Do Galaxy Buds Work With iPad? (How To Pair Them)

There’s nothing worse than having your eye on a product and then realizing it may be incompatible with your device. This is usually the case with most IOS and android devices as they are competing brands. This brings us to the question, do Galaxy Buds work with the iPad?

You will be able to pair your Galaxy Buds to your iPad manually or through the Galaxy Buds app. The Galaxy Buds app will work with the Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Buds Plus but are incompatible with the Galaxy Buds Pro on IOS devices. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds app is only compatible with newer versions of the iPad IOS 10 versions and later are compatible.

Let’s now take a look at the different methods you can use to connect your galaxy buds to your iPad, as well as what’s the difference between the two. Let’s dive in!

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To iPad

There are two ways to connect your galaxy buds to your iPad. The first is through the Galaxy Buds app, and the second is by connecting to it manually. It’s important to note the Galaxy Buds Pro will not be able to connect to IOS devices through the app, so if you own the Galaxy Buds Pro, you will need to connect manually, whereas a Buds lives and Buds+ can connect via both options.

Additionally, The minimum requirements for the Galaxy Buds App are iPad Air 3rd Generation & later models with IOS 10 and later versions. The App will not be compatible if you’re using an older model, but you will still be able to connect manually.

Before connecting your Galaxy Buds to your iPad, if you’re earbuds were previously connected to another device, you will want to disconnect them from the device; it may even help to turn Bluetooth off on that device to avoid the device from trying to establish a connection to your Galaxy Buds which can cause interference issues.

How to connect Galaxy Buds To iPad Manually:

  1. with your earbuds in the case, open the lid of the case
  2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth on your device
  3. Select your Galaxy earbuds

that’s it you should now be connected to your iPad!

How to connect Galaxy Buds To iPad through the app:

  1. Download the Galaxy Buds App on the app store
  2. open the app a pop up will appear asking you to allow the app to connect to your Bluetooth
  3. The App will prompt you to turn on Bluetooth if not done so already
  4. You will then be prompted to select your device (Galaxy buds+, or Buds live)
  5. Open your Galaxy Buds case lid and then on your device select scan for nearby devices
  6. Select your Galaxy Buds to Pair
  7. An instructional video will appear select done when finished
  8. You’re now all set!

The app will allow you to customize your earbuds better and provide you with more options than connecting via the manual method.

Are There Any Draw Backs of Using Samsung Galaxy Buds on iPad or Any IOS Device?

The only drawbacks come from not using the Galaxy Buds app. Without the Galaxy Buds App, you will not be able to customize a few features such as Galaxy Buds ANC level & Equalizer features. However, the shortcuts features will still work on your device when manually connected. Such as:

  • Double-tap to change the song
  • answer a call by tapping
  • in-ear detection
  • tap for pause & Play

Additionally, another drawback is whenever you disconnect your Galaxy buds from your device, you will have to manually pair it again, which is not a major drawback, but users who are used to automatically connecting their earbuds by simply opening the lid will find this quite tedious.

As mentioned above, only the Galaxy Buds Pro will not have Galaxy Bud App compatibility, as well as if your iPad has an earlier version than the IOS 10. So if you do own a Galaxy Buds Live or Galaxy Buds+ and have a newer version of the iPad, then using the App will allow you to customize your earbuds for a better listening experience.

Why won’t my Galaxy buds connect to my iPad?

The most common solution for pairing issues or issues with detecting your device on the Bluetooth list is to simply restart your iPad.

Additionally, you want to ensure that any of your previously connected devices have Bluetooth turned off to ensure the device isn’t interfering with the connection by requesting to pair with your earbuds.

Can Galaxy Buds Connect To an iPhone?

Yes, similarly to the iPad, the Galaxy Buds do work with iPhones but will require you to manually pair your device rather than utilizing its quick pairing features as done with an android device. To connect your iPhone to your iPad, simply follow the same steps as seen above.

Can Galaxy Buds Charge Wirelessly?

Yes, you will be able to charge your Galaxy Buds wirelessly with a wireless charger. However, as with most wireless chargers, this will extend the charging process.

Does Galaxy Buds Have a Microphone?

Yes, the Galaxy Buds are equipped with dual microphones, an inner and an outer; the inner microphone is used to pick up your voice, whereas the outer microphone is used to detect & filter out background noise in order to prevent the microphone from picking up external noise when in a busy environment.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, the Samsung Galaxy Buds do work with the iPad as well as other IOS devices. However, if you use an iPad with an earlier version of the IOS 10, then you won’t be able to use the Galaxy Buds app, which allows for more customizable features. Additionally, the Galaxy Buds Pro is the only Galaxy Buds that is incompatible with the Galaxy Buds app on IOS devices. So if you do own a Galaxy Buds Pro, you will need to connect to your device manually.

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