How Do I Connect My Razer Kraken to a PC? 

The Razer Kraken wireless headset doesn’t need a direct physical connection to play audio from a device. Instead, it uses a Bluetooth connection to play media from Bluetooth-compatible devices. Read on to find out all you need to know about pairing this device via Bluetooth so you can enjoy all the Razer Kraken has to offer.

The Razer Kraken connects to PCs and other devices via Bluetooth. To pair your device with the Razer Kraken, first make sure it has Bluetooth functionality and that Bluetooth is activated on the device. Then turn on the headphones , which will automatically enter pairing mode. Finally, enter the Bluetooth settings on your PC and select “Razer Kraken.”

Razer headsets don’t have a button that directly activates pairing mode as some Bluetooth-enabled audio devices do. Instead, it automatically searches for devices to pair with once turned on. You’ll hear a beep from the headphones when the device you’re pairing the headphones with establishes a connection.

How Do I Connect My Razer Kraken Gaming Headset to a PC?

The Razer Kraken is a Bluetooth-based device that pairs like any other Bluetooth device. It enters pairing mode as soon as you turn it on—there’s no need to press a button to make the device enter pairing mode. For Bluetooth devices, pairing mode is simply a passive state where the device sends out a signal that all Bluetooth devices can pick up. The signal indicates that the device is ready to pair.

Once the Razer Kraken is in pairing mode, you can discover it on your Bluetooth settings screen on the device you wish to pair with it. Simply select “Pair” on your PC’s Bluetooth screen and the device will emit a short beep once it pairs.

Why Won’t My Razer Kraken Pair With My PC?

There are a few solutions to this problem: you can run Windows’ compatibility troubleshooter program, adjust the computer’s sound settings, or update the Kraken’s software drivers. 

To let windows attempt to fix the problem, access the Control Panel program on windows. Then click View All and locate Hardware and Devices. Under the Hardware and Devices heading, select Advanced and then Apply Repairs Automatically. Windows will then attempt to diagnose the problem and offer a solution through a notification that comes up after the troubleshooter has finished running.

Another possible fix involves going through Windows’s settings and making sure that the device is activated in the sound menu. You can access this menu by holding down the Windows key and pressing X to open the quick links menu, and pressing Settings. Then locate sound in the drop-down menu and find Manage Sound Devices. In the Input menu, hit Manage sound devices. If your Razer Kraken is disabled, you’ll find it in the Disabled list and you can enable it by clicking on it and choosing Enable.

Corrupted and outdated software drivers can cause the Razer Kraken to lose the ability to pair with a Bluetooth-enabled device. You can fix this issue by uninstalling and reinstalling the driver or by searching for the latest version of the driver on the Razer website and downloading it. 

To uninstall and reinstall the Razer Kraken’s software drivers, locate the Device Manager page on windows. Navigate to Audio inputs and outputs , click on it, and right-click on the Razer headset. Then hit Uninstall Device and confirm by pressing Yes. Finally, you’ll have to restart the computer. As the computer reboots, it will reinstall the driver.

This solution will sometimes fail because the device requires a new driver to function and not the pre-loaded one that Windows installs on its own. It does have a chance of replacing a corrupted install, however. 

Updating the driver with totally new software from the Razer website is difficult and requires patience and expertise. If you’re new to troubleshooting driver issues, there’s a handy solution called DriverFix that will locate the necessary software for you.

PCs don’t correctly update generic drivers for devices like gaming headsets automatically in most cases, and hardware manufacturers have their own versions of drivers which are more specifically tailored to specific devices than generic drivers. DriverFIx assists in the time-intensive and difficult process of finding these manufacturer drivers. 

To use DriverFix, simply download it from a browser, launch it, and wail for it to detect any and all outdated or corrupted software drivers on your system. The program will then display the problematic drivers and prompt you to select the ones you want it to install and replace. Once you’ve chosen the drivers for replacement, DriverFix will download and install them on its own. You’ll have to restart your computer for the new drivers to begin running.

How Do I Make My Razer Kraken’s Mic Work on PC?

If your Razer Kraken’s mic isn’t working, it may be deactivated inside the Sound settings of your PC and need to be set as the default playback device on your computer. You’re most likely to encounter this issue during the first-time setup of the headset.

To change this setting, go to Control Panel, select Hardware and Sound, and navigate to Manage audio devices. From the system tray, you can access the same setting by right-clicking the speaker icon and pressing Playback devices.

Why Won’t My Razer Kraken Work on Discord?

If you find that your Razer Kraken headset won’t work on Discord, first try the above solutions to make sure the problem isn’t with the PC settings and not the Discord app itself. 

Once you’ve checked the settings and made sure your drivers are up to date, or if you simply notice that the mic works for other applications but not Discord, the problem is likely with the Discord sounds settings. 

Discord has an option to select a dedicated audio input device within the app, and you’ll have to select the Razer Kraken for it to work with discord. To find this setting, go to the Settings menu in the Discord app, select Voice and Video, and you’ll see the option Choose Input and Output device.

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