How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Samsung 

There are multiple reasons why you may have hidden text messages on your phone, whether it is a Samsung phone or otherwise. However, regardless of what the reason might be, there may also be certain circumstances that require you to be able to access them. The only problem is, some people may not be able to figure out how to find hidden text messages on Samsung.

There are multiple ways to try to view hidden text messages on Samsung, one of which is to go to Settings and select the ‘View hidden messages’ option. This option can be found in the Messages section, which has a Hide message subsection. This should give you the ability to view your hidden messages.

But what are the other ways to find hidden text messages on Samsung? And is there any way to permanently unhide the messages?

How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Samsung

Use the View hidden messages option

This is a straightforward answer, but sometimes, that’s the kind of answer you will get for your problem.

To do this, all you need to do is open the Settings app on your Samsung phone, and then open the Messages option within. In the Messages section, you will then see the Hide message feature, which will allow you to view hidden messages by selecting the View hidden messages option.

Switch your phone to private mode

Another way to view the hidden messages on your Samsung phone is to set your phone to Private mode. Private mode may have been used to conceal data on your phone, up to and including text messages. This feature comes built in to Samsung devices.

To activate Private mode, go to Settings, and select Private mode. Alternatively, you can select the option from the notifications menu. You will see multiple options at your disposal, including the first, which is to toggle Private mode to On.

Enter your security pin when prompted, and then you will be able to access information deemed for your eyes only, including any hidden text messages.

View your phone’s archive of text messages

You may have archived some important text messages, meaning that they may seem deleted, but are actually secure.

This is a good way to ensure that certain important text messages are not only not clogging up your text messages, but also don’t get seen if they are too private.

To see the archived messages, open your Messenger app, and select the More option (typically conveyed by a vertical ellipse).

If archiving is a feature of the messaging app, the feature should be accessible, in addition to the texts.

Use a third-party privacy app

There are a variety of apps available that are designed to hide text messages from people who should not be able to see them, and if one of those is in use, your best bet is to use the app to view them.

These kinds of apps are not only able to hide text messages that you do not want prying eyes to see, but can also be used to secure certain other apps, such as your email app.

These apps may be difficult to access if you do not have the right credentials, however. Thus, you should make sure that you remember said credentials when you initially set up the app to conceal your information. Otherwise, these text messages could very well be lost to you.

Why are some messages hidden?

There are two common reasons why your Samsung phone has hidden text messages. The first is because you chose to select certain text messages to hide for some reason or another.

The second, and somewhat more complicated, is because of your Samsung device’s spam filter. This spam filter is an automated process, which goes on its knowledge and experience to determine whether certain text messages may be spam or not.

This has become significantly more important in recent years, as spam text messages have become both more dangerous and more prevalent. Because of this, you should always be cautious that you do not open any hidden text messages that you cannot trust to be authentic or otherwise safe to open.

There may even be a text message from someone you trust that was flagged as spam, and while most times that will be an annoying false positive, sometimes it may indicate that their account has been compromised in some way.

For instance, your friend may have lost access to their account, and the bad actor, either manually or automatically, is sending links to people on your friend’s contact list in order to further hijack accounts. Thus, if the hidden text message appears in any way suspicious, at least inquire further before you click on any links they may send you.

Another thing that may prevent certain text messages from reaching you is if you have enabled the Block unknown messages option on your Samsung phone, which ensures that anyone outside of your contact list will not be able to make contact with you through text messaging. To turn this feature off, to to the Messages app, and select More options.

Select Settings, and scroll until you find Spam filter. Here, you should notice multiple options, including the option to block unknown messages. Just uncheck this box to ensure that this feature is turned off.

How to change certain messages to make them visible by default again

While there may be valid reasons why you have messages hidden on your Samsung phone, you may also want certain messages to no longer be hidden.

Either you are no longer concerned about someone else seeing them, or you were never concerned in the first place and only accidentally hid the message or messages.

Thus, you may be wondering, is it possible to make hidden text messages visible to you by default again? Well, it ultimately depends on the method, so if you are trying to unhide them, refer to the method you used to hide them in the first place.

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