearly by filtering out external noise. It offers 8 hours of battery life on a single charge & 30 hours with the wireless charging case. Overall a great budget option pair of earbuds that is a perfect choice for phone calls.

What should I look for when buying wireless earbuds For Phone Calls?

Active Noise Cancellation

If you will be making and answering phone calls in busy, noisy areas, then Active Noise Cancelation is a feature that you want. Active Noise Cancelation does two main things; the first is it simply blocks external noise from being heard within the earbuds. The second is that it filters out background noise when using the microphone allowing the person on the other side of the call to hear your voice clearly without any background noise.

Quick Controls

Quick controls are another feature you would want to look for. Earbuds such as the Airpods offer quick and easy controls for answering phone calls. With Airpods, all you have to do is double-tap either side of your Airpods in order to answer a call making it quite comfortable to answer especially if you get a lot of calls.


Earbuds vary when it comes to volume levels. Some will require you to turn it all the way up to 100% for you to be satisfied with the sound, whereas others will just require you to stay at 40%. This is completely dependant on the make of the earbuds & you may need to test a few to ensure it has the right volume levels for your liking.

Earbud tips

Earbud tips are quite important in earbuds as it determines how comfortable the earbuds are when they sit on your ear. This is why it’s important to ensure that the earbuds of your choice come with tips of varying sizes to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit.

Battery Life

Obviously, a long battery life is important in earbuds for any use case. Try to look for earbuds that offer 4 to 5 hours of battery life in a single charge and at least 15 hours with the case.

Benefits of Wireless Earbuds:

1. Can Be Used For Many Activities

Wireless earbuds are very versatile. They are great for several activities such as working out, outdoor activities, listening to music, conference calls, phone calls, watching movies & the list goes on.

2. Convenient

Wireless earbuds are super convenient since they come in a charging case. All you need to do is pop it in your bag or your pocket when leaving your home, and you can connect them to your phone or any other device quite easily. The charging case allows for an additional charge just in case your earbuds run low on battery.

3. Comfortable

Wireless earbuds tend to be ergonomically designed since they have no wire. The design needs to be perfect in order to rest in your ear comfortably without falling out. So the comfort level and fit of wireless earbuds usually tend to be better than wired ones.

4. Long Connection Range

Wireless earbuds have a decent connection range allowing you to comfortably move away from your device and still be on a call or listen to music while moving around or even working out without having to leave your phone in your pocket the entire time.

5. Connect To Your Device Easily

Since most companies are getting rid of headphone jacks from their devices, you wouldn’t need to worry about purchasing a device with a headphone jack as long as it is equipped with Bluetooth functionality, your all set.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, wireless earbuds can be great for phone calls thanks to their hands-free capabilities, voice assistants, as well as its built-in high-quality microphones. Earbuds that feature Active Noise Cancellation make this even better by blocking out external noise, making it perfect for talking even in busy and crowded areas.

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