Can an Xfinity Remote Control a Roku TV?

Roku streaming devices add consumer choice to their media sources at a reasonable price. Adding another device with a remote control can overwhelm a room that’s already filled with remotes for the TV, cable service, gaming systems, DVD players, audio systems, and more. Many Roku owners are also Comcast Xfinity customers, so you may be hoping that you can pair the Xfinity remote with the Roku to cut down on the number of remotes that can be lost in the couch cushions.

You can pair an Xfinity remote with a Roku TV by following the typical method of pairing the remote with a TV. It’s possible to pair the Xfinity XR2, XR5, and Voice Remote XR11 models with a Roku TV. Only basic functionality is enabled, despite the voice feature on the XR11. Despite the “basic” label, core functionality is extremely limited. You will likely only be able to toggle the power and adjust the volume.

How to Pair an Xfinity Remote to a Roku TV

To start, put the remote into pairing mode. For all three models, hold the SETUP button until the light on the remote turns from red to green. Once in pairing mode, enter a five digit code according to the table on Roku’s support site. Most Roku TVs have one code, so you won’t have to try several. Test the volume button to see if the devices are successfully paired. If not, retry the code or use the second code for TVs by Sharp.

How to Pair a Universal Remote to a Roku TV

Other remotes can also pair with a Roku TV. The RCRN03BR from RCA is cheap, readily available, and can access the expanded list of Roku TV controls. Every remote has a slightly different method of pairing, and this only covers the process for the RCRN03BR. For other remotes on the table mentioned earlier, consult the user manual or search online for the pairing method.

Up to three devices can pair with the remote at a time, and it has multiple methods of code entry. Since there are only one or two codes to try, direct code entry is the most sensible method. With the Roku TV on, find and hold down the desired component key. Once the Power key lights up, keep the component key pressed while you enter the five-digit code. As long as the light stays on without blinking, you paired it successfully. If it blinks four times, try again. 

How to Pair an Xfinity Remote to a Roku Streaming Device

Roku sticks are convenient and small, but you can’t pair them with most universal remotes because they lack infrared receivers. You’ll need a hub-based remote like many models on the Logitech Harmony line.

The Roku Express and other boxes that come equipped with IR sensors can be paired with other remotes, but the codes are more esoteric. Roku tends to assume you will be using one of their remotes instead of a universal remote, probably due to control issues with any remotes that can only access the basic functions.

Using the Roku Remote App

Rather than working with an entirely new remote or purchasing an expensive hub remote, consider installing the Roku remote application for both iOS and Android devices. Since many new models of smart TVs have available remote control applications, you can remove the need to have the physical remotes accessible. It works just as well with Roku TVs, Streaming Sticks, and boxes. The easy installation and pairing process makes it easy to share control with guests when they come over.

First, download the application from Google Play or the Apple App Store. While it’s installing, make sure the Roku device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the device. Once installed, open the application. As long as both devices are on the same network and properly configured, you should be able to select the Roku device and begin controlling it through your phone. If they’re on the same network but not able to connect, check if both devices have their settings properly configured per the Roku support page. Advanced WiFi security measures may also interfere with the pairing.

Controlling Xfinity through Your Roku Device

Instead of putting your Roku under Xfinity’s control, put your Xfinity under Roku’s control. The Xfinity Stream Beta app lets you access your Xfinity service without an Xfinity box at all. Not every Roku device is capable of running the app, but you won’t see it in the Roku app store if your device can’t run it.

The major downside is Roku’s dislike of number pads. Channel numbers on Comcast can have four digits, so entering them with the directional input is much slower than a number pad. You do have the option to use voice control, but not everyone enjoys having to announce which channel they’re watching. For menu-based navigation, it works about as well as the typical Xfinity service.

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