How to Turn on an Alienware Monitor 

If you’ve recently purchased a brand new Alienware monitor, then it’s time to get your new monitor all set up. We’ll walk you through the whole process, starting with how to turn on your monitor.

To Turn on your Alienware monitor, Make sure that it is connected to your computer via HDMI, and that it is connected to a power source. Next, push the power button, located on the lower-right corner of the monitor, on the edge. This should power on your monitor.

But what might cause your Alienware monitor to not power on? And how do you fix an Alienware monitor if it does not turn on?

How to Turn on Alienware Monitor:

Plug the monitor into a power source and HDMI

Before you can turn on your Alienware monitor, however, it also needs to be connected to a computer via HDMI, and to a power source. If the monitor is not able to connect after this, try a different cord if possible. If even a different cord is not fixing the issue, this may suggest that the power to the monitor is experiencing difficulties. Also ensure that the power source it is plugged into is functioning properly. For example, if your Alienware monitor is plugged into a surge protector, you should ensure that the surge protector is switched on.

Push the power button

So long as you have the monitor plugged into a power source using the included power cable, pushing the power button will be enough to get the Alienware monitor to turn on. If you want to turn it off, you just need to push the power button again. If the monitor is not connected to your computer via an HDMI cord, however, you may not see a sign of the Alienware monitor being powered on (besides the light).

What does the light on an Alienware monitor mean?

When your Alienware monitor is powered on, the light will show a solid blue color. However, you may have seen the monitor’s light blinking white. If the light blinks white, this indicates that the monitor is in Standby Mode. If there is no light at all, this means that the monitor is powered off. You can adjust which color of light your Alienware monitor uses in the AlienFX setting.

The monitor uses 0.2 Watts while powered off, 0.3 Watts in Standby Mode, and 20.4 Watts when powered on. If set to the max power setting, it uses 72 Watts instead. If you want to avoid any power use while powered off, you need to unplug the monitor from the power, or switch off the surge protector it is plugged into.

Can you use a different monitor cable for your Alienware monitor?

If your Alienware monitor’s cord is not working for whatever reason, you may be wondering whether you can use a different monitor cord instead. It is advised that you use the same type of cord that is included with the Alienware monitor, though if that one is broken, the best option would be to order a replacement, either on the official website or on a third-party store like Amazon.com. This cord is not expensive to replace, thankfully, and will likely not run you more than $10 in total (before tax and shipping anyway).

Why isn’t my Alienware monitor turning on?

If your Alienware monitor is still not turning on, this may indicate that there is something malfunctioning in the monitor. However, the first thing you should do is check to see that the monitor has power, and that it is plugged into your computer. If the monitor has no power or is powered off, the light will be off. However, if the monitor shows nothing but the light is blue, this means that it is not able to show what the computer is trying to display. Make sure the surge protector it is plugged into is switched on as well.

Your Alienware monitor’s power button is not working properly

While this is not a common issue, it is a possible issue nonetheless. However, the thing that is causing the monitor to not function properly could be multiple issues. For example, the power issue could be due to the button not working properly, but it could also be that the power cable is broken, or that the monitor no longer has power. This could occur for any number of reasons, including an impact causing it to lose power. However, a common reason why a monitor may eventually lose power is because, like all electronics, the monitor has since degraded to a point of disuse. At this point, the only thing you can really do is replace it if it is that old.

Your Alienware monitor needs to be repaired or replaced

If your Alienware monitor is still not turning on, this may indicate that there is something malfunctioning in the monitor. This could be due to damage to the monitor, or it could be due to a defect in the monitor. Whichever it is will dictate how cheap and convenient getting your Alienware monitor repaired or replaced is.

If your Alienware monitor stops turning on due to a defect in the design, and if that defect first occurred within the warranty period (typically the first year of ownership), you may be able to get it repaired or replaced for free. After this initial repair or replacement, you will also have a 90-day warranty on top of that. However, if the issue arises outside of the warranty period, or the damage is due to a mistake by the user, the repair or replacement will not be covered by this limited warranty.

If you want to extend the warranty period, or extend what kinds of things are covered by it, you will have to purchase an extended warranty. The cost of an extended warranty may vary from store to store, but they typically allow for more types of damage to be covered, as well as extend it for years longer than a limited warranty does.

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