How to Fix Acer Monitor not Turning on 

When you are using your computer, whether it be for work, fun, or just out of boredom, there is nothing worse than having something having the monitor turning off and not being able to turn it back on. There are a number of reasons why your monitor may not be working properly, each with a different level of difficulty to repair. But how do you fix an Acer monitor not turning on?

Check to make sure that the monitor’s cord is secure in both the electrical outlet and the monitor. If it is still not working, make sure that the cord is not broken in some way. If neither of these are the case, you may need to go more in-depth with the troubleshooting.

But what else could cause your Acer monitor not to turn on? And how do you fix this problem ?

How to Fix Acer Monitor not Turning on

Check the power cord

Your Acer monitor may have become unplugged from either the back of the monitor or the power source. This is an easy fix, only requiring you to plug the cord back into whichever end it falls out of. Even if the cord seems inserted into either, it may still be loose. Also, check to see whether the power cord is damaged in any way. Obvious signs of damage include exposed and/or frayed wires. If this is the case, you should order a replacement cord for your Acer monitor.

The graphics drivers need updating

If your graphics drivers are out of date, you may need to update them to regain monitor functionality. To update the drivers, connect your computer to a different monitor. Next, go to your Device Manager by searching for it, and right-click on your monitor in the list. Select Search automatically for updated driver software, and then select Update Driver.

Check the HDMI cord

If your monitor appears to have power but is not showing anything from your computer, the HDMI cord may not be secure in one or both ports. One way you can tell whether it is the HDMI cable is to see if the monitor itself has power, and indicates that no device is connected to the monitor via HDMI. Even if the HDMI cord appears connected to the monitor or computer, it may just be loose. It may also be damaged, like the power cable, and the same signs of damage apply here as well. Testing whether the HDMI cable is really the problem is easier, as you can swap it out for a different cord.

The monitor is set to a different HDMI port

If your monitor has multiple HDMI ports, it also has the ability to switch between these HDMI settings. If it is set to the wrong HDMI setting, it will either show a different screen (such as if you have a PS5 connected to it) or nothing, save for text. This text may read that there is something connected to the other port, and may give you the option to swap to it by pushing the menu button on your Acer monitor. You can also swap the HDMI from one port to the port the Acer monitor is currently set to.

The power source no longer has power

A common reason why your monitor is not working is if there is a power failure. An overall power failure is easy to observe, since everything else in your house will lack power as well. However, you may also only have certain devices that lose power. Thus, you could still have power to the computer if the monitor is plugged into a different power source. To fix this, go to your breaker box and flip the switch that corresponds to that power source.

The surge protector the Acer monitor is plugged into is switched off

Surge protectors are important devices, but one problem they may be experiencing is that they have a switch that turns them off. It is easy to accidentally turn off a surge protector, and even easier to not realize it. Be sure to check whether it is switched on or off. Many surge protectors have a light on them to indicate when they are powered on.

How to tell if the problem is with your monitor

One question often asked is, how do you tell whether there is a problem with the Acer monitor, or whether there is a problem with your computer? After all, when nothing is coming up on your Acer monitor, this could be for a variety of reasons, and not all of them have to do with the monitor itself.

The best way to see if your computer is working or not, for instance, is to check to see if any lights are coming on. A lot of computers have light indicators when you are using them, as do monitors. Check to see whether the device appears to have power.

What do I do if my Acer monitor is broken?

If your Acer monitor is completely nonfunctional, the best option would be to simply take it in for repairs or get it replaced. Acer may be able to do either for you, though the status of the monitor’s warranty, and the cause of the damage, will dictate how much it will cost you.

If the Acer monitor ceases functioning, or a defect rears its ugly head in some way or another during the warranty period, you may be able to get it repaired or replaced for free. So long as the reason it ceased to function was due to that defect. However, if you broke your Acer monitor, or if the monitor ceases functioning outside the warranty period, you will likely have to pay for the repair or replacement yourself.

If you want to extend the warranty period, or if you want the warranty to cover more than just defects, you can purchase an extended warranty for your Acer monitor. Otherwise, if you are fine with the limitations and the one-year warranty that comes when you purchase the Acer monitor, you may view this expense as unnecessary.

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