How to Connect Plantronics Headset to iPhone

Plantronics headsets are a favorite brand to use both in the office and at home. Even opinionated gamers use them. The headsets come in wireless (Bluetooth) and wired options. The Bluetooth models are more comfortable to use because they don’t have those pesky cables hanging around your face. But if there are no wires to plug into your phone, how does the headset connect to communicate with your iPhone?

Your headset communicates with the iPhone through Bluetooth technology that wirelessly searches for and connects with the Plantronics headset once the devices are paired.

How To Pair Plantronics Bluetooth Headset With an iPhone

To successfully pair your headset with your phone, follow the steps set out below:

  • Start with your Plantronics Headset switched off.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth feature on your iPhone. You will find it under the Settings menu. In the settings menu, look for the setting General, tap it and then look for Bluetooth. 
  • Make sure that the Bluetooth setting is turned On. 
  • The iPhone will automatically search for any devices within range that are emitting the Bluetooth signal. It is a good idea to turn off any other devices that also use Bluetooth connectivity to make it easy for your phone to connect to your headset. 
  • Turn on the pairing mode on your Plantronics headset.
  • When you see the device’s name appear on your iPhone screen, select it by tapping, and the headset will automatically pair to your phone.
  • After the devices pair, a message may pop up requesting a passkey. The passkey pairing is enabled in some devices but not in others. So don’t worry if you are not asked for a passkey; your device will still work perfectly. If you see the pop-up request, enter “0000,” which is the factory setting passcode. 
  • You then should see your headset’s name appear with the status of “Connected.”
  • Now, you are all set to use your new headset.

As you see, it is a fairly simple procedure to pair your headset to your iPhone. Almost as easy as plugging a pin into the socket. In almost no time at all, you can be ready to enjoy the crystal clear sound and the comfy design of the Plantronics Bluetooth headset that will give you the freedom to move around your workstation without the restrictive connecting cables. However, the part in the instruction that says to turn on the headset’s pairing mode can be tricky to understand. 

How To Turn on the Pairing Mode on Any of the Plantronics headsets?

Plantronics headset models have one of three types of controls. Some models have a sliding power “on/off” switch. Others have a single button for both call control and power switch. Lastly, some models have a power button and a call control button. 

If your device has the sliding power button, slide it first into the “on” position, and then press the call control button for 5 to 6 seconds until you see the alternating blue/red light start flashing. Put your headset aside and complete the pairing by following the instructions that appear on your iPhone.

Suppose your device has a single button for both the call control and power; press that button for 5 to 6 seconds until you see the alternating blue and red light flashing. Let go of the button and again follow the instructions on your iPhone.

If your device has a separate button for power and call control, start with the headset power off. Hold the power button for 5 to 6 seconds until the alternating blue and red lights start flashing. Release the button and follow further instructions on your iPhone.

How To Wear the Plantronics Headset?

To wear the headset comfortably, position the earbud into your ear canal and place the outer earpiece around towards the back of your ear. The microphone will automatically lie near your cheek. You can pivot the earpiece until it feels snug and comfortable in your ear. The microphone can be adjusted inwards towards your cheek, but it should not touch it to ensure good sound reception.

Is Plantronics a Reputable Brand?

Plantronics brand has a large selection of headsets so that everyone will find their favorite. The brand’s online reviews are all positive, and Plantronics headsets have won awards for being one of the best headsets on the market.

Their designs are incredibly comfortable to wear, giving an enjoyable experience throughout your working day or letting you spend many happy hours gaming. Their audio technology produces crystal clear sound to ensure you won’t miss what your client is saying, and if you are using your headset to listen to music, the clear sound will give you a fabulous listening experience.

The wireless design also allows for hands-free operation, leaving your hands free to do other things. Like, make a sandwich while you are taking client’s calls. However, make sure that your kettle is not too loud. Otherwise, the microphone may pick up the sound of boiling water and give you away.

If you were used to old-school headsets with wires hanging around your face like cobwebs, adjusting to working with the newer Bluetooth technology can be unsettling. However, once you get used to wireless models, you will not want to go back. The increased mobility and freedom you gain when wearing wireless headphones compensate for all the discomfort of learning how to use them.

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