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How to Disconnect Galaxy Buds From Any Device

In this article, we provide a comprehensive guide on how to disconnect your Samsung Galaxy Buds. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through the process on various devices, perfect for those new to Galaxy Buds or those troubleshooting connection issues. Let’s dive right in.

How to Disconnect Galaxy Buds from an Android Device

  • Swipe down from the top of your Android screen to open the notification panel, and tap on the Bluetooth icon, leading you to the Bluetooth settings.
  • Alternatively, you can go to the Settings app and look for “Connected devices” or “Bluetooth”.
  • In the Bluetooth menu, you’ll see your paired devices. Click on Details.
  • Locate your Galaxy Buds, typically named “Galaxy Buds” or “Galaxy Buds Pro”. Tap on the gear or settings icon next to their name.
  • You’ll find options to ‘Disconnect’ or ‘Unpair’. ‘Disconnect’ temporarily disconnects your Galaxy Buds, while ‘Unpair’ removes them from your device list permanently. Choose as per your needs.
  • After tapping ‘Disconnect’, your Android device will disconnect from the Galaxy Buds. To verify this, the status under the Galaxy Buds’ name in your Bluetooth devices list should now read ‘Disconnected’.

It’s important to note that even when you disconnect your Galaxy Buds, they will remain in your known device list, ensuring an easy reconnection process. But if you decide to ‘Unpair’, remember to switch the Galaxy Buds into pairing mode for any future reconnection.

How to Disconnect Galaxy Buds from an iOS Device

  • Launch the “Settings” app and choose “Bluetooth”, where you’ll see all paired devices.
  • Locate your Galaxy Buds (like “Galaxy Buds Plus”) in the list.

  • Tap the “i” icon adjacent to the Buds’ name and select “Disconnect” for a temporary unlinking or “Forget This Device” for a complete removal.

Once you choose ‘Disconnect’, the status beside the Buds’ name should read ‘Not Connected’. Note: ‘Disconnect’ allows a swift reconnection, while ‘Forget This Device’ needs re-pairing the Buds for future use.

How to Disconnect Galaxy Buds from a Windows Computer

  1. Click on the Windows start menu (usually bottom left), go to “Settings”, then “Devices”, and “Bluetooth & other devices”.
  2. Under “Audio”, find your Galaxy Buds (like “Galaxy Buds Pro”) among connected devices.
  3. Click “Disconnect” next to the Buds’ name to unlink them.

To fully remove Galaxy Buds from your PC, choose “Remove device”. This will require re-pairing for future use. After disconnection, the status under the Buds’ name should read ‘Disconnected’. Note: ‘Disconnect’ allows quick reconnection, while ‘Remove device’ requires putting the Buds in pairing mode for reconnection.

How to Disconnect Galaxy Buds from a Mac

  1. Click the Apple logo in the top left corner, go to “System Preferences”, and choose “Bluetooth”.
  2. Locate your Galaxy Buds (like “Galaxy Buds Pro”) in the paired devices list.
  3. Click ‘Disconnect’ or ‘Connected’ (based on your Mac’s version) to disconnect.

To remove Galaxy Buds from known devices, click the small ‘x’ near the Buds’ name, but note this requires re-pairing for future use. Post disconnection, the status should change from ‘Connected’ to ‘Not Connected’. Remember, ‘Disconnect’ is temporary, while ‘Remove device’ necessitates re-pairing for reconnections.

How to Reconnect Galaxy Buds

Reconnecting Galaxy Buds to any device, whether it’s an Android, iOS, Windows, or Mac, is a fairly simple task. Here’s how to do so:

Begin by placing your Galaxy Buds in their case. Close the lid, then reopen it. This will set your Galaxy Buds into pairing mode.

For Android: Access Bluetooth settings via the notification panel or Settings app. Locate your Galaxy Buds in the list of available devices and tap on their name to reconnect.

On iOS: Open the Settings app, select Bluetooth, then tap on the name of your Galaxy Buds under “My Devices”.

For Windows: Head to the Bluetooth settings via the start menu. In the “Audio” section, click on your Galaxy Buds’ name to reconnect.

For Mac: Reconnect by clicking on the Apple icon, selecting “System Preferences” and “Bluetooth”, then clicking on the Galaxy Buds’ name.

Do note that the exact procedures might slightly differ based on the specific model of your Galaxy Buds and the version of the operating system you’re using on your device. However, these general steps should guide you through the process of reconnecting your Galaxy Buds.

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