Can You Use a PS4 Power Cord on a PS5?

It can shock your system when your PS5 cord suddenly breaks, your dog shreds it, or you can’t find it anywhere. In that case, you might wonder if you can use your old PS4 power cord for it. 

A PS4 Power cord can be used on a PS5. This is because C7 connectors are designed to meet IEC safety standers. They are rated at 2.5A, 250VAC and therefore are all interchangeable. Additionally, The voltage/amps are regulated by the console and not the cord.

Here is the answer to your question about whether you can use the PS4 power cord for your PS5. You can also read on for answers to additional questions. 

Can You Use a PS4 Power Cord on a PS5?

The power cord for your old unit will work with the PS5. You’ll be surprised to know that you can also use power cords from other models. 

So fortunately, you can use your PS4 power cord on your PS5. Some other good news is that you can also use the HDMI cable from your PS4 for your PS5 if something happens with that. Even more wonderful news is that you can use controllers from your PS4 system on your PS5. Therefore, you’ll never find yourself stuck with no accessories and staring at your PS5, wishing you could play it. 

What Kind of Power Cord Does the PS5 Use?

The PS5 uses a cable with a C7 connector, and some users refer to it as an infinity cable or a figure 8 cable. The cable puts out 10 amps of power, and thus, you will need to replace it with a similar cable with at least a 10 amp output. 

How to Know if My PS5 Power Cord Needs to Be Replaced?

It’s always good to keep an extra PS5 power cord around just in case the existing one starts acting glitchy. Here’s how you can tell that your power cord or power supply needs to be replaced:

Display Issues

You may suffer display issues if you’re experiencing a loss of power because of a failed power unit. Flickering, light dimming, and lowered graphics quality may occur because of power loss. Therefore, it’s time to investigate the power cord if you notice any issues. 

Loss of Power

You may experience power loss when you’re in the middle of a game for no apparent reason, and that may be due to a short in your power cable or supply. You need to look into it further if you notice it happening more than once. 

The Console Won’t Power On

You may need to replace your power cord if your Playstation doesn’t turn on. This problem could be intermittent or permanent. The alternative is that the power supply box is bad, and you can test that by replacing the cord part of it first. 

Physical Damage

You can assume that you need to replace your power cord if you see physical damage to it, such as frays or chew marks. You can also assume it needs to be replaced if you experience a problem with your system, and you also notice something unusual inside the connector. 

How Much Is a Replacement PS5 Cord?

The price of a PS5 cord can vary significantly according to the manufacturer, length, and style. You might be able to find a cord for as little as $7 that will work with your PS5 perfectly. However, if you want a high-quality power cord that will last, you might want to put extra money into its purchase. You’ll pay closer to $20 for that, and it still won’t break your bank. 

Where to Buy a PS5 Power Cord?

You can shop for replacement PS5 cords in various locations, depending on convenience and price. One quick solution is to visit the Playstation store, but you’ll probably pay the highest price if you go that route. You may also visit some retailers, such as Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and so on, if you need to have the product in your hands quickly.

Alternatively, you can visit various online stores and auction sites to find what you need. Amazon offers speedy delivery of its products. Thus, you may want to consider using them for your purchase. You can have your power cord in your hands within 24 hours if you use the Prime service. 

If you enjoy visiting thrift shops and flea markets, you may also find some good deals for cables there. Additionally, you might see a few games within the mounds of items offered. 

How Long Is a PS5 Power Cord?

The standard PS5 cord is only 3 feet long, which doesn’t give users much wiggle room. You can find a much longer cable from a retailer or online shop. 

Can I Get a Longer PS5 Power Cord?

The 5-ft, 10-ft, and 12-ft options are easy to find online. You may even be able to locate a 25-foot cable if you search long enough. 

Now you know that you’re safe if you have to use your PS4 power cord for your PS5 in an emergency. Don’t forget that you can contact the manufacturer if any part of your device develops issues or dies through no fault of your own. 

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