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Do Galaxy Buds Work With Google Pixel Phones? Answered

When deciding on a pair of wireless earbuds, it’s important that they are compatible with whatever device you plan to be listening on. One type of wireless earbuds you may be interested in is the Galaxy Buds, which are produced to easily work with your Samsung Galaxy products.

Do Galaxy Buds work with other brands, such as a Google Pixel phone?

Galaxy Buds do work with Google Pixel Phones, you can easily connect these buds to your Google Pixel phone using the Galaxy Wearable app.

To learn how to hook your Galaxy Buds up to your Google Pixel phone, or any other phone that’s not Samsung for that matter, read on.

Do Galaxy Buds Work With Google Pixel Phones?

Galaxy Buds are marketed as the optimal earbud of choice for those with Samsung Galaxy phones and other devices. Although it is true these earbuds work phenomenally with Samsung products, you can pair them with other phone brands and devices as well.

For example, you can pair your Galaxy Buds with a Google Pixel phone, and with very little effort at that. If you’ve ever hooked up wireless earbuds before, connecting your Galaxy Buds to your Google Pixel will feel similar.

There are some exceptions to which devices Galaxy Buds work with. For example, Galaxy Buds are only compatible with smartphones or tablets that run on Android 5.0 or later, iPhone 7 or later, iOS 10 or later, and have over 1.5 GB of ram. Given that nearly all Bluetooth-enabled devices meet one of these requirements, you shouldn’t have much issue connecting your Galaxy Buds to your phone.

How To Pair Galaxy Buds With Google Pixel Phones

Lucky for you, pairing your Galaxy Buds with your Google Pixel phone is really easy. As we’ve mentioned before, the process is similar to connecting any other wireless headphones to a Bluetooth-enabled device. Although simple, there are many steps to follow. To make the process easier, we have separated them into sections.  

Preliminary Steps

  1. Make sure Galaxy Buds are charged up.
  2. Ensure Galaxy Buds are not already connected to another Bluetooth device in the area.

Enable Galaxy Buds On Your Google Pixel

  1. Pull down on the top of your Google Pixel home page to reveal the pull-down quick settings page.
  2. Select Bluetooth icon.
  3. If the Bluetooth feature is not enabled on your phone, long-press the Bluetooth icon so that the Bluetooth settings page pulls up.
  4. Select “Pair new device” at the top of the Bluetooth settings page.
  5. Google Pixel will automatically search for Bluetooth devices in the area. Wait until your Galaxy Buds are found.
  6. Tap on the Galaxy Bud selection on the setting page.
  7. Once you click on the Galaxy Buds, you will get a notification asking you to cancel or pair the buds with your phone. If you want your Galaxy Buds to have access to your contacts, click the box.
  8. Click “pair.” The settings page should say “Active” after you do this, even though the Galaxy Buds aren’t properly connected yet.

Set Up Your Galaxy Buds Using The Galaxy Wearable app

  1. Next, download the Galaxy Wearable app and set up your buds manually. Follow the prompts described by the app.
  2. You will need to install an additional plugin that is prompted by the Galaxy Wearable app. Select “Okay” once you are prompted to install the Galaxy Bud plugin.
  3. Install the Galaxy Buds Plugin you are brought to in the Google Play store.
  4. Closeout of all apps.

Connect Your Galaxy Buds To Your Galaxy Wearable app

  1. Go back to the Galaxy Wearable app and select your device.
  2. Select “Agree” to the terms and conditions notification.
  3. Select “Okay” to the notifications prompt. You will automatically be taken to your Notification Access page.
  4. Click on “Galaxy Buds.” Note that the name listed will match the model, such as Galaxy Buds Pro.  
  5. Allow notification access for your Galaxy Buds.
  6. Select “Allow” to the prompt that shows up.
  7. Back click to get back to your Galaxy Wearable app.

You have now completely set up your Galaxy Buds so that they work with your Google Pixel. You can update your buds if desired at this point, but you don’t have to do that right now if you don’t want to.


Even though it took a whopping 21 steps to connect your Galaxy Buds to your Google Pixel, the process isn’t that painful. Most of the process is simply selecting “Okay” or “Agree” to notifications or prompts that pop up on your Google Pixel.

Once you get your Galaxy Buds all set up, toy around with the Galaxy Wearable app to figure out the different features and capabilities these earbuds offer. These features can make a huge difference to the listening experience. Happy listening!

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