Can You Charge AirPods with a 20w Charger?

Apple’s Bluetooth-enabled AirPods are one of the company’s most popular innovations. But, unlike normal wired headphones, AirPods must be charged periodically. Apple also recently introduced a new 20-watt charger that is capable of charging an iPhone to 50% capacity in under 30 minutes. This has led many to wonder whether these two products are compatible.

You can use a 20W charger to charge your AirPods through their charging case. The impressive wattage of the charger allows users to power up their favorite Bluetooth headphones much faster than the standard block charger that comes with the AirPods or your iPhone.

Part of what has made Apple such a popular company is the interchangeable nature of many of its products. AirPods feature the same charging port as any recent iPhone or iPad. So, one 20-Watt charger can work for a variety of different devices.

Why Use a 20-watt Charger with AirPods?

Apple introduced the 20-Watt Charger to allow users to speed up the time it takes to power their preferred device. AirPods are popular because they are simple, versatile, and don’t bog down the user with cumbersome wires. But they aren’t known to carry a charge for very long. 

So, if you own a pair of AirPods, it’s wise to bring a charger with you in case they unexpectedly die. The 20-watt charger works perfectly with a pair of AirPods because it charges devices much faster than the standard charging block, which is vital when you’re on the go.

How Long Does It Take to Charge My AirPods with a 20 Watt Charger?

The exact amount of time it takes to fully charge your AirPods will vary depending on how much power they already have. Typically, it will take about an hour if the charging case is completely dead. But if there is some charge remaining already, it may only take about 30-45 minutes.

Once the case is charged, you can use that to repower the earbuds several times. One of the genius ideas behind the product’s design is that you can charge the earbuds in the case while going about your business. Usually, it only takes about 20-30 minutes to charge the earbuds if the case is fully powered.

Will a 20-Watt Charger Overcharge My AirPods?

No, the 20-watt charger will not overcharge your AirPods, as long as it’s manufactured by Apple. There are other brands that sell iPhone and AirPod chargers at discounted prices, but you have to be careful with third-party vendors. Some of these chargers may be compatible with your devices but may not uphold the same standards as Apple. Apple products are manufactured with certain safety standards that prevent issues like overcharging.

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Overcharging occurs when too much energy is channeled into the device, which causes it to malfunction. This can not only harm the device, but it could also cause it to overheat or even explode. If this were to happen while the AirPods were in your ear, it could cause serious injury and damage to your hearing. So, you’ll want to make sure that if you do purchase a 20-watt charger from a third-party vendor, it’s a reputable brand that adheres to the proper safety protocols.

How Do I Know if My AirPods Need Charging?

There are several ways to tell if your AirPods need to be charged. They will actually give you a warning before they stop working. If you are listening to music or other audio and hear the sound of several blips in a row, each a lower frequency than the next, this is a sign that your AirPods have a low battery and are about to die. You can always stick them back in the case for a moment to recharge, but you’ll also want to know if the case has enough battery left.

One way to tell if the case is fully charged is to look at the light in the center. When your AirPods have sufficient energy, this light will be green. When the battery is getting low, this light will turn orange, which indicates that it’s time to recharge. If the case is dead, this light will shut off completely.

If you are in a hurry and want to know exactly how much charge your AirPods have left, you can use a compatible device such as an iPhone or a MacBook to view the battery life. 

To do so, simply hold the case near your iPhone and open it up. A message should pop up on the phone showing how much charge is left in the case and approximately how much juice is left in both earbuds.

You can also do the same with a MacBook by connecting it via Bluetooth, then selecting the AirPods from the list of devices. There you can see how much charge is left in both the case and the individual earbuds.  

What Do I Do if My AirPods Are Not Charging? 

If you plug your AirPods into your 20-watt charger and they are not responding appropriately, there are a few ways you can troubleshoot the problem.

First, if you’re using an off-brand cable, this could be the culprit. Sometimes, non-Apple charging cables may work for a short time and then suddenly stop. This is because knock-offs and imitations aren’t always reliable. But, if you’re using Apple’s Lightning USB cable, then look over the following things to ensure nothing’s wrong: 

  • Test the charger with other compatible devices to be sure there’s not an issue with the chord or block.
  • Try another outlet to make sure it’s not an electrical problem.
  • Look inside the charging case for any dirt or debris that may be preventing the earbuds from connecting properly.
  • Inspect the earbuds themselves for any potential damage.
  • Check the charge status to make sure you aren’t just being impatient.

Check the charging cord connection 

Make sure there are no holes, tears, rips or other sustained damage to your charging cord. Any nicks in the cord’s covering exposes wires and prevent it from proper operation. 

Check the outlet adapter 

Look at the Lightning cable’s wall adapter. Look to see if the prongs haven’t sustained damages like bending or if they feel loose in the socket. If you dropped the adapter in water or it sat in a considerable amount of humidity, this could be the culprit. 

Check the power outlet 

Check that the outlet is in optimal working order. Plug other things into it to see if they work or not. Sometimes, a room’s wiring requires a light switch to be on to ensure a current flows to certain outlets. 

Check the AirPod charging case 

Inspect the connectors and pins to look for any blockages from things like dirt or other debris. Also make sure there’s no damage to these areas; that there’s no bending or obstruction to the connection. 

Check the earbuds 

Ensure there’s no damage or obstruction to the earbuds themselves. If they’ve been in water or exposed to extreme humidity, this could be the cause of them not wanting to take or hold a charge. 

How Long Will AirPod Batteries Last After Charging? 

Most AirPod models have the same battery behavior. AirPods, AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro hold up to 24 hour hours of a charge with five hours of use. But the featured length has more to do with the charging case. 

AirPods Max offers 20 hours of battery charge with a 5-minute charge for an hour and a half of use. The only way they charge is by the USB Lightning Cable. 

How Do You Check the Battery Level? 

If you need to see how much longer you have on the battery’s life, there are a few methods you can use. First, you can add a widget to your Apple smart devices, like iPad or iPhone, and turn on its Bluetooth capabilities.  

You can also check it via the charging case or by looking at each earbud; there will be a status monitor. Another method is through Siri. Ask her, “what’s the battery life of my AirPods,” and she’ll tell you right away. 

Do You Need the Charging Case to Charge AirPods? 

Yes, you have to use the charging case. There’s no alternative method to be able to do this if you forget the charging case. This is because there are special pins and connectors on the earbuds to plug into the case. 

Do the AirPods Have to Be Inside the Charging Case? 

The Airpods don’t necessarily need to be inside the case when charging the case; however, if you’re not going to be using your Airpods while charging your case, then it only makes sense to leave them in the case as your AIrpods battery will drain when out of the case even when you’re not using them.

Should the AirPods Charging Case Always Have a Charge? 

It’s a good idea to keep the charging case full of juice so that it is available to charge your AirPods whenever. But it’s not a good idea to keep the case plugged in. 

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