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Apple Watch Face Popping Off? Here’s what to do

The Apple Watch is a versatile and stylish accessory, but sometimes unexpected issues can arise. One of the most surprising problems some users have encountered is the Apple Watch face popping off.

In this article, we’ll explore the possible reasons behind this issue, preventive measures, and what to do if you find yourself in this situation. Let’s dive in!

Common Reasons for an Apple Watch Face Popping Of

There are a few common reasons why an Apple Watch face might pop off:

Accidental damage

It’s possible that the watch face has become dislodged due to an accidental impact, such as dropping the watch or bumping it against a hard surface.

Swollen battery

In some cases, the battery inside the Apple Watch can swell, causing pressure to build up within the watch casing. This can lead to the watch face popping off.

Manufacturing defect

In rare instances, a manufacturing defect could cause the watch face to separate from the body of the watch.

Temperature Changes

Exposure to extreme temperature fluctuations can also contribute to the face popping off. The adhesive holding the watch face in place can weaken when exposed to high or low temperatures for prolonged periods.

What to Do When Your Apple Watch Face Pops Off

If your Apple Watch face has come off, follow these steps:

Assess the damage

First, inspect your Apple Watch for any signs of damage, such as a cracked or broken watch face, visible damage to the internal components, or a swollen battery. If any of these issues are detected, you’ll need to seek professional assistance for repairs.

Should the display become dislodged, it’s crucial not to attempt reattaching it yourself. A hidden issue, like a swollen battery, might be the culprit.

Make sure to carefully examine both sides of the battery to determine if it’s swollen, as even minor swelling can cause the display to detach due to the tight space within the device’s internal structure.

Trying to reattach the screen by yourself carries several risks. Water resistance cannot be ensured unless you replace the force touch sensor and make certain all components are properly seated. Additionally, you might miss a potentially swollen battery, which could continue to expand and eventually malfunction. Interfering with the device may also render you ineligible for Apple repair services.

To ensure an appropriate resolution for your device’s issues, consult an authorized Apple service center.

Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple Support to report the issue and request assistance. They will guide you through the next steps based on your specific situation.

Visit an Apple Store or Authorized Service Provider

If you’re advised to do so, bring your watch to an Apple Store or an Authorized Service Provider for evaluation and repair options.

Apple Watch Warranty and Repair Costs

The cost of repairing your Apple Watch will depend on a few factors, including warranty coverage and the nature of the damage.

Standard warranty coverage

Apple Watch comes with a one-year limited warranty, which covers manufacturing defects. If your watch face popped off due to a manufacturing defect, you might be eligible for a free repair. You can check your device’s warranty status here.


If you have purchased AppleCare+ for your Apple Watch, it extends your coverage to two years and includes accidental damage protection. With AppleCare+, you may be able to get your watch repaired or replaced for a reduced service fee.

Out-of-warranty repairs

If your watch is no longer under warranty, you can still have it repaired, but you will be responsible for the service costs. The repair fees will depend on the extent of the damage and your geographic location. For minor to moderate damage, expect charges between $70 and $80, and for more severe damage, the costs can rise up to $200.

Tips for Preventing Apple Watch Face Issues

To minimize the risk of your Apple Watch face popping off, follow these tips:

Proper use and maintenance

Treat your Apple Watch with care and avoid exposing it to extreme temperatures or harsh environments. Regularly clean your watch and its bands to prevent dirt buildup and potential damage.

Protective accessories

Consider using protective accessories to shield your Apple Watch from potential harm:

Screen protectors

Screen protectors can help prevent scratches and other damage to the watch face. Choose a high-quality screen protector specifically designed for your Apple Watch model.

Protective cases

Some cases can provide added protection for your watch, helping to safeguard it from impacts and other potential hazards. Look for a case that fits your watch snugly and doesn’t interfere with its functionality.

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