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Can You Charge an Apple Watch with an iPhone? 

Apple Watches are a pretty convenient tool, and with those conveniences, people tend to keep them on their person for a long time. However, the big downside of this is that using your Apple Watch more often means that your Apple Watch will run out of battery more often. There are a lot of ways to charge devices like the Apple Watch, but can you do it with your iPhone too?

Unfortunately, an Apple watch cannot be charged by an iPhone. This is because the Apple Watch does not support the Qi charging standard, meaning it is unable to charge wirelessly aside from Apple’s official magnetic charging cable.

But what other ways can you charge your Apple Watch? And will the iPhone ever be able to charge the Apple Watch?

Can You Charge an Apple Watch with an iPhone?

As it stands, the only way you can charge your Apple Watch is via the magnetic charging cable that is included with your Apple Watch device. In addition to not being able to charge the Apple Watch with the device itself, you also cannot charge it using the lightning cable that came with the iPhone. Instead, your best option is to use the magnetic charging cable included.

One issue, however, is if you wind up losing your cord. Because the Apple Watch is relatively limited in terms of ways you can charge it, this would be even more limiting as a result. Thankfully, you have an alternative option at your disposal, the magnetic charging dock included with your Apple Watch. Not only does this allow you to charge your Apple Watch, but it also means that you have a safe place to put your Apple Watch when you need to take it off, so long as it is handy anyway.

Is there any way to make your iPhone charge your Apple Watch?

As it is, there is still no safe way that you can use your iPhone to charge your Apple Watch via third-party means. One idea you might consider is using an adapter that would allow an iPhone cord to be used to charge your Apple Watch. However, unfortunately, there are no such adapters available to allow this to happen.

Will there ever be other options to use to charge your Apple Watch?

There have been a number of iPhone devices released by Apple, all with their own new features, gimmicks, and capabilities. Of course, there have also been other iOS devices, such as the iPod and iPad. While it is not at all impossible that Apple may one day release an iOS device that allows you to charge your Apple Watch, Apple has not yet announced any future revisions that will have this feature.

There is actually one interesting method of charging your Apple Watch, which is through a six-pin port in between the bottom band and the watch’s body. This is meant to be used by diagnostics experts to figure out if something is wrong while you are using the Apple Watch; however, one function of this port some users discovered is that it can actually be used to charge your Apple Watch. Further, the Apple Watch charges somewhat faster than it does normally, and does not need to be taken off to be charged.

One organization in particular called Reverse Strap took advantage of this, creating prototype straps that allow the device to be charged while still equipped by the user. This method has been shown to be 6-7 percent faster than the normal method of charging. However, Apple has shut this down, arguing that there is a potential safety risk associated with charging an Apple Watch while it is being worn. Specifically, Apple has expressed worry that the charging process could cause burns.

Despite all this, Apple has had a patent for on-the-wrist charging technology, but has not yet implemented this feature into any of their Apple Watches (possibly because they have yet to find a way to do it in a satisfactory way).

What is the difference between iPhone and Apple Watch charging?

The reason why charging the Apple Watch and charging the iPhone have to be done via different processes is because of how they are designed. The magnetic charging cable that comes with the Apple Watch is not capable of producing the power necessary to actually charge an iPhone, and the Apple Watch has no way to actually plug a lightning cable into it.

Does the charge of an Apple Watch degrade over time?

For as convenient as rechargeable batteries are, there is one downside to using them. This downside is that, eventually, the battery in your Apple Watch will, over time, be able to hold less of a charge. Apple strives to ensure that, after 1000 charges, the battery in your Apple Watch will have up to 80 percent of its original charge. This gives you about two and a half to three years of charge, assuming you charge the Apple Watch only once per day.

How do you improve your Apple Watch’s charging capacity?

If the charging capacity of your Apple Watch has taken a dip, you may be interested in finding out ways that you can get a longer lifespan out of it. Unfortunately, all electronics have a shelf life, one which is affected by a multitude of factors. Your best option to extend the battery life of the Apple Watch involves turning off certain features that drain your battery faster and are not actually needed.

For example, if you turn off vibration and sounds while typing on a phone, that will make the battery last longer (if only slightly). Further, devices that use an OLED screen drain the battery slower with dark mode than if you were using light mode. Another more simple option would be to simply reduce the amount of time it takes for your screen to turn off and avoid using apps that are battery hogs.

Apple Watch Wired Charging 

To charge your Apple Watch, follow the below steps: 

  • Place the Apple Watch’s charging cord on the back of your watch (magnetic end first). The concave side should attach to your watch and line it up correctly. 
  • Press down firmly until you hear a chime signaling that it is in place and see a green light in the corner of your screen indicating that it has begun charging. 
  • Let the logo turn from red to green (or vice versa) when finished. 

You can charge your apple watch in a flat position or on its side. The Apple Watch Magnetic Charging Cable will show up if your battery is low, and there will be an image of it next to the low battery symbol. 

Apple Watch Wired Charging Time 

It takes about two hours to fully recharge a completely depleted watch, and this time decreases when it has more juice left inside.  

Using the low-power mode will also decrease the charging time as it eliminates some of the functions that use more of the battery, like background applications. 

Apple Watch Battery Life Tips 

The Apple Watch battery can last a day in the best-case scenario and up to 18 hours if you use it minimally. However, the time of usage varies with the type of watch face selected and the features used.  

For example, Siri will drain your battery faster than tracking activity or checking notifications on your wrist. The more apps are open at once, the shorter amount of time you’ll have before needing another charge.  

Ultimately though, there’s no way to know how long it will take until you actually need another one since everyone uses their device differently! To prolong its life as much as possible, just make sure you turn off any app that isn’t being used  and put your watch in power save mode if you’re not using it. 

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