What Games Work with the Razer Kishi?

The Razer Kishi gamepad is an attachable device that connects to mobile devices, allowing users to play games with mechanical controls instead of touch controls. This device, which connects directly to iPhone or Android through its charging port, gives gamers the option to use a d-pad, control sticks, trigger buttons, and face buttons with many of their favorite games. Hundreds of different games are compatible with the Razer Kishi.

What games are compatible with the Razer Kishi?

The Razer Kishi is compatible with a wide variety from many different genres. Whether you like racing games, 3-D adventure games, 2-D shoot’em ups, battle royales, or life simulators, you’ll likely find many noteworthy titles. Android-compatible models allow you to stream games directly to the device from Xbox Game Pass.

Are there compatibility differences between the different models of the Razer Kishi?

Three models of the Razer Kishi are currently sold: the Razer Kishi V1 for iPhone and Android and the Razer Kishi V2 for Android – the iPhone-compatible Razer Kishi V2 will release soon. The iPhone and Android compatible models have no notable differences, except that some games are unavailable on the App Store or the Google Play Store. The V1 and V2 models of the Razer Kishi play all the same games; however, the V2 has programmable buttons for extra features and built-in screen capture buttons.

What are the most common games played with the Razer Kishi?

The Razer Cortex Games: Rewards mobile app from the Google Play Store is the go-to location to find fully compatible games for the Razer Kishi on Android. On this app, you can also earn rewards from playing games and use those rewards to claim prizes, in the form of electronics, from Razer. There is not currently an equivalent on the App Store for iPhone users; however, there is an active online community for the Razer Kishi that discuss game compatibility.

Battle Royale Games

The three most popular Battle Royale games, Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile, are all compatible with the Razer Kishi. All three games are available on the App Store and Google Play Store, and each game is known to work flawlessly regardless of the version of your phone.

Fortnite, PUBG, and Call of Duty Mobile have modes where up to 100 players can play simultaneously, and no dropped frames occur when playing with the Razer Kishi online. Like the console alternatives, the trigger buttons are used to shoot weapons, and the joysticks control the player and camera. Users can configure control schemes in any of these games through the games menu and the Razer Kishi app menu.

Life Simulation Games

Minecraft, Roblox, and Stardew Valley have recently gotten a resurgence of attention and found a new fandom online, so it isn’t surprising that these three games are fully compatible with the Razer Kishi. Terraria is also compatible with the Razer Kishi, although there may be bugs with certain Android phones. For that reason, the Razer Kishi V2 is highly recommended because you can program your button configurations.

The bedrock edition of Minecraft plays well with a controller, similar to the console versions but with extra features. Most people claim Minecraft is one of the most fluid games to play with a Razer Kishi and that playing the game with a Razer Kishi rivals playing handheld on a Switch. Minecraft, a game released by Mojang, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is available on the Xbox Game Pass, Google Play Store, and App Store.

Stardew Valley is an isometric life simulator game where you can grow crops, raise animals, go mining, and have a family. Unlike other life simulators, Stardew Valley is informally an RPG where you can get new equipment and build up skills to get a more efficient harvest or have the ability to grow new crops. Stardew Valley is available on the Google Play Store and App Store.

Fighting Games

The Razer Kishi is compatible with a wide variety of fighting games, including but not limited to Brawlhalla (IOS and Android), Mortal Kombat (IOS and Android), and Street Fighter IV Championship Edition (IOS and Android). There are generally no complaints about compatibility issues; however, some people have had concerns about using or breaking the d-pad while playing.

Adventure, RPG, and Open-World Games

The Razer Kishi is compatible with many different 3-D adventure games. All mobile GTA and Final Fantasy ports support the Razer Kishi. Cult classic games that have been ported to mobile devices like Bully, Chrono Trigger, Max Payne, Doom I and II, and Crazy Taxi Classic also work. Modern classics such as Goat Simular, Retro City Rampage DX, Life is Strange, and The Wolf Among US are other popular titles in this genre.

2-D Sidescrollers

The Razer Kishi supports many different new and retro 2-D sidescrollers. Get a classic experience using the Kishi by playing games like Megaman X (IOS and Android), Sonic the Hedgehog CD (IOS and Android), Metal Slug 1 (IOS and Android), and Gunstar Heroes (IOS and Android). Modern cult titles inspired by games of the past are also fully compatible in a more authentic form with the Razer Kishi, such as Shovel Knight (Android), LIMBO (IOS and Android), and Dead Cells (IOS and Android).

How does the Xbox Game Pass work with the Razer Kishi?

The mobile games included with the Xbox Game Pass are compatible with the Razer Kishi. The Xbox Game Pass app will automatically detect that you have a Razer Kishi attached to your phone when you launch the app and subsequently give you options to play. You can also navigate through the app with the Razer Kishi. Certain games are cross-compatible with Xbox consoles, and you can actually transfer games while playing from the console to your phone.

The Xbox Game Pass app is on the Google Play Store and works on Android phones with at least the Android 6.0 update and Bluetooth 4.0 capabilities. Xbox Game Pass gives you the ability to play new games on your phone every month with the purchase of a subscription. This means that new titles will be added to your library as long as you keep subscribing.

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