Can iPhone 12 Max Fit In Your Pocket?

The all-new iPhone 12 Max is currently quite a hit, and yet a lot of people aren’t sure about investing in it, particularly because of its large size. It’s actually Apple’s biggest phone to date, and if you’re also hesitant due to its size, you’re at the right place! We tried and tested the iPhone 12 Max and will discuss the phone’s size in detail to help you decide whether it will fit in your pocket or not. 

Unlike other Apple phones, the iPhone 12 Max won’t fit in every pocket easily. You can only expect this phone to safely sit in spacious pockets that are baggier than our regular pockets. Your pocket’s tightness will also decide if an iPhone 12 Max can safely sit inside it or not.  

In simpler words, once you buy the iPhone 12 Max, you’ll need to wear clothes that have loose and large pockets if you wish to store your IPhone. You may still not be clear on the exact pocket size that you need for this iPhone, but don’t worry. Keep on reading for a detailed discussion on the iPhone 12 Max’s size and tips on how you can keep it safe in perfectly sized pockets. 

Why Can’t The iPhone 12 Max Fit In just Any Pocket? 

As already stated, the iPhone 12 Max is currently the biggest iPhone. Apple takes pride in this phone’s wide display, which has surely become a hit. The phone’s widescreen measures around 6.7 inches – a size that seems like a good fit for conventional pocket sizes, right? 

Many people are claiming that this iPhone is just a little bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If the latter fits in most pockets easily, it should be the case that the iPhone 12 Max will too. So, there’s no need to worry about this phone’s size. However, if you follow this line of thought you’ll end up investing in the phone without proper research.   

You see, there’s much more to this phone’s width than the 6.7-inch screen. Even though the iPhone 12 Max is only a few centimeters bigger than the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it’ll hardly fit in the pockets that held the latter. 

Why is this so? There are a few reasons why the iPhone 12 Max doesn’t fit in just any pocket. These include: 

1. Design 

Technically speaking, it’s the iPhone 12 Max’s unique design that makes it such a complicated fit for most pockets. The phone features a thick yet flat-sided frame that gives it a bulky feel and hence makes it too thick for most pockets.  

Since the bezels around the screen are too thin this time around, Apple had to add some thickness to the design. This thick design, even though it’s a little uncomfortable to grip, protects the widescreen and helps the phone last longer. Lastly, the phone’s wide camera is a bit etched out, which adds further thickness to the phone. Hence, you need spacious pockets to keep it safe. 

2. Weight 

Other than the iPhone 12 Max’s bulky design, its weight also plays a part in deciding which pocket it’ll fit the best in. This time, Apple has added more to the build to ensure durability. The phone is a little bulky and weighs around 2 grams more than the iPhone 11 Pro Max. 

Also, the industrial design with the matte glass back made of stainless steel is another factor that makes this phone quite heavy. So much so that dropping the phone on your face may result in a minor injury. This considerable weight of the iPhone 12 Max makes it hard for you to just fit it in every other pocket. 

Since it’s quite an investment, you’d never want to force your iPhone 12 Max into a small or tight pocket. Treated this way, your phone is likely to drop out without you knowing. You must not make any mistakes here.  

Considering Apple’s track record, you can expect all the money you spent on the iPhone 12 Max going to waste within seconds if it’s not placed in the right pocket. The moment it drops on the ground, the screen might break and the camera may crack, leaving you with nothing but tears and a dent in your bank account.  

While it seems like we’re overreacting, the truth is we’re being cautious. Trusting a spacious and loose pocket for this phone isn’t enough to ensure its safety.  

Rather, you need to ensure that the pocket that’s holding your iPhone 12 Max is thick and strong enough to bear its weight. If your pocket seems like it’s made out of a weak or old fabric and isn’t stitched properly, it’s better not to risk putting your phone in it.  

Summing up, the iPhone 12 Max is both huge and heavy. These features make it a poor fit for conventional pockets. You’d never want to deliberately risk damaging your iPhone by choosing a small, weak pocket.  

Rather, as an iPhone user, you should ensure that your phone is as safe as can be. You can do so by placing it in the right kind of pocket. If you’re meticulous about keeping your phone in perfect condition, read the following section with some tips on keeping your iPhone safe even when it’s in your pocket. 

How to Ensure iPhone’s Safety When It’s In Your Pocket? 

If you’ve found a perfectly wide and strong pocket to fit in your iPhone 12 Max, it’s time to familiarize yourself with a few more tips that can ensure your phone’s safety even when it’s inside that pocket. Two of the most useful tips are: 

  • Always use a protective case no matter what. Such cases can protect your phone against water, dust, and scratches. They might even save your iPhone in case it slips out of the pocket. 
  • Try keeping your iPhone in a separate pocket than the one that has your cash, cards, keys, and wallet. This ensures further protection and you won’t get scratches on the screen. 

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