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How to Connect Oculus to Hotel Wi-Fi

For fans of virtual reality, it makes sense that they would want to be able to play with it wherever they go. While this is not feasible for all times and places, there should be no problem bringing your Oculus device to a hotel to have some fun with it. That said, dealing with public Wi-Fi can be a complicated affair, which leads a lot of people to ask how to connect Oculus to hotel Wi-Fi.

Typically, connecting to your Oculus on hotel Wi-Fi requires that you first go through a website, which may also have a password that you are given when checking into your hotel. Because you are sharing the same Wi-Fi connection, however, you should be mindful of this reduced security.

There are other details that may come into play, such as throttling, connection issues, and security concerns.

How to Connect Oculus to Hotel Wi-Fi

When trying to connect to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, you will likely be required to sign in to a website, where they will have to agree to whatever terms of service that are put on offer before they may use the hotel’s Wi-Fi. Once they’ve done this, they should be able to connect to the Wi-Fi.

To do this, you need to open the Oculus’ web browser, where the website will open up for you normally. If the website does not load, there are multiple ways to try to solve it, including informing the hotel that there seems to be a problem. However, if the website is loading on other devices, such as your phone or laptop, there may be some kind of “handshake” issue that is preventing your Oculus device from loading the website.

In this case, there are some tricks you can do to force it to load. Try restarting your Oculus device or turning its Wi-Fi off and on, which may fix the issue on its own. If that does not work, you can put in one of these web addresses to try to force it to redirect to the login page instead:

  • routerlogin.net
  • Example.com
  • neverssl.com
  • Captive.apple.com
  • http://localhost

Am I limited in how much Wi-Fi I can use?

This is going to depend on how the hotel’s Wi-Fi connection operates. In many hotels, you can use the Wi-Fi connection for as many things and for as long as possible; however, some hotels limit and throttle a person’s Wi-Fi use. This is typically done via a limit on how much data you can transmit over the connection over a certain span of time (such as only allowing 200MB of data before it is disabled or becomes slow).

Why is my Oculus so slow on hotel Wi-Fi?

If you are experiencing a slow connection while using your Oculus device, it is likely that the connection speed of the hotel’s Wi-Fi is not fast enough to be able to handle the kinds of things you normally do on your Wi-Fi. In this kind of scenario, there is nothing to be done, unless the hotel Wi-Fi has multiple tiers of connection speeds, which is not very common to see.

When using your Oculus device on slower Wi-Fi, it’s recommended that you plan to do things that will be less impactful, thereby making the overall play experience better. You may also want to read reviews of hotels to see the quality of the Wi-Fi, as slow Wi-Fi is likely to be listed as a point against the hotel, as watching something like YouTube or Netflix on hotel Wi-Fi is a common activity.

As mentioned in the previous section, your Wi-Fi may become slow after a certain amount of time through a process called throttling. This occurs after you have transmitted more data than the hotel allows before throttling, which is typically (but not always) noted on the sign-in website. Once again, be sure to check reviews to see if throttling is mentioned, as that loss of Wi-Fi quality can make a huge difference in your Oculus experience.

Is using public Wi-Fi safe?

While using public Wi-Fi will, in most situations, not result in an issue, that does not mean that there is not a risk associated with its use. Because it is a public Wi-Fi connection that multiple people may be connected to at the same time, this means that they may be able to see what you are doing. As such, be cautious of what you are doing while using public Wi-Fi, no matter if it is on an Oculus device or any other device.

This is particularly an issue when using the Internet browser, where you may navigate to an unencrypted website on an unsecured hotel Wi-Fi. Any site you log into, someone else on that network could log in as you on these websites, which may give them significant access. Worse would be if you connected to your email account, thereby giving them greater access to other websites, and even impersonate you.

Is there anything I can do to make it safer to use Oculus devices on public Wi-Fi?

In order to reduce the potential risk of losing access to various accounts, make sure that you use a different password for every website you use. Otherwise, they may take the one password they were able to crack, and test it on other websites with your email address. You should also ensure that you have two-factor authentication (2FA) enabled, such that they cannot actually log into a website without having, for example, access to your phone to do so.

Is the hotel liable for any damages sustained while using my Oculus device on their Wi-Fi?

Typically, a hotel offering public Wi-Fi will make clear that doing so opens the user up to a potential risk, and that using it, you agree that you assume this risk and the responsibility thereof. Unless something happens as a result of using your Oculus on their Wi-Fi that is unreasonable, any damages caused would be on you.

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