Do Samsung Curved Monitors Have Speakers?

If you’re in the market for a brand-new curved monitor, then you probably have a few specs in mind that are on the top of that list. A feature that’s important to most users is built-in speakers since they allow for cleaner desk setup while not having to worry about getting the right external speakers and the setup process. 

We will be taking a look at Samsung’s curved monitor lines as they are one of the leading brands in the industry. So do Samsung Curved Monitors Have Speakers? 

Only a select number of Samsung curved monitor models come with built-in speakers; the majority do not have built-in speakers. You’ll be able to find out whether a monitor features If built-in speakers by navigating to the Specs section on the products listing page on Samsung’s official site. 

Do Samsung Curved Monitors Have Speakers? 

Currently, only a few of Samsung’s curved monitors feature built-in speakers. These include the CJ791 Thunderbolt, T55 Curved Monitor, ViewFinity S95UA, S39C FHD Curved Monitor, and CJ89 Super Ultra-Wide Curved Monitor. 

Below is a list complete list of Samsung’s current curved monitor line and whether or not they feature built-in speakers.

Samsung Curved Monitor NameDoes it Have
Samsung CFG73 Gaming Monitor with Quantum DotNo
Samsung CHG90 QLED Gaming MonitorNo
Samsung CJ791 Thunderbolt Curved MonitorYes
Samsung 32″ T55 Curved MonitorYes
Samsung 27″ CR50 Curved MonitorNo
Samsung UR59C Curved 4K UHD MonitorNo
Samsung CF396 Curved LED MonitorNo
Samsung CF398 Curved LED MonitorNo
Samsung JG56 WQHD Gaming MonitorNo
Samsung CHG7 QLED 1800R AMD FreeSync 2 Gaming MonitorNo
Samsung 49” ViewFinity S95UA Dual QHD Curved MonitorYes
34″ CH89 WQHD Ultra-Wide USB type-C Curved MonitorNo
Samsung 27″ CF39 1800R VA Panel AMD FreeSync Curved MonitorNo
Samsung 27″ S39C FHD 75Hz Curved MonitorYes
Samsung 49″ CJ89 Super Ultra-Wide USB type-C Curved MonitorYes
Samsung S65UA Series 34″ CurvedNo

How To Know If a Computer Monitor has Speakers? 

You can check whether or not a monitor has speakers by navigating to the model’s specific page on the manufacturer’s website. This information will typically be under the “Specs” section. If there is no mention of speakers on the page, then in most cases, the monitor will not have built-in speakers. 

Additionally, If the monitor features an audio input jack, then it will have a built-in speaker. Monitors without built-in speakers will only feature an output jack on the back of the monitor. 

Are PC Monitor Speakers Good? 

This will typically vary depending on the price point & the make of the model. The speaker quality can be quite good, but if you’re a music junky & are extremely picky about sound quality, then a monitor with built-in speakers may not be for you. 

The issue comes down to the monitor’s slim design, as it limits the size of the speakers that can be placed. This can lead to issues with low-frequency ranges and audio distortion at higher volumes. Manufacturers will need to compromise on thickness and aesthetics to add bigger and better-sounding speakers to a monitor, which will affect not only the price point but also the appeal of the display. 

Should You Get A Monitor With Speakers? 

While external speakers would typically offer a greater sound experience and, at times, not much difference in cost, there are a few instances where a monitor with speakers may be a good fit for you. 

If you have limited desk space or would simply like a cleaner setup, then built-in speakers can definitely be worth it. 

Additionally, if your primary listening sessions involve headphones or headsets but you would like to use speakers occasionally for certain tasks, such as watching videos, then purchasing a monitor with built-in speakers may be worthwhile. 

Related Questions: 

Are curved monitors better? 

Curved monitors are designed to make the viewing experience easier on the eyes. Allowing you to take in the entire visuals without any strain. Curved monitors make it easier on your peripheral vision providing you with a better overall viewing experience. 

Do Samsung Curved Monitors Have a Camera? 

Currently, none of Samsungs curved monitors feature built-in cameras. 

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