Can You Play Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

There seems to be a little bit of confusion about whether you can continue to play an Oculus Quest 2 while the device is charging. We are going to clear things up for you on this page.

Technically, yes. You can charge the Oculus Quest 2 while you are playing with it. However, the Oculus Quest 2 draws a lot of power. This means that, in some games, you may find that the Oculus Quest 2 doesn’t appear to be charging, even when plugged into your charger.

Let’s go into this in a bit more depth. It will help to explain why some people report that their Oculus Quest 2 charges while playing games, and others report that there is no charge at all.

Can You Play Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

Yes, the Oculus Quest 2 isn’t going to stop working when it is plugged into a charger. However, it may not necessarily charge.

The thing is that the Oculus Quest 2 is an incredibly powerful device. There is essentially an entire computer running inside one of these things. This means that it will need to draw a huge amount of power to work.

The problem is that the Oculus Quest 2 won’t be able to draw all of the power it needs to run while, at the same time, being used.

It is only going to be noticeable in some applications, though. For example, most games will draw a huge amount of power, so you will see the power decrease, even when plugged into a charger. However, watching something like Netflix wouldn’t drain any power at all, and you may see the Oculus Quest 2 get a boost in the amount of power that it has.

One thing is for sure, though. That is the fact that the Oculus Quest 2 is going to be draining power rather slowly in comparison to not being plugged into the charger. This doesn’t mean that you should leave the Oculus Quest 2 plugged in constantly. That could damage the battery. However, it does mean that you may be able to squeeze a few more minutes, or even an hour, out of your game.

Can You Play Oculus Quest 2 While C...
Can You Play Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

Is It Dangerous To Play An Oculus Quest 2 While Charging?

It depends on what you mean by dangerous.

Obviously, the whole idea of an Oculus Quest 2 is that it is a VR device. This means that you should be moving around quite a bit when you are playing with it. The charger cable for the Oculus Quest 2 is relatively short, though. This means that your movement can be somewhat hindered while you are playing. If you get a little bit too overexcited while you are buried deep in your game, then you could end up breaking the cable.

The Oculus Quest 2 being charged constantly may result in a smaller battery capacity. We don’t want to get into the science behind battery tech too much, but most batteries are not huge fans of being constantly charged and discharged. While this is less of a problem with Oculus Quest 2 batteries because they use Lithium-Ion, it is still something that you want to avoid.

In an ideal world, you would want to maintain a battery life of 75% to 25%, according to a study done by Battery University; this charge cycle had the best results in the long run when it comes to maintaining battery lithium-ions battery capacity and battery performance.

Most people that leave their Oculus Quest 2 plugged in constantly will notice a drastic decrease in how much it is able to hold a charge. This is not because it’s plugged in for too long but because the battery is constantly being topped at 100%.

Can You Charge An Oculus Quest 2 With a Portable Power Bank?


As we said before, the Oculus Quest 2 does require a huge amount of power to be pumped into it. This means that the vast majority of power banks are not going to be able to give the Oculus Quest 2 the power that it needs to keep running.

There are some portable power banks on the market that will be able to give the Oculus Quest 2 a small amount of power when you are using them. However, honestly, it probably isn’t going to be worth using them. The power will drain incredibly fast, and it often takes hours and hours to get the portable power bank fully charged again.

Most people that use a portable power bank with their Oculus Quest 2 only do so because they want to keep moving around while their Oculus Quest 2 is getting a small amount of charge. However, you should never rely on it for long-term charging.

Can You Use Multiple Batteries On An Oculus Quest 2?

Sadly, no.

The battery on an Oculus Quest 2 is built into it. This means that you are not able to remove it whenever you want.

The batteries in the controllers for the Oculus Quest 2 are removable. They are standard AA batteries. While you will not be able to charge them while you are using the Oculus Quest 2, you can easily swap the batteries out. This means that you can have multiple rechargeable batteries lined up, ready to slot into your Oculus Quest 2 controllers whenever the battery is getting a little low.

The battery compartment on the Oculus Quest 2 controllers should be pretty easy to locate. Just find them and open it up. The batteries will just slide on out.

What Does It Mean If My Oculus Quest 2 Isn’t Charging While Playing?

It means that your Oculus Quest 2 is likely drawing way more power than it is receiving. There isn’t much that you can do about this.

If the charge light is not coming on, then that is a problem. It could indicate that there is an issue either with the Oculus Quest 2 or the charging cable that you are using.


You can use an Oculus Quest 2 while it is charging. However, do bear in mind that it may actually not charge. This often happens if the game or app that you are using is very resource-intensive. It is important that you do not leave the Oculus Quest 2 plugged constantly into the charging outlet.

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