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Can I Buy an Apple Watch Without a Band?

Apple watches have released several versions of their watches throughout the years, with that many users have collected a number of Apple watch bands each priced quite highly. So, this brings us to the question can you buy an Apple watch without the band?

No Apple watches can’t be purchased without a band, Apple watches are sold at a fixed price & the band is an accessory that is included in the overall price.

Let’s now take a look at a few things you will need to know about the Apple Watch bands that you may not have known before. Let’s dive in!

Can You Buy an Apple Watch Without a Band?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to purchase the Apple watch without the band. Apple watches have a fixed price & the band will be included in that overall price point.

Although having to pay for a band that you don’t need may be irritating, having additional bands does have its benefits. Since the Apple watch bands can be swapped out fairly easily you will be able to swap your bands depending on the occasion. It’s recommended to have one band for general casual wear that suits your attire on most occasions & another band for workouts or outdoor activities. When selecting a band for exercises ensure you select a band that is able to put up with sweat to maintain its durability. Additionally, you can have a third band option for a nice night out something that would suit a more elegant attire.

Having multiple bands can be beneficial in the long run especially when you use your Apple watch for various activities that involves sweat. Also having additional bands to suit different attires is definitely a nice bonus.

Why are Apple Watch Bands So Expensive?

As many Apple Watch users are already aware of there are various fake bands & straps in the market designed for Apple watch that cost significantly less. But why is that?

Well, the difference is in the material although they may seem similar Apple’s official bands are made from a material called FKM. FKM costs seven times more than silicon, which is why you see Apple’s official bands cost significantly more than fakes ones in the market.

FKM’s primary advantage over other materials is flexibility and weight. Official Apple watch bands are lighter and more flexible than other fake bands in the market. This makes it more comfortable for workouts and daily activities and provides a more comfortable fit and feel. Additionally, FKM material provides more durability to the band making it resilient during intense workouts.

Do Apple Watches Need a Data Plan?

You do not necessarily need a separate data plan for your Apple watch as you will be able to utilize your data plan from your phone when connected via Bluetooth. However, if you would like to have all of the capabilities without the need of bringing your phone everywhere you go then you’ll need a separate data plane specifically for your watch. This simply comes down to personal preference, if you find yourself bringing your phone along when you’re out anyways then there really is no point in getting a separate data plan. However, if you would like to not carry your phone around and still receive notifications…etc. then a separate data plan might be right for you.

Related Questions:

Are Apple watch bands worth the money?

Yes, Apple watch bands unlike fake bands in the market place are made from a material known as FKM. FKM is seven times more expensive than your average silicon this is because it’s more optimized when it comes to both weight & flexibility. An Apple band is a lot lighter, more flexible, & a lot more durable than your average silicon bands. The lighter and more flexible the band the more comfortable it is to wear all day.

Can you shower with Apple Watch?

Yes, Apple watch series 2 and up are all water-resistant and will be able to handle being used in the shower, however, Apple strongly recommends that you avoid exposing your Apple watch. bathing products such as soaps and shampoos, as this can cause damage to your watch.

Is it bad to leave apple watch on charger for long periods?

Not really, the Apple Watch uses lithium-ion batteries which are designed to stop charging once the battery is at 100%, this means you will never be able to overcharge your Apple watch or cause any damage by leaving it charged. So, there are no issues with leaving your Apple watch charged overnight.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, unfortunately, you won’t be able to purchase an Apple watch without the band, however, having additional bands do come with its benefits. You will need an additional band anyways if you workout a lot with your Apple watch allowing you to separate your workout bands from your general use bands. Additionally, more bands mean you will be able to mix and match your bands to your outfit, allowing you to wear your Apple Watch no matter the occasion.

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