Can the iPhone 12 Stand on its Own?

The iPhone 12 can stand on its own; it can lay flat on its side both horizontally and vertically. The fact that it can lay flat on its side with stability is more of a design feature. Many iPhone users loved the square design first introduced in the iPhone 4 and have been asking for it back ever since.

In this post, we’ll talk about some of the amazing features that make the iPhone 12 an all-around fantastic phone. 

Perfect Flat Sides!

Its been a few generations since the iPhone was able to stand upright, comfortably on its own. The original iPhone 4 set the design tone for this flat, square-cornered frame, getting us all used to its comfortable grip and then taking it all away. 

Until now, that is. The iPhone 12 is here, and that flat grip we’ve been hoping for is finally back. This is the iPhone’s 12th generation, and it combines the best from the 4th and 5th series and adds a bunch of new features and some added durability on top of it. It’s not quite as fully loaded as the iPhone 13, but it’s still an all-around powerhouse. 

Is holding the iPhone 12 comfortable?

Yes, the iPhone 12 is comfortable to hold. There’s just something about those squared-off edges that makes it very satisfying to hold in your hand, like your cradling a deck of cards, waiting to deal a winning hand. 

With a flat front, rear, and frame made out of aluminum, the iPhone 12 is sleek to look at and feel. The transitions on the sides are very smooth. There are zero sharp edges on the iPhone 12’s frame, making it one of the sleekest smartphones on the market, in this reviewer’s opinion.  

Does the iPhone 12 fit comfortably in your pocket?

It sure does. Measuring just a smidge smaller than previous generations and taking full advantage of every inch of the space it does have with the switch to OLED. 

It’s the grip and the feel that most people like. It slides in and out of your pocket with ease, and at 5.78oz (making it one of the lightest iPhones to date), you’ll hardly know it’s there. 

What are the iPhone 12’s core features?

It might not be as impressive as the iPhone 13, which genuinely does resolve some of Apple customers’ issues with the 12. But make no mistake, the iPhone 12 is one of the best all-around smartphones you can buy. 

Dual-Glass With Metal Frame

Yes, many iPhones before this one have had a dual glass and a metal frame, but the iPhone 12 has two new things going for it where others did not.

The first is that it’s the lightest of the modern iPhones. The iPhone 13 weighs a full ounce heavier, which is hardly anything at all. But if you are used to the lightweight feel of the 12, you can certainly feel the weight change of the 13. 

The second is that the iPhone 12 has the toughest glass of any Apple smartphone to date. That means it’s much more resistant to shattering and cracks. It’s not bulletproof yet, but it is a significant improvement over previous iPhones. 

Improved Water Endurance

Now IP68 rated for both water and dust resistance. The iPhone 12 can miraculously survive for up to 30 minutes in 6 feet or less of water. Long gone are the days when if you dropped it in the sink, you had to hope for the best while it dried out in a bowl of rice.

The IP68 rating is not a feature you will notice with your eyes like the new case design, but along with the stronger case, it makes the iPhone 12 one of the toughest phones on the market. 

Hi-Res OLED Screen

If we zoom in on the front of the iPhone 12, we’ll notice immediately that its OLED screen is of higher resolution than the 11. It has thinner bezels, and you really can tell the difference when watching content in HD. 

The overall size of the screen remains the same (it’s a smidge smaller), and the notches at the top remain. Of course, those notches are a bone of contention with some customers who were hoping to see them disappear with this release. 

The transition to OLED from LCD is a welcome one, shrinking the iPhone 12 down to a slightly thinner all-round dimension (specifically: 5mm shorter, 4mm narrower, 1mm thinner).

Final Thoughts

Some people might prefer the iPhone 13 because of its expanded storage options and other improvements. And it is indeed a worthy replacement for the iPhone 12. 

But overall, the iPhone 12 line (including the iPhone 12 pro and mini) are still excellent phones and worth every penny you spend on them. To top it off, its telephoto lens takes fantastic pictures. 

Steven Carr

Steven is a certified IT professional and gaming enthusiast. He has been working in the tech industry for over 10 years, and specializes in all things Tech-related. When he's not geeking out over the latest hardware or software release, he can be found testing out the latest video game.

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