PS5 Failure Rates: What the Data Says

Every video game console, dating back to the Magnavox Odyssey all the way back in 1972, has had issues with some consoles failing to function.

Some consoles have worse failure rates than others, but sometimes you may just have bad luck with your game console.

And while gaming consoles have come a long way since the Odyssey, even the PlayStation 5 is no stranger to consoles failing. But what is the failure rate of the PS5?

Determining the PS5’s failure rate is not an easy thing, as there is no hard data due to how recently the PS5 was released. However, there have been plenty of reports of failing PS5s, owing to multiple factors, including the fact that it uses a lot of new technology.

But what causes a console to fail? And is there anything you can do to make the console’s failure rate be less of an issue?

PS5 Failure Rate

Currently, there is no hard data on what the PS5’s failure rate may be. This is because the PS5 is a relatively new console, and because none of the big three consoles right now – the PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X – have a particularly high failure rate that needs to be pointed out. From reports, the failure rate appears to be in line with the failure rate of a comparable piece of technology.

Is the failure rate different between PS5 models?

The PS5 has two different models: the standard one with a disc drive, and a cheaper one that does not have a disc drive. There is no specific data that speaks to whether one has a higher or lower failure rate than the other, but the PS5 with the disc drive is more likely to have a higher failure rate.

This is because the difference between the two consoles is the disc drive, which means that the one without has one less part that could potentially fail. However, it is possible that the discless drive could have a defect that increases the risk of failure.

What is an acceptable level of failure rate for electronics?

As discussed above, electronics inevitably have a failure rate, though some may have a better one than others.

You should expect that 3-5 percent of devices may fail, and this is considered to be an acceptable level. You may see a higher failure rate than that for newer hardware, especially if the hardware is experimental in nature.

Thus, the PS5 having a higher failure rate than normal is to be expected, since the PS5 is a relatively new console. However, that fact does not necessarily justify a failure rate that is even more excessive than this.

One of the best examples of this is the Xbox 360, which notably has one of the highest failure rates of any video game console.

The failure rate of the Xbox 360, at least the first model, was around 23.7 percent, which was significantly higher than both the PlayStation 3 and Wii.

The high failure rate is owed to a combination of new technologies (being the first HD console) and quality assurance issues. By comparison, the Xbox One has a considerably lower failure rate, which suggests that Microsoft learned a lot after the 360’s release.

While there is not a specific failure rate that can be determined yet for the PS5, based on past consoles and their histories, you can expect estimates to be created for its failure rate eventually.

This will be especially true if the PS5’s failure rate is outside of normal bounds.

What causes PS5s to fail?

Accidental damage

This type of damage is not relevant to the PS5’s failure rate, as in theory, such failure rates could be 100 percent or 0 percent.

There are multiple ways that accidental damage could cause your PS5 to fail, however. These include having your PS5 fall, dropping something on the PS5, spilling on it or submerging it in water, etc. Now, this kind of damage is not guaranteed to cause your PS5 to fail, but it certainly does not help.

The PS5 is defective

This is the main factor in terms of determining the failure rate of the PS5.

Whether you get a defective PS5 is ultimately determined by luck, so when you buy your PS5 and it ends up not working, all you can really do is try to return it either to the manufacturer or the retailer you purchased it from.

Be sure to keep proof of purchase for either, as it can be used to verify the exact date of purchase, which is when the console’s warranty period starts.

Modifying your console in such a way that it becomes bricked

Like accidental damage, this kind of thing does not affect the failure rate of PS5 consoles. This happens when you try to hack your PS5 and do things that the PS5 was not intended to do, or attempt to pirate games on your PS5.

Now, you are not necessarily going to brick your PS5 just because you modified it in some way, but it is a very real risk that you need to account for if you attempt any modifications, either soft or hard modifications.

How easy is it to repair or replace the PlayStation 5?

Replacing the PlayStation 5 may be a far more difficult process if you intend to flat-out try to buy a new PS5 to replace the console.

Even after two years of release, both models of the PlayStation 5 are difficult to find. Otherwise, you may be able to get a repair or replacement depending on the warranty and the cause of the damage.

If the PS5’s failure is caused by a defect in the console, and it happens within the original limited warranty (one year), you should be able to get it either repaired or replaced by Sony.

If you want to have your warranty cover accidental damage, or to last longer than the original warranty, you would need to spend extra.

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