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Why Are My Samsung Galaxy Buds So Quiet? (even at max volume)?

If your Samsung Galaxy Buds are very quiet even when you turn the volume up, you are not alone. There are actually quite a few reasons why that might be happening, so don’t worry. So, here are some of the reasons why your Galaxy Buds are quiet

The most common reason is that the volume of the phone and the earbuds are not set to max. Your phone and the earbuds actually have separate volume controls . A less common reason is that the earbuds are low on battery or they could be dirty or even damaged. If the earbuds are new, then they should not be damaged or dirty, but the battery could be a problem. 

So, here are some methods that you can use to make your Samsung Galaxy Buds loud again. Make sure that you do all methods until your problem is gone as they are not related. Let’s get started! 

How to Fix Quiet Samsung Galaxy Buds:

1. Make Sure They Sit Comfortably 

Before you even try doing anything else, you have to be sure that you are using the Galaxy Buds correctly. The wing tips should be facing upwards and you should have a snug fit. If you can’t get it right as soon as you put them into your ears, you can rotate them slightly until you get a perfect seal. 

This will ensure that no audio is leaking out and that you are actually getting the volume that you expect. When the seal is not perfect on an in-ear style earbud, the sound leakage can get pretty bad. So make sure that your earbuds are always sitting comfortably in both ears. 

2. Adjust the Volume 

As hinted above, the volume of your phone and your earbuds is separated. Changing the volume on your phone is easy. You just have to press the volume up button or turn the slider up to the maximum. Make sure that it is actually controlling the Bluetooth volume, not your device volume, though. 

And to change the volume on your Galaxy Buds, you will have to set up touchpad commands. Here is how to do it: 

  1. Download and install the Galaxy Wearable app. Once installed, open it and press on the Touchpad / Touch and hold option. 
  1. Choose the left or right earbud. 
  1. Choose the control that you want. In this case, it would be Volume up. 
  1. You can also completely disable the Galaxy Buds touchpads, but then you will have to control the volume using your phone. Also, it may get bugged, so play around with it. 

And if you have the Galaxy Buds+, you can change the volume using the earbud tips, regardless of touchpad commands. You just go to Labs in the app and turn on Double tap earbud edge

3. Turn off Media Volume Limiter 

This is the feature that almost all modern smartphones have. It is supposed to prevent the earbuds from getting too loud because you can damage your hearing with loud sounds. However, the media volume limiter is not really essential for the vast majority, especially if you already have a problem with quiet earbuds. 

If you wish to disable the media volume limiter on your Samsung phone, this is how it’s done (Other phone brands should be using a similar method): 

  1. Go to Settings and find Sounds and vibration. 
  1. Open Volume and go to More options. 
  1. Turn off the Media volume limit by tapping the switch. 
  1. Other Android phones call this option “Disable absolute volume”. You can find it under Settings – Developer options. To enable developer on your phone, you can check the phone brand’s official website, but it’s usually turned on by tapping the Build number in the About phone section. 

Now you can turn the volume up way more and listen to music and watch videos without any struggle. Make sure that you take good care of your hearing and that you don’t turn the volume up too much because it can be harmful. 

4. Check the Battery 

If your Samsung Galaxy Buds are low on battery, then the volume could be lower as a result of that. You will have to charge the earbuds. The best way to check the battery level of your earbuds is through the Galaxy Wearable app. 

You can also check the battery life by inserting the earbuds into the case. The indicator light is either on the front or rear side of the case. 

5. Check the Microphone 

If your playback volume is fine but instead nobody can hear you during calls, then it’s your microphone. While you can’t really change the volume of your microphone through the app or phone settings, you can make sure that the microphone isn’t muted. 

This often happens during calls if you accidentally tap and hold your touchpad. So, you can use the same way that you accidentally muted the microphone to unmute it. Simply touch and hold your touchpad and the microphone should be unmuted. 

6. Inspect for Dirt and Damage 

If you have been using your Samsung Galaxy Buds for a while now, then they have likely built up some dirt. They might even be damaged. You have to clean your earbuds regularly to prevent the build-up of earwax, dust, and other tiny particles. They make the earbuds much quieter over time. 

To clean your Galaxy Buds, remove the earbud tip and wash it separately using water and soap. You can clean the earbud mesh using a cotton swab and some isopropyl alcohol. Be gentle because if you force the dust in through the mesh, it will be permanently stuck there. If you have the Galaxy Buds Pro, clean the air ducts using the same method as well. 

When you have finished cleaning, allow the earbuds to dry in the open air. Once your ear tips and earbuds are completely dry, put the ear tips back on gently so that you don’t tear them. 

To inspect your earbuds for damage, check if the case has any cracks, loose, or broken parts. If it does, then maybe your earbuds got damaged as well. And inspecting your earbuds for damage is not difficult either. If there are any cracks, chips, or other obvious damage on the earbuds from falling, then the impact could have damaged the earbud functions as well. 

And if the earbuds have fallen into water and have suffered water damage as a result, then you can’t really check for that. 

7. Restart Your Phone and Earbuds 

Last but not least, the most obvious solution might be the best one after all. Reboot your phone by holding the power button. And restart your earbuds by following the manual. 

Final Thoughts 

If your Samsung Galaxy Buds are quiet, then there are many steps that you can take to fix them. The most common issue that Galaxy Buds users experience is the one with touchpad controls. But if you know for a fact that the touchpad controls work well, then you can try other methods. You can try restarting and repairing the earbuds and your phone multiple times before giving up and make sure that your earbuds are always charged. Good luck! 

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