Logitech G502 HERO Weight: And Why it Matters

The Logitech G502 may be the most interesting mouse ever, and that’s because it completely goes against the current market direction regarding gaming mice. Primarily due to its weight and wide base design.

In comparison, the industry strives for lighter weight and slimmer designs, constantly finding innovative ways to produce a light-weightless gaming mouse. Whereas the Logitech G502 Hero does the complete opposite.

What’s even more interesting is that it is currently the most sold gaming mouse in the world.
So the first question you may be wondering is how much does it weigh? And why is it the most sold gaming mouse in today’s day and age where a lighter and slimmer mouse is the consensus for a great gaming mouse? We’ll uncover all of this in this article.

How Much Does the Logitech G502 HERO Weigh?

The Logitech G520 weighs in at 121 grams without the provided adjustable weights. It comes with five 3.6 grams of optional weights, which can provide an additional 18 grams of weight. Allowing it to weigh a total of 139 grams.

You may have immediately noticed that the weight and shape make it a complete outlier when it comes to the gaming industry. In today’s market, lighter & slim mice tend to be the consensus for a good mouse. However, despite that theory, the Logitech G502 Hero still remains the highest-selling gaming mouse in the world.

Why that’s the case, you may ask?

Well, it boils down to a few components. First is the weight, while lightweight mice are the go-to of the gaming industry. Many users, including myself, find that it significantly improves accuracy when it comes to FPS games. The heavier weight significantly enhances stability; the first thing I noticed when using this mouse was that my hand definitely remained steady even during intense sessions. The adjustable weight makes it that much better, allowing you to balance the weight of the mouse perfectly according to your style of gameplay.

The wide base allows you to rest your hands comfortably on the mouse. While this sounds like a pretty basic component, if you’ve ever had serious hand cramps during an important game, you’ll know exactly why this matters.

Additionally, another thing you may notice when using this mouse is how easy the buttons are to reach. They seem to be perfectly placed and also allow for up to 11 programmable buttons. It also supports a DPI range of 100-16,000 and can go all the way up to 25,600 DPI when using the G Hub Software.

However, this doesn’t mean that this mouse is for everyone. While the wider base does seem to be a benefit for most users, it does, however, seem to be more suited for users with medium to extra large hands. Players with smaller hands may find the base to be incredibly wide, making it harder to reach a few of the integrated buttons, specifically the sniper aim button, and thus making it quite inefficient for users with small hands.

In addition, the type of grip you use is another crucial indicator of whether or not you would like this mouse. If you commonly use a fingertip Grip, the mouse may feel even heavier than it actually is, and you may find the buttons placements to be awkward.

Is G502 Good for FPS?

Yes, and this is what it comes down to. First of all, the added weight definitely improves stability and does a great job at keeping your hand steady. The added weights also allow you to customize this a bit further. The programmable buttons also come with a sniper feature allowing you to zoom in quite easily. The button is located at a decent spot. However, how comfortable this is would depend on your grip type.

Now the main question is, how would this fare against a lighter mouse? We personally believe that a heavier well balanced mouse would greatly improve your accuracy and precision. However, if you’re a pro player who already has great aim or you have decent aim, but your primary flaw is your speed and timing, then a lighter mouse would make more sense.

Is a Lighter Mouse Better for Gaming?

This typically comes down to personal preference. And here’s why, a lighter mouse allows you to improve your pacing and timing; however, if your aiming skills aren’t great, it may be quite difficult to get a precise shot. Whereas a heavier mouse improves your accuracy but may reduce your overall speed. So it does truly depend on the type of player you are and your skill level, in addition to your preferred grip.

If you consider yourself to be quite skilled when it comes to accuracy and precision, it may make more sense to go for a lighter mouse as it would allow you to get the cursor on the target at a much faster rate.

When looking at the top FPS player out there, almost all of them prefer a lighter mouse. But again, since they have perfected their accuracy, they can afford to drop the additional weight and just prioritize speed.

However, this is assuming you’re an FPS player, but taking MMOs like World of Warcraft, a heavier mouse may be preferred as there isn’t much mouse movement going on, assuming you’re not a clicker. So primarily, it depends on the type of game you play, your skill level, your grip type, as well as your personal preference.

 What is the Lightest Gaming Mouse & How Does It Compare?

Believe it or not, the lightest gaming mouse in the world currently weighs in at a shocking 23 grams. We are talking about non-other than the M2K, which is created by the german company Zaunkoenig. This mouse costs a whopping 299 euros, which currently equates to about $308.

So let’s start with the weight difference. At its heaviest, the G502 Hero can go up 139 grams while the M2k sits at 23 grams. That’s a whopping 116-gram difference.

Next, we’ll look at the differences in mouse designs and recommended optimal grip types for each. Because of its small frame, the M2K is exclusively a fingertip grip mouse. The Fingertip grip is arguably the best grip to go when it comes to improving your speed, and that’s exactly what this mouse is built for pure and utter speed.

However, when it comes to the G502 Hero, as discussed above, a fingertip grip isn’t recommended, and that’s because the design and the weight would pose a massive disadvantage for this particular grip. The wider base of the G502 is perfect for a palm grip allowing for more stable & precise movements.

Final Thoughts

Overall the G502 does a great job of improving accuracy and precision. However, it is typically recommended for users with medium to extra large hands. So if you have smaller hands, this may not be the mouse for you.

Additionally, your personal grip plays a massive part in whether or not this will be a good mouse for you. If you typically use a Fingertip grip, you may find the buttons to be harder to reach, and you may feel the added weight may impact your gameplay negatively.

Whereas a palm grip or claw grip, users may not even notice the weight but notice the added steadiness and balance.

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