Does Alienware Monitor Have Speakers?

Dell’s Alienware line has become a trendsetter in the gaming space with its unique designs, top-quality features designed specifically for games, as well as there software functionality. However, how does their monitor line fair when it comes to audio? which brings us to the question Does Alienware Monitor Have Speakers?

Alienware’s 55 OLED GAMING MONITOR AW5520QF is currently the only Alienware monitor that features built-in speakers. The rest of Alienware’s monitor line does not have built-in speakers.

Let’s take a quick look at Alienware’s entire monitor line as well as whether or not you should even consider a monitor with built-in speakers. Let’s dive in!

Does Alienware Monitor Have Speakers?

The majority of Alienware monitors are not equipped with speakers, currently only its 55 OLED GAMING MONITOR AW5520QF features built-in speakers.

Below is a list of Alienware entire monitor line & whether or not it has built-in speakers:

Monitor NameDoes it Have Built-in Speakers?
Alienware 38 Curved Gaming Monitor – AW3821DWNo

As you can see the majority of Alienware’s monitors do not feature built-in speakers. But why?

Believe it or not, there’s actually a good reason for Alienware not adding speakers to most of their monitors. It comes down to cost & value. Adding built-in speakers will require the manufacturer to add additional internal functionality to the monitor which will increase the price in addition to adding the speakers themselves. Additionally, adding speakers to the monitor will add more weight to the monitor which decreases the overall value of the monitor. Also since most users use headphones anyway as they are the superior option for gaming the added price will come with no added value for the user.

How Can I Know If a Computer Monitor has Speakers?

Computer monitors with speakers will typically feature an audio input jack located in the back of the monitor. Monitors without built-in speakers will only feature an audio output jack.

Are PC Monitor Speakers Good?

Depending on the brand & price point PC monitor speakers can sound pretty good. However, if your a music lover & are extremely picky about your sound then a monitor with built-in speakers may not be the best option for you. The reason being monitors with built-in speakers are generally designed for general use such as watching the occasional youtube video, playing games…etc. But are usually no match for high-quality external speakers.

Should You Get a Monitor With Built-in Speakers?

There are two main reasons to consider a monitor with built-in speakers. The first is for an overall cleaner setup, the second is if you’re on a budget.

One of the best reasons to consider a monitor with built-in speakers is that it allows for a cleaner clutter-free setup. If your PC setup is already cluttered as it is then adding speakers will just add to the maddens, this is especially true if you wear headphones the majority of the time anyway.

Additionally, monitors with built-in speakers can be great if you’re on a budget. Although built-in speakers do add to the overall cost of a monitor they aren’t always necessarily expensiver than monitors without speakers. On the contrary, most monitors without speakers are typically expensive than monitors with speakers.

Related Questions:

1. do Alienware monitor have a camera?

No, non of Alienware monitors are currently equipped with a built-in camera. Adding a camera to the monitor will require the manufacturer to add additional functionality which will add to the overall cost of the monitor without enhancing the value of the monitor itself.

2. can Alienware monitors be mounted?

Yes, Alienware monitors can be mounted, they are compatible with most mounts in the market such as VESA mounts.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the majority of Alienware monitors do not come equipped with speakers, however, this is for a good reason monitors that do feature built-in speakers will add to the weight & cost of the monitor with no added value to the monitor itself. Additionally monitors with built-in speakers will need to be equipped with added internal functionality requiring the manufacturer to spend additional resources which will further increase the price of the monitor.

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