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How to Change the Batteries on the Oculus Quest Controller 

Being that the Oculus controller is a wireless device, it requires a battery in order for it to function properly. And from time to time, you will inevitably have to replace the battery to keep the controller working.

The Oculus controller, unlike a lot of other controllers, uses a single AA battery in each controller, and this battery lasts a decently long time before needing to have it replaced. Now, let’s examine the process of changing them.

How to Change the Batteries on the Oculus Quest Controller 

To change the battery in your Oculus controller, all you would need to do is first remove the controller’s battery cover, located on the right side of the right controller and left side of the left controller & has an arrow icon at the top pointing downwards.

To open it, turn the controller upside down, gently push with your thumb, and slide upwards. 

Now simply get your new AA battery to swap the old one out for.

Dispose of the old battery. Take the new battery, making sure that the + and – symbols match up to the + and – symbols as shown in the battery compartment.

Put the battery cover back on, and the controller should now have battery life again. Be sure to be careful that you do not damage the locking mechanism of the battery cover, as if you are not careful, you may cause the plastic to snap. It is not particularly vulnerable to breaking, but it is nonetheless possible.

How long does an Oculus controller last on one battery?

The Oculus line of controllers lasts quite a long time at best, with none of the Oculus controllers being anywhere near a low battery life. However, some Oculus controllers last a lot longer.

For example, an Oculus Quest 1 controller can last you for more than 25 hours, while the Oculus Quest 2 is completely extraordinary by comparison. Some people can go months in between having to swap out the battery.

Can you use rechargeable batteries in an Oculus controller?

If you want to not have to use disposable batteries, the good news is that you do not have to. Rechargeable batteries are compatible with the Oculus controller, and can be used the same way as a regular disposable battery is.

The main downside is that rechargeable batteries are much more expensive than disposable ones, which becomes a much more difficult pill to swallow considering the fact that the battery in the Oculus controller lasts quite a long time, especially if it is an Oculus Quest 2. However, if you use your Oculus device a lot, inevitably, getting a rechargeable battery for each Oculus controller will make its money back and then some.

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