Is SK8 The Infinity on Hulu?

If you’re ready to start watching a new Anime series, then Sk8 the Infinity is definitely a great choice! However, the main question is, where can you watch it? If you have a Hulu subscription or are deciding on purchasing one, then you’re probably wondering if Sk8 the Infinity is on Hulu .

Unfortunately, SK8 the infinity is not currently available on Hulu. However, you can watch the Anime on Funimation, Crunchyroll, or by purchasing the Anime on Prime Video.

Let’s take a look at these platforms in greater detail as well as alternative options. Let’s dive in!

What is “SK8 the infinity”?

The premise of “sk8 the infinity” revolves around a dangerous skateboarding race that takes place in an abandoned Japanese mine, according to its official website. To the competitors in “S,” the name of the race, becomes an addiction, similar to a drug or alcohol addiction.

Its skaters participate in “beefs,” similar to the arguments that erupt between mafia families or cartels that pit one skater and their fans against another and their fans. Its two main characters, Reki and Langa, form a quick friendship and Reki plunges Langa into the world of “S.” They form opposition to Adam, their main competitor.

The show ran just one season in 2021. It offers 13 episodes because episode nine was a two-parter. A project of Bones, Inc., it uses similar animation techniques to Pokémon. Bones also created “Super Crooks,” “Eureka,” and “Godzilla Singular Point,” among others.

If you don’t speak and understand Japanese, never fear. The production company created subtitles in three languages. You can also access dubbed versions in English and Portuguese.

Watching on Prime Video

You can watch the full show with no commercials by purchasing the season from Amazon Prime Video. You can also purchase it one episode at a time if you prefer.

You do not have to subscribe to Amazon Prime or Prime Video’s monthly service to access this show. It does not come with Amazon’s Prime Video subscription . Amazon combined the two parts of episode nine into one, so you’ll only see 12 episodes on Prime Video, but you’re still getting the full season of the show.

You will need to install the Amazon app unless you’re watching on a laptop or computer. You’ll need to load the full version of the website.

Watching on Funimation

You can watch the full show for free on Funimation. The free version of the videos includes commercial breaks. If you want to watch the show without commercials, you’ll need to register for Funimation Premium. The service costs $7.99 per month. Besides the one season of “sk8 the infinity,” you’ll also get access to 10,000 other anime episodes and movies as well as current TV shows in Japan.

With respect to “sk8 the infinity,” you can choose to watch the episodes in three languages – English, Japanese, or Portuguese. Each episode offers subtitles in the same three languages.

Purchase the DVD

If you prefer the old-school method of watching on DVD, you can eschew the video files, avoiding needing to make sure you have your computer set up for DMA. Many outlets online sell the DVDs, which the production studio divided into six volumes. Each DVD contains two episodes devoted to a specific character.

You can shop the Bones Inc. official store to obtain the DVDs plus extras. Purchasing from the official source gets you an extra CD with the first DVD as well as a booklet about the show.

Each volume costs 5,800 yen for the standard DVD or 6,800 yen for the Blu-ray DVD. This price does not include taxes. For budgeting concerns, add about 1,000 yen to the price of either DVD-type fox taxes.

Your purchases will ship from Japan, so wait patiently. It may take a few weeks for them to reach you.

The Bones Inc. store recently added some incentives to encourage purchases directly from them. These vary by the title purchased, so visit the production company’s store to learn the specific bonuses for each. These include items like a diorama, mini character acrylic stands, 3D skateboard chains, etc.

Purchasing from Target stores, Rakuten Books, Seven Net Shopping, Amazon, or Animate also provides bonuses specific to the store.

You can also purchase the DVDs from independent sellers on eBay. Each volume of the show varies in price, but typically starts at about $60 and increases in price to nearly $90 for the limited edition.

The eBay site does offer some unofficial DVDs that include all episodes on one DVD. These typically come from Malaysia. You won’t see these DVDs on the official website for the show. They’re much cheaper but may not be legal copies. They cost between $16 and $25.

You won’t get any extra content or Easter eggs with these DVDs. You’ll only obtain the episodes in the region of viewing that your DVD player uses.

The auction site also sells pieces from the free extras you get when you purchase the official DVDs. You could pay $15 or so for one of the character acrylic stands that you get for free as a bonus when you buy it from the production studio store.

What’s the best DVD deal?

Currently, unless you get gouged on shipping, you get the best legal deal by buying the DVDs from the official source. When you convert yen to dollars, you find this out since 5,800 yen equals about $45.46. That’s quite a bit cheaper than buying off of eBay or any of the retail stores.

That’s because the other stores need to add their retail markup, so they make money on the sale. By buying directly from the Bones Inc. store, you save money and get the extra items that eBay sellers hawk separately.

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