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Do Galaxy Buds Fall Out Easily?

If you have ever used a pair of earbuds , especially the wireless kind, you will know that they don’t like to sit nicely in the ear canal. This is because every person’s ear canal is unique and manufacturers can’t make a one-size-fits-all pair of earbuds like they do with headphones. If you want to buy high-quality Samsung earbuds, you might ask “Do Galaxy Buds fall out easily?” 

The Samsung Galaxy Buds don’t fall out easily; in fact, they are quite comfortable and stable in the ears. They come with a few different ear tip and wing tip sizes to get the right fit for your ear canals so that they sit perfectly in your ears.

But why do earbuds fall out easily for some but not for others? How do you know which wing tip and ear tip size to use? Is there anything that you can do to make earbuds fit better? You can learn the answers to these questions by reading the whole article. 

Do Galaxy Buds Fall Out Easily? 

If you wear earbuds on the regular, you will know that they like to get loose, especially when walking and running. And you also probably know that not all earbuds fall out at the same rate. Putting the earbud back in as it starts getting loose once or twice in an hour is not the same as constantly having to worry that your earbuds will fall out. 

The Galaxy Buds fall into the former category. They have very nice ear wings and ear tips that allow them to stay snug inside your ear canal while doing any sort of activity. However, they can still fall out during vigorous exercise, especially if you are not using the right size of ear wings and ear tips. 

But this is not an excuse to shove them into your ear as deep as they could possibly go as this may result in temporary or even permanent damage to your eardrum. Speaking of the eardrum, the reason why earbuds are different from headphones is that they have to go into the ear and get much closer to the eardrum so that you can hear them. 

Headphones, on the other hand, are more like small speakers that sit on top of your ears but don’t go quite inside of them. If you prefer one over the other, that is completely fine. But you can’t argue against the convenience of earbuds. So, is there anything that you can do to make Galaxy Buds sit more snug in your ear? 

In addition to getting the right size of ear tips and ear wings, one thing that might help is to reduce the buildup of earwax. If you use your earbuds every day, you might push the earwax deeper into your ear, which can cause said buildup. Simply not using the earbuds for a few days to allow your ears to self-clean is a good idea, or seeing a professional. 

How to Choose the Right Ear and Wing Tip Size 

The best way to find out what ear tip and wing tip size to use is by trial and error. You will have to test out all the possible combinations before deciding which one is the best. If you have a large ear canal but rather small ears, you will likely use the largest ear tips and the medium or small size wing tips to get a snug fit. 

Another possible solution would be to purchase a different ear tip. You can find tons of ear tips online made of different materials. Memory foam ear tips generally fit better and make the Galaxy Buds fall out less often. But keep in mind that you must buy ear tips that are compatible with the Galaxy Buds because some ear tips are too large and won’t allow your case to close. 

Final Thoughts

Wireless earbuds are one of the most common ways to listen to music. It does not matter if you use your Galaxy Buds in the gym, on the street, or at home, you want them to stay inside your ears. If they fall out easily, you will get annoyed and stop using them in the end. Thankfully, the Samsung Galaxy Buds are one of the most comfortable wireless earbuds. 

They come with different sizes of ear tips and wing tips that you can experiment with to get the perfect fit. The wing tips will make sure that the earbuds stay in place, but the ear tips should be your primary concern when it comes to this. If you are not getting a snug fit when you put the earbuds in, you might want to buy different ear tips. 

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