What are the Average Dimensions for a 55 inch TV

It is important to know the size of a TV before purchasing it. You want to ensure that your new TV will fit in the space where you plan on putting it, but also that it will provide an optimal viewing experience for all who view your TV. The common question is, “What are the average dimensions of a 55-inch TV ?”.

The average dimensions of a 55-inch TV are 28 inches tall,44 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. The measurements are for the TV and exclude the stand. These dimensions may change depending on the brand. For example, a 55-inch Samsung flat-screen can be an inch thinner than a flat-screen TCL Series even though the screen dimensions remain the same. 

Read on to understand the dimensions of a 55-inch television and other factors you should consider when purchasing one.

Factors to Consider When Measuring the Dimensions of a 55 inches TV

When calculating the dimensions of a TV, you need to know three things:

  • Height: The manufacturing companies measure the height of the TV from the top of the screen to the bottom. Knowing the height measurements of your TV will help you determine if it can fit in your mount space. For example, you don’t want to put your 65-inch TV on the floor just because your TV cabinet has a smaller height.
  • Width: The TV manufacturers measure the width of the TV from left to right. When determining the width of a TV, you should include the viewing area. It is the part of the screen that shows what you’re viewing on it.  If you’re looking at a TV with speakers on either side of the screen, count those areas since they will affect the size, especially when considering mounting space.
  • Depth: The depth of a television refers to how thick the TV’s front to back. Today, manufacturers aim for small depths. That’s why you can find screens as thin as 3 inches.

What Are the Best Dimensions for a 55-Inch TV?

Overall, the dimension of a 55-inch TV will be 28 inches in height, 44 inches wide, and 2 inches thick. In addition to these dimensions, consumers should also consider the thickness of the frame that it is being attached to when purchasing a new television.

The frame can add two or three additional inches to your final measurements. So you should ensure you know how thick your TV is. It will enable you to ascertain there’s adequate room for it.

What Size Mount Do I Need?

The size of a TV mount can vary depending on the TV. If you plan on mounting your new 55-inch television, you should find out what range of VESA values it will require. 

The VESA value is near the model number and brand of your set. You’ll need to purchase a mount with enough slots to accommodate your TV. Most mounts can accommodate a range of about four inches, but you should always check the specifications to be sure.

How Thick Is It?

If you’re mounting your 55-inch television on a wall or entertainment center, you need to check the depth from left to right. It should also include any speakers on either side of your television. 

The depth will also need to consider the thickness of any brackets that support it. For example, most 55-inch TV sets will require at least a 75 millimeter or 100-millimeter mount, depending on how much you want to see around the sides of your screen.

Factors to Consider When Buying a 55-Inch TV

When purchasing a television, you should keep a couple of things in mind. Below are some of them.

1. Know What Size TV You’re Buying

When purchasing any type of television, there are many factors you’ll have to consider. The first of these is the size of television that you wish to buy.

In this case, we assume that you already have enough space where you plan to place your new 55-inch TV and all its accessories.

If you need to buy a stand, remember to add about 4 inches after measuring the dimensions of the television on each side.

2. Viewing Distance 

When buying a new 55-inch TV, it is important to determine how far away you will be from the TV. It will inform you how large or small your screen should be to have a good viewing experience.

To do that, sit where you plan on frequently sitting when viewing your television. Measure from your eyes to the closest part of the screen. That is how far away you should sit to get the most out of your television.

3. Angles of Viewing

The viewing angle is always important whether you’re mounting a screen in your living room or a movie theater. Confirm that multiple people will view it from different angles and how close you want them to sit. The ideal viewing angle is directly in front of your television. It allows you to view the entire screen. However, if the screen is mounted at an angle, it can allow clear viewing if someone is not sitting directly in front of it. Some manufacturers have considered curved screens to increase the viewing angle.

4. Mounting Area

When purchasing a new television, consider where you plan on placing it. If you plan on mounting it to the wall, do not forget to figure out where all of your cords will run through.

Setting it up on a table or countertop will be easy, but ensure the location is safe from accidents that can break the screen.

5. Options in The Market

When purchasing a new 55-inch TV, consider all your choices on that page rather than one or two models. Comparing similar sizes of televisions helps you determine which television suits your preferences best.

Many online sites allow you to compare different brands and televisions on the same page. So, take advantage of these options before making your purchase.

Bottom Line

When purchasing a new 55-inch TV, consider what fits your situation. The first thing to consider is your space. If the brand you choose can fit in your space while allowing you ample room to move around and view without strain, then you’re good to go. Remember, different brands will come with different prices even if they have the same size. This is due to other factors including the features. Do diligent research to get exactly what fits your budget and space requirements. Either way, don’t be afraid to “Go big Screen”. A 55-inch is a good place to start.

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