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Is the Nintendo Switch Lite Touch Screen?

Nintendo has broken ground on the video game landscape for decades, with the Game Boy being the premiere true hand-held, portable device that can operate different games via cartridge. The Nintendo Switch is the very first hybrid console – it can be played on a TV or independently operated as a hand-held console. With the release of the Nintendo Switch Lite, many wonder what some of the differences may be between that and the original Switch.

Is the Nintendo Switch Lite Touch Screen?

Yes – the Nintendo Switch Lite does retain its touch screen feature. The Switch Lite does have a smaller screen (5.5 inches, compared to the original 6.2-inch screen), but both versions feature 1,280 × 720 screen resolution.

What Are Some of the Actual Differences Between the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite?

Fortunately, there is no loss of the touch screen or resolution. Some other aspects of the Switch Lite are different from the original Switch, other than just the size of the screen.

Nintendo Switch Hand-Held, TV, and Tabletop Modes

As mentioned earlier, the Nintendo Switch is the first official hybrid console. That was a large basis of appeal for many casual gamers who are fans of Nintendo but didn’t wish to have to choose between one or the other without investing in both. The detachable controllers of the original Switch allow the owner to play games on the TV while the console is separately functioning from a port that connects to a TV. 

The Switch Lite does not have detachable controllers or docking capability. It also lacks the kickstand that would allow for tabletop mode. Because of these features of the original Switch that the Switch Lite does not contain, this console operates only as hand-held. 

Is the Nintendo Switch Lite More Portable?

Yes. The controls of the Switch Lite are built directly into the console. Being in one piece makes it easier to carry with you while traveling due to it lacking detachable hardware. Removing the internal components necessary to port the system to a TV also reduces the size and weight of the console compared to the original Switch. This makes the Switch Lite easier to store in a jacket pocket, backpack, or suitcase than the original Switch.

Can Pro or Joy-Con Controllers be Paired with the Switch Lite?

Though the built-in controls can not be detached, and there are no input jacks to physically plug in an alternate controller, Pro and Joy-Con controllers can be remotely paired to the Switch Lite. This will also allow for local multiplayer mode on the console. 

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite Sacrifice Storage with Size?

It would be easy to assume that a smaller console would contain smaller internal storage. This is not the case with the Switch Lite. Both the original Switch and the Switch Lite have the same amount – 32 GB – of internal storage. 

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite Have a Shorter Battery Life?

The original Switch has a battery life ranging from 2.5-6.5 hours, depending on the game played and other details. The Switch Lite has a battery life of 3-7 hours, meaning that it actually lasts longer than the original Switch. 

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite Still Feature Online Gameplay?

Yes. For so long as you maintain an internet connection, the Switch Lite can still access online gameplay with friends playing from other systems, be those Switch Lites or original Switches. Any game that can be played in handheld mode in the Switch library can be played on the Switch Lite. You will also be able to connect to your Nintendo Online account. 

Does the Nintendo Switch Lite Still Allow MicroSD Storage?

Absolutely. The Switch Lite accepts all of the same SD storage as the original Switch.

Will the Nintendo Switch Lite Only Be Able to Play Games?

No. Other entertainment apps, such as Hulu, can also be used on the Switch Lite. Apps such as that will require internet access in order to function.

Does the Different Design Make Switch Lite More Expensive?

Not at all. A reduction in the hardware and materials required to construct the Switch Lite also resulted in a reduction in the cost to manufacture the console. Because of this, the Switch Lite is substantially less expensive than the original Switch. The Switch Lite costs an average of $100 less than the original Switch (and $150 less than the Nintendo Switch Oled model). There is no upcharge just because the Switch Lite is newer and slimmer with the same storage and resolution as the original Switch.

The Nintendo Switch has made a mark on the gaming world that competitors are still scrambling to try to achieve. The Nintendo Switch Lite makes the console more accessible to the market and maintains its most important features – touch screen, resolution, gameplay, online access, and so much more. With the Switch Lite, Nintendo made an impressively-portable super console even more portable and accessible for gamers everywhere. 

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